Simple Tips To Increase Your Food Blog Income

Are you a food blogger or aspire to become one? One of the main questions before a food blogger is how to monetise your food recipe blog and also how to increase the revenue from my blog. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to increase the revenue of your food blog using a few simple tips and tricks.

Increase Food Blog Income Using Google AdSense

Most food bloggers start with Google Adsense. Nothing wrong with it. Adsense is one of the easiest and tried-and-tested methods for monetising your food blogs. However, it is barely going to generate money if your blog is getting only few visitors a month. If your blog traffic is low, your Google Adsense revenue is unlikely to be substantial enough to support a full-time career as a professional food blogger. Focus on generating more traffic to the blog to increase your Adsense revenue.

However, just traffic isn’t going to help you generate enough money. Most people are now blind to ads. Some also use ad blockers to get rid of ads. We can’t do much about ad-blind visitors except making our ads placed prominently to draw attention.

Make sure to use a system such as plugin/code to ask your visitors with ad blockers enabled to deactivate it. That’s one of the methods to improve your Google Adsense revenue. If someone is using an ad blocker, let’s just show them the door. After all, a lot of effort goes into generating content. If there’s no ad, how are content publishers going to sustain themselves. Most websites do not have the option to charge money for content. So, ad revenue is our primary (or a significant) source of income. Let’s keep it flowing.

Display Ads from Food Blog Networks

Sign up with food blogger advertising networks. There are plenty of ad networks specifically catering to the food blog community. These ads are going to supplement your ad income. Make sure that you pick ad networks that can be used along with Google Adsense. Recheck the Adsense policies to make sure you comply with their terms while displaying ads from other advertising networks along with Google Adsense.

Select Best Blog Monetization Techniques

Don’t just rely on ads. Explore opportunities and methods of monetizing your blog based on your readers’ profile, preferences & habits.

Let us assume that your readers are interacting with you and asking all kind of questions such as how to start a food blog, explanations for recipes, what ingredients to use, where to find certain ingredients, what is the best appliance to buy for certain cuisines, etc.

Answer their questions, preferably by creating new blogposts and sharing the link with the reader. This helps to build a community of avid readers. However, you have a huge opportunity to monetize this audience by referring them to right products/books via affiliate marketing such as the Amazon Associate program, which pays you a commission every time someone buys something from Amazon through your referral link.

If you have a potentially large number of people asking all sorts of questions about recipes, create an e-book guide that answers the most common questions. You can also create e-book guides about recipes from your blog and put them in a pdf document. Sell these e-books via your blog/newsletters and other platforms such as Amazon.

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