Qatar It has plenty of attractions that are sure to make your time in Qatar a memorable one.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 places to visit in Qatar.

1. The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

The Museum of Islamic Art is the perfect example of how beautiful of Islamic art is. It is structured as very modern architecture. The architect came from America ad china to complete the Museum construction. It was fully ready to entertain the tourists. There is a huge collection of Muslim world art, including the Arab, Persian and Africa. There are arranged many exhibitions of arts, starting from the plastic art to the Clothes of Muslim world.

2. The Corniche, Doha

If you are a lover of open fresh breeze, then the cornice would be the best place for you to spend some good time with your loved one. You can just take a walk by the seaside at cornice. The cornice is actually a curved shape boulevard. The long road by the seaside contains green grass on the other side. The Museum of Islamic Art is very close to it. You can also visit the Hotel Sheraton, symbol of present Doha. The most breathtaking view is of the oyster by the Corniche side.

 3. Al- Zubarah, Northwest of Qatar

Al- Zubarah is a real ancient of Qatar. It is located on the Northwest side of Qatar and 107 miles away from the capital Doha. The people who are planning their tour in the Qatar can take  a trip to Al- Zubarah. The gulf site is most interesting in Al- Zubarah. The houses here are made of mud and mortar. They are made in a very traditional Qatari way with limestone. These coral styled houses plastered so that they couldn’t be washed away by the rain.

4. Qatar National Museum, Doha

The Qatar National Museum is another attraction for the Qatar visitors. The extraordinary building structure shows the architectural skill of the Qatar architects. This Museum was the Sheikh Abdullah Al- Thani’s palace.  The building looks like more than a palace or museum, it looks like a fort. There are several kinds of exhibitions arranged at different times of the year. In recent time the museum is running exhibitions of nature, jewellery, tradition and more.

5. Al Wakra Museum, Al Wakra

Al Wakra is a nested city between Doha and Um Said. The small town of Al Wakra was a little fishing village before. In these days Wakra has gained a lot tried to develop as a well established town. There are lots of such places which may recommend as architecturally structured. This historical town is full of Mosques, museums and a marina and beaches and is quite perfect to spend a vacation. The Al Wakra Museum is one of the best in Qatar and Al Wakra.

 6. Al Jassasiya Carvings, Al- Ruwais

Al- Ruwais is a city of Qatar peninsula, which is known mostly for its natural view. It’s a little fishing village, but the local dhow boats are very famous for the seaside swarming. Al Jassasiya Carvings are  one of the attractive places at Al- Ruwais. There is a rich collection of petrogylphs and it is about 900. The 250 years carvings are now open to visit from the government. It contributes much in the tourism of Qatar.

7. Desert Safari, Doha

If you are interested to visit this land-sea of Doha then you can contact several travel guides who will arrange everything for you including the vehicles and food. You can enjoy riding on Camel or have a great fantasy on the four wheel vehicle. With this four wheel vehicle sand dune racing is possible. But you need to be very careful as the dunes are very unfriendly.

8. Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic, Doha

It is located at the down town of Doha. This spiral shaped new structure is really appreciated by the tourists. Qatar tourism receives a lot from this exclusively designed building. This building was constructed following the Samarra of Iraq, which has damaged in 2005. If anyone watches the night view of the spiral tower, then he is sure to remember it forever. It simply dazzles. The tower is used for multi purpose for Islamic act.

9. The Golden Mosque, Doha

The lavishness of the Arab countries is well known to all and it attracts the travellers to have at least one tour to these countries. Qatar is one of the rich countries, according to per capita. The Golden Mosque is not very surprising to the Arabian people. But the tourists must visit this golden mosque to watch this minaret traditional mosque. It is a gilded tiles mosque with attractive interior.

10. Katara Mosque, Doha

Katara mosque is might not be as large as a huge grand mosque, but the color, design and patterned tiles represent its uniqueness. These tiles are the remainder of the Iranians and the gulf region, mostly the Shi’ite tiles. With the Katara Mosque the renowned history of the Quasi mosques of Waqif Souq was slightly covered. People are welcome to Qatar and visit this mosque, which well contrasted colors also symbolize the Arabian, Persian and African tradition.

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