7 Simple Methods To Increase Domain Authority Of Your Website

Here, We’re back with an important article: “How to Increase Domain Authority”. Well, Most bloggers have a common goal to rank high in Google Rankings.

Have you heard about Domain Authority before? Or might be heard of Someone saying: “To rank high on Google You should Increase Domain Authority As well”.

Well, All these sayings are Correct. I should recommend you try to increase domain authority as much you can to Rank at first Page of Google.

Now, this is not the procedure that you can do in few days or few months. NO, It takes time. It can take years to Increase Domain Authority.

Actually, the whole thing depends on your Quality of content you are writing on your blog or website.

Hundreds of SEO Reviews tools are out there to check various SEO scores. Similarly, Domain Authority Checkers are also available out there.

I would recommend you to check your domain authority on MOZ.com. Just Type in the URL of your Website and check the metrics.

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) basically meant to be a rating system for a website where a score from (?/100) is being calculated for that particular website. This metric was created by MOZ.com.

If the Score is 1-20 is sound to be the Worst, if it is around 50-60 is calculated to be medium, if it is 80-100, means its the best score.

I would like to Show you some of the best Domain Authority scores of very popular websites:

Higher the Domain Authority, better you’re going to rank in Search engines.

Before Showing you the tips to Increase Domain Authority of your Website. I would Like to share some of the Facts about Domain Authority.

Important Facts About Domain Authority

These facts can help you better understand: How you can make your Domain Authority upward:

  • Sites like Facebook, twitter etc have their Domain Authority around 100. It’s very difficult to hit 100 but don’t be disappointed if you never get around.
  • Domain Authority in 50-70 can also make you hit on the first page in Google Rankings.
  • Domain Authority is based on a lot of factors: How you backlink your website links, How they are pointed, where they are pointed and How much Authorized your site is.
  • Higher the Domain Authority >> High Search Engine Rankings >> More will be the traffic on your website.
  • Domain Authority can’t be increased Overnight.

Now, When we are well-known to what Domain Authority is and you’re most probably thinking: “I talk So much :p”. Now tell me How to Improve Domain Authority for my website so I can go and implement them. HAHA! Easy man. Now, Let’s discuss them.

How To Increase Domain Authority?

Important Things You should know To Increase Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is something which can not be taken from another website or a blog or can be purchased from somewhere. This takes time and a lot time to lift Up. Only thing you need is patience and sometimes a lot of patience. Here are some Important Steps to raise up your Domain Authority in an efficient way.

At the most basic level, to have very good link profile, you need to have two things:

  • Gain Good Links
  • Get rid of bad Links

1. Create Lots of Linkable content

Our first Important thing is to make a proper linkable content for our readers So that they can read more and can be easily understand the things whatever we want to say through our content.

Two main types of Linkings are there: Internal and External linking.

Internal Linking helps in reducing the bounce rate through increasing the time spent on your website. Link your content with older content on your website.

External linking helps in Understand the search engines that your content deals with high Domain Authority website.(Try to External Link with high Domain Authority Websites, This helps Google that you provide users a Quality content(Well-Organised)).

Bad Links: It’s Important that you remove all the bad links regularly which are affecting your website’s position in Google rankings. Remove all the spammy links and gain more quality links.

2. Always Publish Unique Quality Content

You need to Write your content a well-organised unique content because Google Loves Unique and well-formed Content.

Doesn’t Matter how long you write, If that content is not unique and not Quality rich, It’s totally waste.

Always Remember one thing “Quality Content is King”. Write those things which attracts user, always try to fill up your posts with Images, Videos, Infographics etc. An Image is worth of thousand Words.

Try to make your article of a Good Length approximately 700-800 is worth. Longer the Article, More informative it will be for users.

3. Never Forget On Page SEO Techniques

As I have Written a proper separate article on this technique, On page SEO will help you in building up your website’s Domain Authority at its Maximum.

It basically have technical factors for your page what you will be showing to your users.

Let us take a look at On Page SEO Checklist:

  1. Use Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3 in proper order)
  2. Keyword Density (1-1.5% if using Yoast SEO plugin)
  3. Focus Keyword (Should be Used in Every Heading, First Paragraph, Last Paragraph (Mandatory))
  4. Permalinks (Use SEO friendly permalink structure with Focus keyword)
  5. Title (Having Focused Keyword with 65 characters)
  6. Meta Description (Fill it with 150 characters long having focused keyword)
  7. Images should be optimized (Use Alt Tags)

Proper SEO can increase Domain Authority in fast way.

4. Generate High-Quality Links, Increase Domain Authority Quickly

For Generating High-Quality Links, I recommend you to try out my methods. They will be helping you a lot. Read Following recommended Methods:

  • Do Guest Posting
  • Share your Posts on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.)
  • Try To build up a link building process for your website, Link as much you can.

It is not the easy process but believe me when it happens, it will be going to pay you a lot.

Most bloggers and site owners just don’t do these things and As a result, they always lags in Search Rankings of Google. Generating High-Quality Links for your website going to Increase Domain Authority very fastly.

5. Let your Domain Grow Old (Be Patient)

Domain Age is Probably the higher Factor also to increase Domain authority of your website. If your site has been 2-3 years old and still live with having Quality Content, not a Spam, then your Domain Authority must be good is should say, not very good because it takes a lot more time than this.

Also, Old Domains Rank High In Google Searches

You should not worry if you are new to this business, just keep on publishing the quality content and let your domain grow old. That’s it. This also the important part of your website that it should be old enough, Hence, patience is must to increase Domain Authority of your website.

6. Increase Publishing your Content

For me Blogging is life, I want to do blogging as much I can. Make it a habit when you sleep, write blog if you are serious about this.

In starting, it’ll be boring but as the time goes and you start on getting dollar day by day, you’re gonna love this. Write and make money.

So, The question is How often should I blog?

My answer is Regularly, As I said, make it a habit. When you start getting bored, listen songs then write. Believe me, I do the same. Nobody likes typing so much but when you love something doesn’t matter what the topic is, you can write it bigger as much you can.

Be passionate about Blogging

Regular Posting can help in Increasing traffic, day by day revenue, helps in developing writing skills, brain storming, Trust among visitors who visits you daily.

So, This was all about How to Increase Domain Authority all I know. I shared it with you, So that you know well about Domain Authority and its benefits.

Also, If you want me to write on any article or any topic, then let me know in comments. Thanks!

Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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