7 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog More Appealing

Beauty is skin deep. But when it comes to blogs, we cannot deny that website appearance is crucial to drawing and keeping readers. You need to make your content as compelling, and its appearance as appealing. There’s no shortcut way to achieving this though. Here are few tips you can do so.

Write for busy people

When you keep in mind that your readers are busy – that they rarely have time to read throughout a page unless it seems that interesting to them – then you will feel pushed to make your content brief and crisp. Help make the search easy for these readers who are likely to scan through the page only looking for information that might be useful to them. Emphasize your thoughts or points using bullets or subheads so they can easily follow through. This will move them faster to your write-up, and who knows, might also call them to act as you’ve said.

Kill with your headline

Your first shot to capturing reader’s attention is through the title. Do not waste it. We were told about this way back when we were still completing essay writing projects in school. Remember, when readers search for content through search engines, the only part they will see is the title along with a short introduction to your post. If on that list alone, many others already beat you, then expect losing potential clients. It’s okay to write the headline last as long as it is consistent with the information on the post. Confusing readers is one strategy to writing headlines but you need to be careful when doing this. You don’t want to mislead people.

Make it concise

Are you attracted to lengthy online posts? I see you turning your head from side to side. That’s because, let’s admit it, online readers have limited attention span. Long sentences already appear tiring merely looking at them. Short sentences, on the other hand, appear easier to read and digest. So which one will you prefer? With that, omit statements that do not support your purpose for writing. And stick to short, simple words. You do not say ‘utilize’ for ‘use’ in normal conversations so go for the latter in your blog.

Avoid clutter

Give readers time to breathe. Two to three sentences are enough to make up a paragraph. Proceed to the next one if you have more insights to share. Also, observe spaces between texts and images. This shall make it easier for readers to absorb the gist of your story. They will also thank you for being considerate of their eyes.


I can no longer stress further how necessary this is. Imagine you will be out on a date with this person you really, really like. You want to impress so you’ll dress up and ensure you look your best. This should work the same for you before publishing your post. You want to make sure that it is of superior quality. It’s understandable to feel thrilled and eager to be able to post your work right away, but for your reader’s sake, review your work, over and over again. It’s hard to spot errors when your mind is exhausted so make sure to give it a rest. Go back once your brain has already refreshed.

Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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