Did you know exactly what you aspire to become after you grow up when you was just 12.

A boy from HyderabadYaman Agarwal Cooking Shooking discovered his passion about food since the age of 12 years. He is truly an inspiration for those cooking talents who are young and passionate.<>

Who is Yaman Agarwal Cooking Shooking

Yaman Agarwal Cooking Shooking is a budding cheffood junkie, and a foodie. You can catch him cooking in his official YouTube channel. Cooking is like a child’s play for him. When he was 12 years old, he loved watching his mom cook. It was enough for him to ignite a flame of passion and to do his own research online. His searches ultimately took him to YouTube where he entered a whole new world. If others are doing it, nothing could stop him from following his passion and he launched his official channel CookingShooking.

He loved watching recipe videos on YouTube. When he turned 14, he asked his sister to teach him a few recipes. Initially, he made just a sweet corn recipe and shared it on YouTube. Within 12 hours, his recipe video got 13 views. But he still got influenced.

It was nothing when compared to over 3 million views he used to get these days, within two years. Now he turned 16. He added that only 13 views were enough in the beginning to encourage him to share more recipes.

In April 2012, he started his YouTube channel Cooking Shooking. Today, it has over 149 videos and 20k subscribers, along with 3 million views.

So, how he became so popular? – Yaman Agarwal Cooking Shooking

The fact that made him stand out of the crowd of professional chefs is that he doesn’t use microwave and he uses eggless bakery items. For example, if you don’t have or don’t use microwave in your kitchen and you don’t eat eggs or have them but still love cakes, subscribe his channel now.

In August 2012, things worked when he prepared his Janmastami special recipes. He was inspired to try his hands on festive season recipes, such as Diwali.

The teenager added, “August is lucky for my business as it changed things.” He smiles while addressing his first ever press conference.

What Makes Him so Special

When it comes to vlog something new, he first tastes it in various restaurants in Hyderabad. He conducts his own research and experiments himself to get it right. He says that he is self-taught.

On Independence Day, he tried something different on his recipe. He decided to make tri-colored Halwa. Then, he got an idea to make tri-color cake. He made toppings in three colors. It means the cake comes out in three colors while cutting the cake.

He is confident enough in making recipes and he never shy away in accepting his mistakes as well. He shares his mistakes while cooking so viewers may learn from his mistakes and be careful in trying his recipe. He also shares his secrets, tips and tricks in videos, which a chef never tells.

To know about the ins and outs of cooking, his videos are up to 14 to 15 minutes long. His recipes are like child-play. Even a beginner can follow his recipes with confidence. Black Forest is his favorite recipe because his dad asked him to make it for him. He baked Black Forest cake for his father and it’s still the top recipe, which got up to 6.5 Lakh views.

In short, his recipes are for even those who assume baking cakes is a time-consuming job. It is a well known belief that baking cakes need eggs and microwave. The young chef added, “We baked cakes in cookers when no one had ovens in 1920s”.

According to him, cooker and salt are two important things to bake cake without microwave. Spread a layer of salt on the cooker before you put the stand. Salt is used to spread heat evenly without burning the bottom. Even oven does the same.

He seems to be a professional when he talks about his tricks. But it’s a part of his routine. After recipes, he devotes up to 1.5 hours on his studies every day. All in all, we must say, “More power to this champ!”

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