The SMO is process of growing the alertness of the brand and giving the fame using the number of social media platforms and communities for viral publicity. The Social Media Optimization includes RSS feed, social news, bookmarking sites as well as social sites and video blogging sites. 

The major tips involved to make the SMO works are:

  • Defining the objectives and goals: Know the desired results before hand for example- credibility, traffic on pages, etc
  • Making people smart: Sharing the content with the other users hence making smart move
  • Increasing the Link: to optimize we need to increase its linkability or aggregating the content present elsewhere into a meaningful and useful content with correct format
  • Tagging the content: To make it travel around the web easily and fast
  • Accessing the content easily: content that is easy to view is travelling faster and trackable in providing visitors.
  • Usage of Permalinks for keywords sharing
  • Helpful and valuable influencers: Increase your visibility with sharing of content that is genuine and influential to raise commenting
  • Meaningful resource: Unique and relevant content that will help in link building and tag as many as helpful ultimate guide that space. as this will become more and more relevant for search engine
  • Stay fresh: Changing pace of social media on daily pace stay updated to new tools being used up for products and challenges in your social sphere.
  • Target audience: On internet you can appeal to your targeted audience and can appeal without hesitation.