Twitter offers a great way for YouTubers to interact with their fans, but it’s also a tool to share thoughts and ideas that wouldn’t necessarily appear in their videos.

The popular social media site has become invaluable for YouTube A-listers and has helped these talented creators to expand their audience.

Obviously, the life of a YouTube superstar can be pretty busy, so it’s not surprising to see pictures of a flight to New York or a busy day at Google HQ amongst their daily tweets. Read on and take a look at our list of 10 Twitter accounts that you need to follow.

Alfie Deyes [@PointlessBlog]

Followers- 2.7 million

Tweet count – 11.4k

Alfie tweets throughout the day, every day and shares a wide variety of updates. He often tweets pictures from his day, whether he’s just chilling at home, heading to a meeting or filming his latest video.

The British YouTuber also replies to some of his followers and retweets some of his favourite @replies. Get following!

PewDiePie [@pewdiepie]

Followers- 6.6 million

Tweet count – 21.7k

Felix uses his Twitter account as one of the main ways to interact with his subscribers outside of his YouTube videos. It has proven to be another great platform for his style of humour, with many random, hilarious tweets and pictures appearing on his feed each day.

Having the most subscribed channel on YouTube also means that the Swedish gamer has a pretty substantial follower count too, as he edges closer to 7 million followers. Not bad.

TomSka [@thetomska]

Followers – 223k

Tweet count – 17k

Tom has become a very interactive YouTuber on Twitter, regularly retweeting fans, especially those wanting to share their excitement at meeting him.

SpencerFC [@SpencerOwen]

Followers – 263k

Tweet Count – 15.3k

Spencer lives up to his reputation as a football fanatic and regularly tweets his thoughts and opinions on the latest football gossip.

The FIFA gamer also retweets fans and regularly talks about his favourite club, West Ham. If you’re a lover of football and FIFA then there’s no better account to follow on Twitter.

Jenna Marbles [@Jenna_Marbles]

Followers – 3.9 million

Tweet Count – 11.1k

Jenna is very interactive with her fans on Twitter, also sharing her latest antics, adventures and plenty of pictures. Jenna’s Twitter account is a great hub for anyway who is a fan of her videos.

Caspar Lee [@Caspar_Lee]

Followers – 3 million

Tweet Count – 5,272

Caspar hasn’t tweeted as much as many of the other YouTubers on our list, but when he does, you can be sure that it’ll be weird and unexpected!

Philip DeFranco [@PhillyD]

Followers – 577k     

Tweet Count – 42.2k

With the highest tweet count on our list, it’s safe to say that Mr DeFranco is a very frequent tweeter, but we’re not complaining! Phil’s Twitter account is quite similar to his YouTube videos in the way that the YouTuber discusses topical stories covering pop culture and hard-hitting news. He also uses Twitter to share some of the highlights of fatherhood by tweeting videos, pictures and stories of his time spent with his son, Trey.

Zoella [@ZozeeBo]

Followers – 3.8 million      

Tweet Count – 36.1k

Much like Alfie, Zoe uses Twitter as a way to update her fans with her daily antics through both tweets and pictures. The beauty vlogger regular talks about her upcoming projects and more recently has been talking about her newest book, Girl Online on Tour.

Simon Lane [@SimonHoneydew]

Followers – 294k           

 Tweet Count – 14.1k

As can be expected, Simon’s twitter is rather odd. The Yogscastmember often retweets random, bizarre Vine clips and obscure videos. Honeydew has also become a big fan of polls, but not in the traditional fashion. If you enjoy laughing at the strangest of things, then this is a perfect account for you to follow.

Tyler Oakley [@tyleroakley]

Followers – 4.7 million      

Tweet Count – 36.8k

Much like in his videos, Tyler is very energetic on his Twitter account. It’s a great way for fans to keep up with the busy YouTuber’s schedule as he is constantly tweeting about upcoming appearances including meeting with fans and appearing on YouTube channels and even TV shows.

Alongside his Snapchat account, Tyler also encourages a lot of interaction and feedback from his followers, more recently using his account to help promote his new book Binge with the #TheSearchForBinge hashtag.

Which YouTuber is your favourite on Twitter? Let us know

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