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Opting to become an IAS officer is a serious career choice indeed. But, what are the factors that entice aspirants into making this decision? Aspirants have to give up on all kinds of worldly engagements and be religiously dedicated to studies for the better part of their days, months and years. What is it that still keep the aspirants driving on to secure, what is dubbed to be the most prestigious job nation – wide?

Let us take a look at why IAS is the most sought-after occupation in India

1. It earns you authority

Across all regions of India, an individual who is influential will always be respected more than the one who is prosperous. In other words, power has always held more value than money in our nation. One could be loaded with wealth, however, with no power, he will be hard – pressed at all points of time. An IAS officer has to interact with top – most officers in almost every ministry. No one has the right to hold an IAS responsible for anything without the permission of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

2. It earns you wealth

One of the other reasons for IAS being one of the highly aspired occupations is that recruits start earning in six figures upon the completion of their training period. Besides the remuneration, world – wide travel, vehicle allowances, well – facilitated government accommodations are a few other benefits of becoming an IAS officer.

3. It earns you respect

Becoming an IAS officer provides the recruit with an opportunity to indulge in the welfare of the society satisfying personal ambitions at the same time. Owing to humongous competition, brightest minds across the country are selected. With the amount of power that is associated with this occupation, respect and prestige accompany without a doubt.

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