What is the psychology behind the effective Domain? How to choose the best domain name?

In simple words, a domain name indicates the existence of a site registered on the network. Internet users type the website name (for example- WWW.Google.com) in the search bar and visit the website. Choosing a domain name is an important step in creating a website.

  • It helps people to find websites quickly and deal with a particular brand.
  • Simple and concise domains are quickly remembered by users.
  • Moreover, a domain name describes your business and affects the promotion of websites in the SERP of different search engines.

It is very difficult to imagine modern business without its own website. Nevertheless, the domain name is inextricably linked with the IP addressing system, which allows the identification of information resources placed on the Internet.

These days, cybersquatting is increasing all across the world. The purpose of these actions is either the subsequent sale of the domain name to the right holder or unfair use by the cyber thug for his/her own commercial purposes. Cybersquatting has given rise to numerous trials and legal cases. So, how and why protect domain names with copyright laws? Let’s find out.

  • Beware of The Violation of Copyrights

If a link to a domain name indicates that trademark-protected goods are distributed on other web platforms without the knowledge of the trademark owner, it’s a violation of copyright laws. In such cases, the holder of the trademark has the right to seek the termination of the duplicate trademark and compensation for damages caused by such use. Here the domain name doesn’t matter if goods are sold with the knowledge of the company owner and royalty is given to him/her.

  • Deal with the Similarity of a Trademark and a Domain Name

Only an expert can tell more about the exact similarity between the trademark and a domain name. Domain names don’t repeat the trademark at all times. There are many cases under a well-known domain name a similar trademark is registered for unwinding products.

One-time registration of a domain name is important if you want to avoid problems with possible misunderstandings regarding time priority and similarity with other domain names. By registering a trademark at the same time as a domain, you can protect your domain name against cybersquatting.

Why You Should Protect Your Domain Name with Copyright laws?

  1. Website Ownership

The cases of copyright infringements on sites have increased a lot with the increasing number of websites. Generally, rights to the domain name of the site, content and design are often violated. In today’s competitive and tech-world, our life seems unthinkable without the Internet and the use of various websites.

Most tech-savvy people use Email services, social networking websites every day and buy useful products online from shopping websites. Companies use websites to have an online presence of their businesses, market products and services, attract new clients, and generate sales. When you protect your site’s domain name with copyright laws, it becomes difficult for other companies to copy-paste your advertising materials and use it for their professional benefits. It helps to keep website ownership and exploit its commercial advantages for many years to come.

  1. Worldwide Coverage

The time has evolved and with the time, fresh graduates now choose to start their business over 9 to 5 jobs. Now they seek a dominant online presence this amplifies the chances of cybersquatting As we know once a website goes online, it is visible to all. Anyone can access live websites from all parts of the world.

If your domain name is protected by the copyright laws, nobody dares to make a duplicate website. Thus, gives you the privilege to sustain the online presence and influence customers with your own name and brand.

If your website is popular and catches the attention of the international audience & gives you more business opportunities and exposure. People tend to violate the protocols and get a similar name, though, these days this is not possible with popular websites but is still common with small websites. And with the zeal of earning more money, you never know when another is benefitted. This sometimes hampers the goodwill of the business and loses the potential customers.

Big companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Walmart, etc, thrive their business worldwide by protecting their name. It allows them to conduct business activities in different geographical locations of the world with the same domain and make more profits every day.

  1. Financial Compensation & Penalties

Always keep in mind that your website is a valuable asset for marketing, sales and customer service. You need to protect it in all circumstances. Let’s suppose you are hiring someone to create your business website. You pay this person for work done by him. The person does the work is an independent contractor hired by your company. It is important to distinguish between an employee of your company who writes content for a website and an independent contractor.

Always keep in mind that the employee does not own the content; your company does. An independent contractor does own the content. So, you must negotiate with the contractor to give an exclusive license to use the content of your website.

Having an external hosting company for your site does not affect copyright. If someone uses your site’s material to promote his/her services & make money out of that, then it’s the violation of the copyright laws. It causes direct damage to your business & ruins the brand’s reputation in the eyes of customers if anything goes wrong. Therefore, book a domain name, protect it with copyright laws, and show the copyright notice on your webpage. You can serve legal notice to anyone who violates the copyright laws and ask for the compensation amount for the damages caused by him. It helps to protect your domain and business value.

  1. Protection of Your Rights and Assets

A unique business idea or a trade secret is can help you grab business opportunities worth millions of dollars. If you have an original idea and asset, use it for business expansion and financial collateral. Just protect your domain name with copyright laws. It will put an end to all illegal activities aimed at using the resources of other companies for professional benefits. If someone wants to use your reputation to earn money, he/she needs to seek advance permission from you. This helps to protect your digital asset and allows to earn the commission amount as per its use.

  1. Unwanted Phone Calls

While booking a domain name, one needs to give his/her phone number apart from other personal information. Internet users can view this information and make calls to you regarding many questions and concerns. So, it is possible that you might get lots of unwanted calls. To avoid unnecessary calls, avail domain privacy protection facility as soon as possible.

  1. Spam and Junk Emails

When you avail domain privacy protection coverup, it becomes easier for you to combat junk emails effectively. Hackers and cybercriminals will not be able to send you malicious emails. Domain privacy protection feature actively filters junk mails and clean them off from your email account also. When you run a business and communicate with a large number of audience or clients through Emails, protection against junk mails is important.

Final Words

A domain name is a great asset to any company. It represents its business to the targeted customers on the web and helps the company to get more business opportunities. Just protect your domain name with copyright laws to safeguard business interests and earn revenues for a long time using a popular brand. Best of Luck!

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