There are numerous techniques and tips across the globe, known to aid in the process of effective weight loss. However, only a few have proven to actually work. Most are just weight loss myths and some even cause adverse effects in the body. So it is vital to follow weight loss tips that are scientifically backed up by evidence and do not harm the body. Here are some of them:

10. Count and keep a check of your daily Calorie intake

One of the most essential and crucial tips for weight loss is to calculate how many calories you need to consume in a day according to your activity levels and your goal weight to be achieved. It is a simple matter of science; if you consume lesser calories than are required for you in a day, the deficit will cause weight loss, simple as that! Try to set a calorie goal and maintain that; count calories for food consumed throughout the day and simple math can help you lose weight. For example to lose approximately a pound of fat in a week, you need to cut off 500 calories from your diet each day.

9. Make Protein consumption mandatory in breakfast

A very important weight loss tip is to spread your protein consumption throughout the day and not just fulfill all protein requirements in one meal. Make it a strong habit to eat eggs for breakfast as they are a healthy source of good protein and having protein from eggs in breakfast boosts metabolism and burns calories quicker. A study also proved that participants having eggs for breakfast lost more weight compared to the participants having equal calories of bagels for breakfast. 

8. Chew slowly and focus on the food when you’re eating

Scientific studies prove that being distracted during a meal can cause you to overeat as your attention is elsewhere. Just focus on your food and chew slowly. This is because it takes time for the brain to interpret when the stomach is full so eating slowly is more helpful. This tells your brain you are full earlier than if you eat more quantities at a fast pace. Slowing down your chewing speed can help you stop eating quicker by signaling your brain that you are full hence lowering the calorie intake. 

7. Keep Altering Your Workout Timing and Intensity

Doing a similar workout for extended periods of time, for example, cycling every day for 20 minutes can reduce the weight loss efficiency after some time. The body gets used to to the fatigue and activity and the calories burnt per session are reduced. Try to keep altering exercise routines after every few days or do different workouts on alternate days. Increase the exercise duration after a few months too. Studies have proved that people who work out longer at higher intensities are better able to control their cravings too.

6. Drink a Full Glass of Water before Every Meal

Having a full glass of water prior to every meal can help you to feel full quicker. This helps in the same way as chewing slowly, it signals your brain quicker that it is full. Also, increase your water intake through the day because many people mistake the body’s water requirements for hunger cravings. Most of the times when you ‘think’ you are hungry or craving food, it’s just your body telling you that it needs fluids. Stay hydrated to waive off unnecessary hunger pangs. 

5. Drink at least Three Cups of Green Tea a Day

Green Tea is not only extremely healthy for the whole body generally but it also aids in effective weight loss. It has numerous antioxidants like catechins and EGCG which aid in fat burning and boosting the metabolism and hence it works like fat burning hormones. To even make it more effective and miraculous, add some lemon and a pinch of cinnamon for a double metabolism boost!

4. Have whole fruits instead of having their juice

Science proves that having a fruit is way healthier than having juice of the same fruit. The body responds differently to fruit juice calories compared to whole fruits. Fruit juices have only direct sugars whereas the whole fruit has fibers too so the body takes time in absorbing all the sugars of the fruit. On the contrary, the sugars in the juice are easily absorbed by the body. Also, if you have an orange, you consume about 50 calories only but if you have a glass of orange juice, you are consuming about 115 calories! So always choose a fruit over its juice.

3. Reduce portion size

Portion size matters a lot when you’re trying to lose weight. Having peanut butter with fruits, for example, in a small portion of 2 TBSP gives you only 180 calories so you get to enjoy the divine taste of peanut butter with fruits without gaining weight! On the contrary, if you consume a higher quantity of the same peanut butter e.g. a cup, it can give you up to 1500 calories and make you gain weight! Controlling your portion sizes is crucial. You could even enjoy a few fattening foods like French fries, keeping the portion size small but if you have a whole pack to yourself that would be harmful.

2. Increase fiber Intake

Fiber consumption not only benefits our pulmonary systems and digestion but significantly helps in weight loss.  Having 25-35 grams of fiber a day can aid your bowel movement and help you shed pounds. The more fiber a food has the lower calories you are eating. Even a low amount of fiber consumption can make you full as it bloats up in the stomach and makes you feel full. Soluble fibers eliminate fat and fight cholesterol so make sure that you make fibers an important part of your daily meals.

1. Eat nuts daily

Nuts have actually been found out to help in weight regulation and prevent weight gain. Having as much as a handful of nuts a day cannot only give you essential proteins but also curbs off any untimely hunger pangs and thus can be a very healthy snack. They boost the metabolism as they contain proteins and speed up fat burning. They stimulate the body to shed off extra pounds because of their high protein caloric content. However, controlling the portion size is crucial, keep nuts intake from a handful to a cup per day only.

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