For those who don’t know, StoryPick is a leading story-sharing website for a report or curious reader. It shares stories that thrillinspireeducate and entertain. StoryPick reads, “Find something which stands out.” StoryPick is all about finding an innovative piece of content you think will stand out and go viral from the endless number of content on the web, according to co-founder Sangeeta Sarma.

How Storypick Started?

Both Tonmoy Goswami and Sangeeta Sarma got together and decided to co-find StoryPicka viral blog website which adds clickablesharable, and fun content to break the boredom of daily life. According to Sangeeta, it’s a pink cow. It picks stories which are worth knowing from the crowd. After engineering, Sangeeta went on to co-find a startup website which is known for the unusual ‘Indian’ routecreativity.

Tonmoy Goswami

As every entrepreneur has an interesting and inspiring story of their beginningTonmoy Goswami also has something to share about his great idea to solve consumers’ issues. But in his case, he felt that he had an ability to do something more than just 9-5 job. So, he started Storypick.

He didn’t waste his time finding the true passion and knowing what to do, instead he found a passion that he already had – accessing data and sharing on social media. On the simple note, spotting the pink cows (stories which are sharable and likeable on social media). This was how StoryPick was established.

Obviously, the story of entrepreneurial journey of Tonmoy didn’t fetch a good start. It had few ups and downs in the beginning before finding StoryPick. He shares his great journey with others and tells how StoryPick Grew and gets over 1 million of views per day.

The Journey of Sangeeta Sarma

Sangeeta added, “I don’t think coincidence is behind anything that happens. Even though people are always looking for something which gives quick happiness, if you study the success story of any entrepreneur, you will feel that seeds were mostly planted always before their initial hit.

According to her, Storypick wasn’t an instant moment. It took several years in the making, years of hardwork which led to achieve this. Even the most conventional move may lead to great result.

She added, “What happens if a girl scores higher in Science than other subjects during her 10th? Engineering! I am lucky that it happened as it taught me to look at things as an engineer. It taught me to use creativity and logic to find solutions. This is how I use that creativity and logic to tackle any crisis today. I love technology.

Like so many entrepreneursSangeeta decided to choose the path of Storypick. While working in MNCs like HSBC and IBM, she felt that she could get something more if she started up. She added, “You reach a stage in life where you need to make a decision. And I also bet on myself. After failures in three startup ideas, Tonmoy and I started researching the web whole day. Both of us are the worms of internet. So, we never give up. Despite failures, our persistence gave rise to Storypick.

She further added, “We started developing a pattern. We made a habit to stumble upon the content before any mainstream social media site or our friends did, and it became our identity.“ Her story, being a storyteller herself, is as inspirational, honest and raw as any struggling entrepreneur who is trying hard to follow their passion.

How the idea of StoryPick Worked?

When it comes to start up, risks come at every stage. The story behind StoryPick is no exception. It is the story of guts and honing some unconventional skills. Sangeeta added, “We developed some unconscious skills of choosing good content, which was not even considered a skill during our initial time of using the internet. We took risk to go against the conventional. It worked and gave us a chance to use our creativity and skill to create something that others never felt that they were missing. We took a risk, spotted an indivisible need, and it worked.

As Sangeeta says, Storypick was not that easy path. In initial days, she was worried that they might waste their personal funds for its growth. However, she ignored that feeling and pushed on. As an entrepreneur, this is what you should do. Know your risks but keep going.

However, StoryPick works on a different risk. In the ever changing world of trends, the risk of being outdated. Though constant innovation in technology gives you wings, it also calls for constant innovation from your side. Being a creative technopreneurSangeeta has a secret that will also shock you? She just signs out. Though it seems strange as what she does all day is constantly using the computer. But she simply steps away from her work for a while. She simply goes for a walk and it is as simple as that.

It goes without saying that Sangeeta Sarma has a rare story. StoryPick is a story of someone, who went down the unique route in a world of rules, and took the risk which worked. She is a woman who was lucky enough to get her tech wings at a very early stage and it was pushed by it constantly.

StoryPick will keep us entertaining and thrilling

She is a technopreneur who was just helped and motivated by her mistakes. Of course, she is #thechosenone. StoryPick will keep us entertaining and thrilling. She says that it doesn’t matter for her to take a risk of getting outdated. Every single day, she lives a life of an innovative and ambitious millennial. Just like anyone else, she also makes her mistakes while leading a life of a millennial. According to her, if you fall for seven times in your life, get up eight times.

Today, StoryPick is a profit-making monster for them. According to her, StoryPick is a very successful website. Her story of success is manifold with StoryPick’s growth. She has just pushed her unconventional ways of success.

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