The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging: for Beginners (Step by Step)

guest blogging is best way to promote your blog, blog commenting works but if you need something that actually works in a magical way then guest blogging must not be left out. I can’t really remember if I’ve said this but I just want to dig out my favorite strategies of promoting my blog. They’re not much though,  during the session of my blog hopping I noticed that you must not have too much promotional strategies instead, focus on a few and you’re going to get the best out of it. For now I have just five methods I use in promoting my blog.

In my view, the best of all is the one sitting at the top; of course that’s guest blogging. Have you written a guest post before? Did I hear you say no? Oh boy! You’re missing big time. Well, not really because I know folks that are getting bunch of traffic from the quality comments they dropped on a few blogs, why? Because they sprinkled magical dust on their comments and this made it stand out of the crowd. You really want to know the difference between epic comment and a person dropping just “Great Article”? Find out its magnitude by checking out my post on Epic Comment vs Great Article. I know of some folks that also spend most of their time on social media and it’s working for them, Yup! It worked for me too but I still prefer Guest blogging. Curious on how I got the best out of social media? Check out my social media strategies. Now back to guest blogging, we do give ourselves stagnant promises like: “I’ll submit a guest post next week” and next week is starting to become last month. Hit the gas, go do some homework. Before cutting the cake, I’d love to give a mouthwatering definition of guest blogging.

What is Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the method used by bloggers to generate traffic and build backlinks by publishing a post on another blog.

99.99% of blogs are nofollow nowadays and the best way to by-pass that is to submit a guest post rather than dropping a comment, most people don’t care anymore because google pagerank is lost in wonder land and Matt confirmed it.

How to get Addicted to the habit of guest blogging

Write with passion

It all starts with passion right? Writing with passion simply means writing from your heart and a writing format like these flows out freely. Writing with passion is a good way of overcoming writer’s block; it definitely won’t come near a person like this. The more the quality content, the more the left overs you’ll have (quality left overs though). Now what are you going to do with it? Of course, submit it as a guest post. The more you write the more you’ll get inspired and the more you peep into your older post, the more the knowledge you’ll get in writing your newer post. The more the knowledge, the more the post and the more the post, the more the guest post and the more the guest post, the higher the traffic and the higher the traffic……I guess I need to stop here.

Compete with other Guest bloggers

Competing with other guest bloggers is one of actions that’s going to trigger you into doing more, It’s just like running a race and of course you don’t want to be the last, you wouldn’t also want to be the second, what’s your goal? First position right? I tried giving up on guest blogging and face other promotional strategy but the guest posts of some of my mates and other bloggers kept me up. It’s fun; why not give it a try. Look for an active competitor and give yourself a goal of doing better. This was the tip I used in beating some of my competitors especially one that submitted an impressive amount of guest post in a short span.

Monitor other blogs

You can monitor blogs where you want to submit a guest post, check the older posts and blend with the blog’s writing format. You can also check out the guest post of some guest bloggers and peep into their writing style. If writer’s block as your companion, reading other blogs is a perfect way to refresh your memory and get more blog post ideas.

Write Frequently

This doesn’t mean you have to write every single day of the week. Why not put it in this format; try writing up a draft to submit as a guest post immediately after writing your blog post. It’s definitely going to work if you give yourself a schedule and a goal. If you really want to get the best out of guest blogging and blogging in general then you need to treat it like your office. While writing, put your readers in mind or the readers of the blog you’re submitting your guest post to, you really want to get the best out of guest blogging, you need to write something they won’t forget, something that will make them curious to know you. You don’t want to bore your readers right? Sue Neal wrote a complete guide on writing for your readers

Why you must get addicted to guest blogging – Benefits of Guest Blogging

Does guest blogging have any disadvantages? I don’t think so. If you’re still not convinced, these little tips might push you into guest blogging. Guest blogging is fun but at the same time, you’re going to get a big reward. So what are you really going to get out of guest blogging?

Targeted traffic

There’s a big difference between getting 1000 visitors with no sales and getting 200 visitors with some impressive amount of sales. Untargeted traffic can harm your site and the best result you’ll experience is a high bounce rate. To get rid of this, guest blogging is the perfect way of getting targeted traffic and genuine readers to your blog. Readers that’ll love to explore older posts and get some valuable information, eventually subscribe and even become a customer. Competition is getting higher day by day and everybody’s trying to best the best, wanna know why so many folks are blogging? Lisa wrote something about it and don’t forget to check out the infographic. I told you guest blogging won’t be left out, check it out –  Why are so many blogging today?

Quality and safe backlinks

Some of us don’t care about backlinks while most of us are dying to build tons of backlinks to our blog. As a matter of fact, backlink starts with quality content. People will always to link to you but if you want to build those backlinks yourself then guest blogging is the best and safest way to do this. Why? The link to your blog in the author is dofollow while those in the post are also likely to be dofollow. Getting dofollow links is the best way to increase your ranking on SERP and a higher pagerank. I can’t really say if google pagerank still exists because it’s been a long time we experienced an update right? Whether it does or it doesn’t, guest blogging still remains the best traffic strategy ever.

Builds your Reputation

On a journey to becoming a successful blogger? You really need to build up your reputation and guest blogging is also a perfect way of doing this. Can you see the difference between guest blogging and blog commenting? People can see your comments being splashed on many blogs but at the end all you’ll get is traffic but guest blogging is a win-win situation. You’ll get the traffic you’re looking for and at the same time command genuine readers to your blog. What are those readers tweeting or saying about you?

He writes epic sh*t
He writes funny sh*t
He’s a guest blogging addict
He relates with his readers
He has a crazy traffic that can blow up your server

More than that I guess but don’t underestimate the power of guest blogging. Actually, it’s one of the tips most probloggers out there used in skyrocketing their blog.

Builds Relationship with other bloggers

Guest blogging is a good way of relating with a wider audience, getting to know them and legally dragging them to become your good reader and contributor. There’s a slight difference between guest blogging and blog commenting here. In guest blogging you’re the one of stage while the readers are the audience, this means the entire audience are going to see and hear what you’re saying but it’s one the contrary when it comes to blog commenting, here you’re also part of the audience (but not on stage) this means you won’t be visible to the entire audience but only those near you. Get it? That’s exactly how guest blogging and blog commenting looks like. When you relate with other audience and they love your style and flow, they’ll love to know you more and do you know the next thing they’ll do? Hop to your blog, check out your facebook and twitter page and eventually follow you. Now that’s just a perfect way of building relationship. Don’t get it twisted, if you know your stuff you can also build quality relationships with other bloggers through blog commenting. Get a complete guide on how to build relationships through blogging

….and many more

Yea that’s true but I only pointed out the visible and important aspect, if there’s any aspect I omitted, feel free to drop it below. Of course I know there are many guest blogging addicts here and don’t be surprised because I can see you reading this post. Now I have just one little question, what pushed you into guest blogging and are you getting the best out of it.

Haven’t submitted your first guest post? Not bad, there’s still a lot of time and there are many blogs out there looking for guest bloggers. Take your time, write some quality content and submit it. I was skipping round my room when I saw my first guest post published; don’t mind me being a newbie blogger then.  Guest blogging rocks! Implement it and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

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