SEO Powersuite Review #1: Rank Tracker and SEO Spyglass

Do you know what is happening around the world on the internet in one minute?

347 new blog posts are publishing in one minute and 571 new websites are created, after seeing this report you can imagine how much competition is there outside.

So we have to work very smartly to rank better on search engines, you may using so many tools already to find  long tail keywords, search volume, keyword competition information, backlinks data, and keyword rank monitoring using various tools.

Today I want to share about SEO PowerSuite which retrieves all the details in one tool without depending on various tools, and another good news is it’s free to use with limited functionality which is sufficient for an individual user like us.

SEO PowerSuite Reviews: Details, Pricing, & Features

What Is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is a software which runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems to retrieve the information of website on different parameters like “Keyword ranking positions“, “Site link analysis”,” Keyword research”, ” Competitors information” ” Keyword difficulty” and so on.

Why We Need SEO PowerSuite?

Doing keyword research, publishing content with on page SEO optimization will not improve our rankings in search engines, we have to build links, we should know whether we can rank for that keyword or not before writing content, we should monitor continuously our keyword ranking positions and we should SEO audit our website monthly to find out problems.

All the above things are required to do on a regular basis for better SEO management and SEO PowerSuite helps in getting that information.

SEO PowerSuite is a bundle 4 useful Tools

  1. RankTracker
  2. SEO Auditor
  3. SEO SpyGlass
  4. LinkAssistant

 How To Use RankTracker?

RankTracker is primarily used to know our keyword rank positions in search engines, other than this it also helps us to find suggested keywords and keyword difficulty information comparing with top websites which are already ranking in Google first page so that we can decide  whether to go ahead with that keyword or not.

I am using this tool from last 3 months, now I will share how to use this tool to track our keyword positions.

After installing SEO PowerSuite on your computer, you can find RankTracker icon on your desktop similar to  like this

Open the RankTacker, start a new project and enter your URL name

Next it will ask you to authorize tool with Google Adwords or Google Analytics account to retrieve information, based on your interest you can either one of these products.

Next step it will ask us to enter keywords which we want to track our positions.

Next it asks us to select the preferred search engines to track the keyword.

After selecting the preferred search engine option click next tab to start the scanning progress  for our keywords.

Here you can find the screenshot about how it is retrieving the information for keywords.

After completing the scanning, it will display report where we can different types of information in this report.

For Example, I am sharing the screenshot of progress graph report of my website.

Other than knowing keyword rank positions we can use Ranktracker to find suggested keywords using various tools like Google Keyword planner, SEMrush, and Wordtracker.

Here is the video tutorial how to do keyword research with RankTracker

Finding less competitive keywords, search volume, search results pages volume information, keyword difficulty information is very easy with this tools without spending the high amount on other tools.

Here is the video tutorial about analyzing keyword efficiency with RankTracker

I hope, now you got the complete idea about this tool for keywords information

How To Use Website Auditor?

Website Auditor tool will help us to find out the problems related to links, titles, redirects, headings, indexing issues, image alt tag information, HTML code errors, and problems our website is facing related to SEO for making our website more SEO friendly.

Doing website auditing is very easy with this tool just open the website auditor enter your desired URL click the next option to get the report.

This tool gives us below parameters information after auditing our URL

  • On Page SEO problems
  • Indexing Issues
  • Social media signals
  • Broken links
  • Duplicate content & Titles
  • Meta description errors
  • Title length issues
  • Cache errors
  • Mobile friendliness

Here is the screenshot of my website audit report which I done partially for demo purpose.

How Can We Use SEO SpyGlass to Know Competitor information

SpyGlass tool is useful to find out the information about our competitors, at present I am using SEMrush free service to get the information which gives us only 1o reports per day, but using this tool we can get much larger information than SEMrush, only difference between these two tools are we can perform our tasks on SEMrush in our browser itself whereas with SpyGlass tool I have to use this software.

Open the SpyGlass software and enter your competitor’s URL in the box.

Click next to proceed to do competitor analysis to find out the information of below parameters

  • All backlinks pointing to that URL
  • Backlink details
  • Link penalty risks
  • Backlinks from Homepage
  • Backlinks from Forums and blogs
  • Backlinks from directories
  • Traffic coming through backlinks

In free software, we get the only limited number of backlinks information, if we want to know all the details about backlinks then we have to go for a premium version.

So using different tools like ahrefs, opensiteexplorer, and this SpyGlass will help us to know competitor backlinks information.

How To Use LinkAssistant

LinkAssistant is an advanced strategy to build links by link pages and link exchanges, so using this software to build links may get you in trouble in future, so I am recommending you cautiously use this tool to build links, don’t overuse this tool to build links, earning natural links by outreaching people is good way to earn backlinks.

Open the LinkAssistant and enter your website URL to promote

Click the next option to scan your website to find our link opportunities, after scanning it will ask you to choose anchor text and description to build links.

Click next to proceed to search for link opportunities, you can use different methods to get the information.

Select appropriate method which is suitable for you and click next button to get link building opportunities.

Now we will get all websites which are eligible to build links and site owners email address to outreach for asking links.

Please kindly use this link building strategies  in an ethical way, so I am not pitching more details about this tool here.

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Conclusion: I hope this SEO PowerSuite review article had given you complete details you need to know about this software, I am requesting you to kindly share your thoughts experiences and opinion about this tool in comments section.

If you have any doubts about this SEO PowerSuite please kindly be in touch through contact form I will try to help you in this regard.

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