How To Prevent WordPress Spam Comments With Smartness And Plugins

Here is a post that is about How to Prevent Your Blog From Spam Comments, this is a very good article on spam comments. This is really good to avoid spam

Spam comments are the biggest problem that a blogger faces while doing blogging.

We need to tackle them daily in our day to day life.

When I started blogging I do not know about the spam comments and I approve:

all the comments that comes to my website.

This affected my other website so much and I have lost all the rank from the search engines and than I try to find the problem and the problem is these spam comments that I have approved in  a very bulk manner.

Almost 1000 spam comments are there on that website and I am unable to find a solution for almost 1 year and finally,

I found the solution and I comes with this beautiful post that is about How to Prevent Your Blog From Spam Comments.

Configure WordPress Discussion settings to reduce spam comments:

Before finding any spam comments you must have to configure the wordpress discussion settings to reduce the spam comments.

Your first job is that no comments will be posted without moderation. There are lot of benefits of good comment on your blog:

  • Add value to your website and particular article: A good comment on to your website add a lot of value to your website.


  • Trust: A good comment make your blog more trustworthy to the search engines and the readers of your blog.


  • Search Engine Rankings of Your Website: When I removed all the comments from a article in the past I found that the Search Engine Rankings of that article declined.
  • If the comments are meaningful and good than they will increase the keyword density of your blog.

If you do not moderate your comments and the spam comments on to your blog go live on to your website,

without moderation than you can see you rankings

go down by the Google Penguin Penalty.

If you have approved the spam comments in the past than you must have to remove or edit those comments on to your website.

Comments like “Very Very Nice Post”, “Good Post” & “Nice Post” do not add any value to your website.

So, you should not approve those comments too.

In the past I am helping my friend on to his blog and he has already installed Akismet plugin,

but the WordPress Setting is not configured well so there are more than:


1k spam comments still live to his blog and this is also the main reason that his rankings are getting lower and lower day by day.

To do these setting you must have to login in to your wordpress blog,

after reaching to the dashboard you have to go to

setting > Discussion and than follow all the instruction that I will provide in the next few lines:

Default article settings:

This is the first option that you will see after reaching there.

You have to click the first option that is Attempt to notify any blogs to from the article.

Then do not check on the second option and than check the third option. This must be the setting fro the Default article settings.

Other comment settings:

There are the other setting that you can follow and the setting shown can be done as it is done.

Before a comment appears:

These are straight forward setting that you can easily do by yourself within minutes.

Just check both the options and that all for doing wordpress discussion settings of your website.

Comment moderation and blacklist:

This is a very important section to tackle the spam comments on to your website.

As from now no spam comment will go live on to your blog.

If you have approved a comment of someone and in case you want to check the spam comment than this is the best option for that purpose.

You can check x number of links from this section.

In comments blacklist you can type those words if they are there in the comments than:

they will automatically go into the spam queue directly. With the above setting you can easily prevent the spam comments on to your website easily.

Best Plugin to Prevent Spam Comments:

Once you set up your blog and comments for moderation.

There are many plugins to filter the blog comments,

but there is not any plugin in the market that is

100% successful in detecting the spam comments.

You have to manually edit the spam comments and

have to prevent your blog from spammy comments.

The best plugin is:


Akismet is an official plugin by wordpress company automattic.

You need an API to activate this plugin that you can easily get

by filling some information and get it after from there.

There are many plugin but akismet is the best anti spam plugin that I also uses on to my website too.

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