5 Effective Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Blog commenting is the best way to increase traffic to your blog. And also by doing blog commenting you can build a strong relationship with your fellow bloggers. You need to make a habit of visiting other blogs and leave thoughtful comments by reading their blog post.

Similarly, others will visit your blog if you have a valuable blog where it helps people to learn some new things they will definitely come to your blog to leave their valuable comments.

Inspite of having useful informations you are not getting enough comments?, then below tips are for you which explains about the steps to receive more blog comments.

Attracting more comments to your blog will definitely drive good traffic to your blog. So follow these below tips and you are sure attract more comments to your blogs meanwhile attract more traffic to your blog.

How To Get More Comments for Your blog post

1. You can start Inviting people to comment

If you desire to receive more comments to your blog then you should start inviting people to comment on your blog. Actually comments can be left at any blog post as long as the comment setting allows people to make comments but still especially inviting people to leave comments triggers the result to some extent. So at the end of each blog post you can ask people to make a comment at your blog.

2. Respond to comments left

Whenever people left a comment at your blog make a habit of responding them back. As people took time to leave their valuable comments on our blog we should definitely thank them for spending their time in your blog. So, do respond them back without fail.

3. Make comments on other blogs consistently

If you intend to receive more comments on your blog then feel free to comment on others blog as well. Also commenting on other blogs will definitely helps to increase your backlinks.

So, do consider blog commenting to increase your backlinks. Apart from increasing backlinks you can create a good exposure to your blog by commenting on many blogs.

4. Create Controversy

Always controversy posts tend to bring lot of comments to the blog. So you can try writing a blog post of controversy topic . Write a blog post like a debate and invite people to ask their suggestions. People will definitely participate to leave their suggestions.

5. Check your comment settings

You also need to check your comment settings for receiving more blog comments. Check your settings for allowing comments to receive blog comments else users cannot make comments on the blog.Check your discussing settings if you have enabled the option to allow comments to the blog as below screenshot.

Over To You

By following these techniques you are sure to receive more comments to your blog as well as more traffic. The above stated are the steps I follow to increase comments in my blog. If you feel that I have missed out any step you can very well point out those in comments section.

Rahul Yadav

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