Stand-up comedy is something that not many of us knew till a few years ago. Over the past couple of years, it has been one of the well-known forms of entertainment. There are large numbers of events in virtually every city related to stand up comedy. Never the less, endless YouTube videos are going to share creative and attractive content to watch. Zakir Khan one of them

Zakir Khan is among several stand-up comedians who gained a lot of reputation over the past. He uses humor very smartly to target what’s going wrong in the society. He is eventually increasing the foothold in the world of stand-up comedy and he has had a very amazing journey.

About Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 20th August, 1987. His grandfather shifted from Rajasthan to Indore. Currently, he is 30 years old and his zodiac sign is Leo.

He was born to Ismail Khan, a music teacher at St. Raphael’s School, and Kulsum Khan, who is a homemaker. He is the grandson of Ustad Moinuddin Khan, who was a musician. He has two brothers Arbaaz Khan who is a student, and Zeeshan Khan, who is a lead singer at a music band, Malang.

He is a well-known writerstand-up comedianpresenter and poet. He is among the most humble Indians who achieved a hardest dream and never stopped to become an appreciated and known face among the people.

His Professional Life

Zakir was passionate to be a radio producer. So, he moved to Delhi. For a year, he pursued radio programming at ARSL and moved to Jaipur for internship in 2009. In Delhi, he felt isolated. He was a college dropout. So, he found career in Radio quite tough. It became a matter of concern for his family.

To deal with increasing stress in family, he stopped asking for money. He lied that he got a job. He used to do odd jobs to survive. While leaving Jaipur, he had no money to even pay the rent. Luckily, his landlord was so kind that he wrote it off and also gave him some money to travel back.

When he returned back to Delhi, he earned his daily bread and butter from his knowledge of Sitar. He lived with his roommate Vishwas like a family. They used to share the money earned to help one another. Finally, he found himself and tried to use all the skills he had. He performed radio, theater, and also for AIR. He built his growth chart which was so amazing that he started getting offers from the companies that previously rejected him. But he never worked for the companies that doubted his skills. Eventually, he started working for HT Radio.

His Success & Achievements

It was his roommate Vishwas who motivated him to perform his stand-up comedy in Delhi. He started performing in cafes in Delhi and people loved his jokes. All of his performances finalized with standing ovations. People loved to attend his shows even though they knew his jokes as it was not all about humor, it was how he performs. In his performance, people found an honestly to relate with. Later on, he got offer from “On Air with AIB” in Mumbai for writing script for a news satire comedy show. He rose to prominence in 2012 when he won Best Standup Comedian competition in India by Comedy Central.

About the Show – Haq se Single

Zakir Khan is a typical college senior, 4am friend, an experienced colleague, and a guy next door. He has been survived through everything that we all have – relationships, love, and as a small fish in a large pond. He is all set to share his personal comic life with his show Haq Se Single.

He narrates his own journey as a quintessential #SakhtLaunda. He survived love, rejection, adulthood, and heart breaks. He is single and he is proud of it. His channel Haq Se Single is growing rapidly with over 27 million views within a year. With around 15 shows sold out, performances in over 100 venues like Dubai and SingaporeZakir Khan has smoothly became the most anticipated comedian in India.

His Thoughts & Ideas

Zakir gives credit to all the people in his life for his success who made him such a down-to-earth person. Memories of good times can keep you going and give you energy. If he visited the popular tourist places in Delhi, such as Red Fort or Qutub Minar, his friends would call and ask him. The daily life in Delhi was something that interested him, not the historical monuments. He wanted to explore the daily life of people and their struggles in the city.

According to him, talent is not everything you should have to succeed. He gives value to his consistency and perseverance. He calls himself a lazy person. His life mantra is funny. He calls himself ugly and nobody loves him. This way, he keeps working to achieve whatever he wants in life.

He is one of the talented individuals who work on their way consistently without getting scared. He can laugh at himself and focuses on social scenarios in an effective and subtle way.

Stand-up comedy act in India

He is taking standup comedy to a broader level in India. Around a few years ago, stand-up comedy was popular only in cosmopolitan group. Now, AIB’s Tanmay Bhat referred to him as the biggest stand-up comedy act in India.

Haq Se Single shows a significant evolution in his content. He talks especially about the heterosexual Indian men. His lingo, language and demeanor are focused on a subset.

His style is little “desi” but he still connects to a Game of Thrones fan even in the style of Gangs of Wasseypur. He describes today’s youth as a generation of broken people and broken hearts.

He tries to ensure that he connects to every member in his audience with fights, troubled phases, and broken relationships. You get to feel that he is successful in his task. So, he possibly gets his loudest cheer in the show while revealing the truth.

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