What Are 10 Important Signs That Your Body Is Stressed ? 

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle is stressful and a little bit of stress at times is not bad for you. The human body perceive stress as a threat and initiates its survival response usually known as flight or fight response. This involves keeping the body at a high level of alertness and ready to face the danger. This heightened prepared state can be beneficial for a short time, but it becomes a threat to health if continued for a long time, thus stress for a sustained period of time is bad for you. If it’s not taken note of and allowed to fester it may lead to severe medical conditions. This makes the symptoms or signs of stress discussed below important for your health.

10. You are unable to focus/concentrate

If you find focusing or concentrating a tough task, then it’s an indication of chronic stress. Nervous tension is caused by stress and it affects your ability to focus. The lack of concentration affects your overall performance since you will need more time than usual to get the work done.

9. You are losing hair

If you are losing hair and a variety of medicines/vitamins has no effect then the culprit is stress. Stress causes hair loss and hair thinning and scientists consider it a major cause of baldness either partial or full. You need to take steps to control your stress levels and bring it down the stress-inducing hormone cortisol to bring your hair problem under control.

8. You suffer from frequent stomach problems

According to studies, the gastrointestinal system is adversely affected by stress. Stress causes inflammation in the system and makes it prone to infections. So, if you are constantly suffering from stomach ailments, cramps and medicines have no visible effects then stress is the likely suspect.

7. You have body ache and a general feeling of soreness

Whenever you are severely stressed, your body is held in a rigid position. This is the basic reason of having aches all around your body whether it’s shoulders, back, or jaw. If you internalize the stress it may lead to headaches and body ache. This pain can be relieved temporarily by taking pain relief medication, but it can only be cured when you address the basic issue that’s stress.

6. You have skin related problems

Stress could be responsible for skin problems like acne, Psoriasis etc. This has been deduced scientifically on experiments conducted on humans and mice.

5. You are suffering from lower libido or sex drive

The hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released by your body whenever you are under stress. In case of chronic stress, this hormonal activity affects your libido. As a reaction to stress, the arteries restrict the flow of blood and narrow down, that may cause erectile dysfunction. Another problem with stress is it doesn’t allow you to focus on sex by keeping you distracted thereby curbing the desire for sex.

4. You are frequently suffering from cold

When you are under stress, your body releases cortisol that’s known as the stress hormone. One of its properties is the suppression of the immune system. In case of chronic stress this constant suppression of the immune system, weakens your overall immunity thereby making you prone to external infections such as cold, flu etc.

3. You have gained weight or lost it

The human body, under stress, releases the hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. This is due to the flight or fight response that prepares your body for sudden action to tackle the perceived threat. One of its aspects is the preservation of calories through slowing down the metabolism also whenever you eat, your body starts hoarding calories since it believes that a huge amount of calories was utilized when it was under threat. Chronic stress keeps your body in a constant threat perception mode, making it constantly hoard calories that lead to weight gain. Another effect of stress could be losing body weight due to high adrenaline activity.

2. You feel and appear weak

Chronic stress is responsible for enhanced inflammation and the production of free radicals that make you appear haggard. It also increases aging effects that include the appearance of wrinkles on your face. The flight or fight response of the body while under stress results in consistently high levels of adrenal that causes adrenal fatigue. This makes you feel devoid of energy and tired all the time.

1. You are over or under sleeping

Stress hampers sleeping since falling asleep and staying asleep becomes difficult. Also, whenever you do sleep, your sleep quality will be poor. The stress-induced insomnia is primarily caused by chronic stress. The lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep can affect the normal functioning of a person whether professional or personal.

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