7 Best Strategies for Making a Successful Blog

Most of the bloggers out there are struggling with no success. Maybe some do, but majority hits the short term fortune. I failed thrice when I tried blogging. Though, I am not a successful Entrepreneur/Blogger today, but I can satisfy my needs with my Income.  Everyone in this world want to be successful. Success differs from each person to person perspective. For a business blogger, getting money can be success. For a blogger writing a blog as his/her hobby, getting good number of readers can be termed as success or anything else.

You need to take in some methods that you’ll be following throughout your blogging journey. Here I’ve listed some points, with experience, to embark your Blogging success:

Know your Audience

For whom you’re writing? I am writing content on various blogs for Bloggers/Internet marketers/SEO’s to grow. Suppose if I was just writing and didn’t focussed on my target audience. Day by day, I would be publishing new posts and then more and more and more and so on. Then how could readers come to my blog? What will you get if you are not targeting the right audience to whom you promote your blog content.

To be frank, when I started I was just writing on my blog. In hope, that someone will come to my blog and will read it. The day didn’t came till 1 and a half year.

Choosing the Best Blogging platform

Let me make you clear first, WordPress is the best content management system for Bloggers. Many of you might prefer Blogger platform while starting blogging. Everyone has their own choice. When it comes to me, WordPress is best. It allows us to get control over everything and I can do anything with my Blog. Don’t get surrounded by WordPress and Blogger platform problems, choose any one of these which you like currently. When you want to change, you can do it easily within minutes. After choosing Blogging platform for you, you can start thinking about the points listed below.

Creating content

Creating the same guide of link building, like as published on any other blog will not give you more readers. Instead, try to do something different. Write content not in just for the sake of writing. Instead, try to build the best ever content in your niche. Making just a single piece of content will not get all the traffic of the world. You’ve to be focussed towards your blog and write on it regularly.

Focus on Traffic Building

You’re writing article day by day, but no one is coming to your blog. This is because of lack of promotion. As having a properly ‘SEO optimized’ blog will take some time. Till then, you need to have proper social media traffic. Followers or potential customers who will read your blog and buy your product. If you’re creating content worth reading in 2 hours. Then, you’ve to fix 4 hours promoting it. Building traffic is an essential part of blogging. Without visitors, your blog is nothing. It’s the visitors for whom we’re writing. You can easily increase traffic by doing proper SEO and focussing on social media.

Focusing on Social media

Social media is a great way, you could implement to grow your traffic. There are many social sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ which are letting bloggers attract thousands of traffic. If you aren’t active on social media, you could lose tons of traffic to your blog. It takes time to build great social media following. Influencing your followers let them expand quickly. Actually, Amazing things happen when you share something interesting. You can checkout when to share content on social media on Neil’s Blog. Make a habit of helping and engaging with others for sometime. This will help in building social media traffic.

Caution : Don’t give much of your time to social sites. It helps us, but we get addicted to them in a short span. So, it’s better not to get addicted. 

Proper Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization let the search engines know about what you’re writing on your blog. Properly optimized posts can get 1000’s of traffic or even in lakh from search engines. For choosing keywords which you’ll be going to optimize for your posts, you need to learn Keyword research. Search engine optimization is a diverse topic, but you can learn about it. Check here what you need to learn to become a SEO Expert.

Blogging is not About you

Using the words I, me, myself or anything related to you can let readers lose their attention. Instead, write about them. You are reading this post and you could observe that. I am using the word ‘you’ many times. This is to let you all engaged with me. This is really a simple writing hack using which you can let your readers at your blog for long. If you don’t believe me, you could try it out. By using the word ‘you’, I increased my average time on page per visitor from 1 minutes 5 seconds to 3 minutes 22 seconds. Try it out, you could also do the same as I did.

How will you make money?

Many guys are in Internet marketing/Blogging niche are using ‘Google Adsense’ on their blogs. They’ve listed in some posts, ‘Google Adsense doesn’t perform well with Blogging niche blogs’. Then also, they’re using it on their blogs. Isn’t it a great irony?

You’ve to figure out the way which you’ll use to Earn money from your blog. One can prefer affiliate marketing, ad networks or selling their own products in order to make money.


Blogging is not a ‘be quick rich scheme’, it is more like ‘give and take’. You’ve to add quality content to web to get money in return. It’ll take time for your blog to grow. Don’t think of any return from your blog within days. If you’re adding quality to Internet, don’t stop. You will surely get success after some days, months or years. Hard work never goes in vain.

That’s it, you can leave your doubts, queries and suggestions in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to solve them.
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Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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