11 Tips for Using YouTube to Generate Quality Leads

Generation of quality leads is very important nowadays as every business do require some assistance and these leads can be converted to your key clients too. YouTube has emerged as one of the excellent sources for the medium of digital marketing, and the companies are looking forward to selling their ideas to the end users through these videos.

Generation of leads is an essential part of digital marketing whose applicability is taking a new high with every passing day. It is quite impressive to know that we can sell our ideas through videos.

Video marketing have reached new heights as the people have started showing interests in watching videos as compared to the articles. Nowadays if you are aspiring businessmen, then you can convey your business idea through your videos to let the world know about your offerings.

Let’s know 11 quick tips for using YouTube for the generation of quality leads for the business:

1. Create your business or individual YouTube channel:

Channel creation depends upon for whom you are building the online reputation for. YouTube offers free memberships for the people to create their online channel and upload videos. The channels are also best known for video contribution through online medium and can act as a homepage for the services.

Let’s know more about the channel creation and what it is comprised off:

  • Short description of the channel creator or about the business
  • Channelize your leads by communicating the options through which your subscribers can reach you at the earliest and share your videos with friends. The best one is considered to be emails.
  • Do provide hot links for all videos uploaded by the respective user.
  • On creation do look forward to onset the history, date of creation, number of videos uploaded and the recent video.

How to create a YouTube channel?

  • The user can create and register themselves on YouTube channel with their business name and at the time as an individual too.
  • Once the registration completes, the user can access the section named as “My Account” for the settings and other control features.

2. Plan for a Social Media or “Mini-Campaign”

It is one of the planned marketing efforts made by many social media channels to reach the audiences at the maximum over a short span of time.

How you can generate leads at its best through “Mini-Campaigns”?

A theme can be used for uniting the content: Like the user can focus on blog posts or eye-catching photos directing the traffic to the principal product they are promoting for.

Prepare a package, or irresistible deal offers: Do look for easing the pain points through your deal. Like if you are selling e-books, and then you can couple the same with video series or teleclasses.

Always look for the creation of a professional landing page: The users landing page should be an attention mover, stating all advantages for them in a nutshell.

3. Organize your uploaded videos into Playlists:

For nurturing more leads at a time group all your video into a single playlist as the viewers will find different CTAs and they will not land on landing page every time. If the viewer doesn’t click on CTA’s in the first video then moving to the other ones, after one another they are likely to click them.

Once you take your first move for creating your playlists, you will find watching through analytics that users are bound to stay and hover around videos instead of moving to your competitors.

More you could able to retain them, more they will remember and started trusting you. Don’t expect the conversion right away, as the same can occur a bit later too once they have watched multiple videos on your channel.

4. Follow a strict schedule for Uploading new videos:

For building a stable fan following a schedule for uploading new videos is the most. Do stick to your schedule as your fans wait for the same. The schedule for videos uploading shared by you should not cannibalize the other video sharing you implement.

You can upload the videos to your channels once they have already been shot with email newsletter subscribers so that your subscribers get to see the first look through the monthly report.

5. Do make use of other video sites for various purposes:

Various video marketing platforms host different niche and services. So do check the channels on which you are hosting the videos as the same will be able to cater to your direct clients.

YouTube in itself is one of the popular video sites for the content exposure at various terminals. And the operating the same can be learned by any layman too.

The platforms like blip.tv can be used for embedding. The benefit with the YouTube and blip.tv is that they can be used for embedding videos on their platforms without availing the hosting the videos on their servers.

6. Publish videos with high production values:

Do know the homemade videos are also fine but if you are looking for catering for B2B business for reflecting the convey your brand to masses.

For example BIG search partners with one of the local TV station and use their anchors for the delivery of briefings in retail and economic trends. The videos can also include the graphics, animation cards and various other high-quality images for illustrating the key points in the form of videos.

7. Connect with Organic search leads directly:

The YouTube video description can help you in improving your discoverability globally. For the same, you need to optimize the content from search engines and YouTube both. In-depth and long video description owns better credibility for ranking and can rank high in web searches too.

The reason can be the contextual keywords for being the soul of YouTube and Google queries.
Although long video descriptions are not just about the long-tail keywords, rather a detail description can be of great help for many searches. Do include relevant keywords and write lengthy in-depth descriptions.

Writing a catchy first line do attract the attention of the audiences, and you can also take care of the text that appears by clicking on the show more. For making it effective do break your content into small paragraphs so that audience did not get bored and felt like reading an essay.

Deriving leads for your business do remember the short videos derive much attention. Do look for a short script for making videos although the description can be lengthy, but not the video. For starting the video always initiate with a greeting as per your brand and personality. Be brief but in a real sense. Look for engaging the viewers with the content like any funny question and provoking statement in the end.

8. Use different video sharing sites like your online library:

The YouTube accounts allow you to gather all your videos into a section known as the library. The briefings of your channel are available for the longer periods and do allow the viewer to catch data if they have missed out anything in consumer trends.

The channel owners also use the YouTube channels for displaying the videos which they cannot be able to include in monthly email newsletters.

9. Reply to Comments:

The potential leads can leave a comment and move forward. Many times they don’t reach out to the customer service for their concern. This is one of the important ways to draw attention to your clients by replying to their queries.

By answering their replying do remember that you respond to the point to their concerns and ask them to directly contact for more information.
This helps in building trusts, relationships and show care to your viewers.

10. Set up your goals for video audience:

Your videos can have different audiences to cater for like video newsletters are one of the lead generation techniques for building potential customers. With the help of various online video hosting websites like YouTube does not have any insights about the viewers of content?

Your primary goal should be using the videos for bringing the awareness about the company and reaching the people who don’t want new you by your video newsletter.

11. Use tagging option to reach your viewers:

Once the videos are uploaded to YouTube, you will always want the people to find you quickly, and this is where tagging has its definition to implements. Tagging is the keywords that can help you in organizing the content.

These tags help you in finding your videos through searches. Once ranked, your audience can search you through keywords even if they do not know your channel name too.

Wrapping Up:

The videos and YouTube are one of the great ways for connecting with your audience and showing them what your brand does for their clients and its lucrative offers too. The presence on YouTube can help them in learning about their services and products. The opportunities and possibilities for dragging traffic to your end are endless.

Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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