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Physic is a tough subject. Only a good teacher can help a student to get good marks through effective teaching methods to make the subject easier and interesting. If your child is struggling to grasp physics and have lost interest in the subject then here are the top 10 physics Tutor Singapore who can help your child to get that interest back.

1. BrightTutor Tuition Agency

Every parent wants to see academic progress and good marks for their child. Many parents may face a dilemma in choosing the right tuition agency that provides a good and effective learning opportunity. BrightTutor is the leading and most reliable home tuition agency in Singapore. Their specially trained tuition coordinators provide you with effective and reliable tuition-matching services. They are able to fulfil every single student requirement because they are the top level home tutor tuition agency in Singapore for every level and subject: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, Junior College (JC), and even IB for international students. Bright Tutor is providing their tuition service for more than 10 years.  They understand every child’s individual academic needs. They will give a specialized home tutor and make the teaching more effective and suitable. They provide their tuition service at affordable prices.

2. University is a perfect place to help your child to get success. It provides quality tuition service by their professional and specialized tutor online. is the perfect place for the school and college students who have faced some issues to understand subjects. can help students to improve their skill to understand in problematic subjects.

3. The Physics Cafe

The physics cafe is another reputed tuition provider in Singapore. They are specialized in physics, Ip physics, and secondary physics. The Physics Cafe is a team of professional and specialized private tutors. They give many facilities to their students. They have their own study room, digital library, lecture theatre, and also, an in-house cafe.

4. Tutorchen

By joining MS Chen physics tuition, your child will improve academic performance.

  • One of the best tutors in Mathematics and Physics
  • Former Teacher of Raffles Girls’ School Physics and Mathematics
  • Trained teacher of NIE
  • 10 years of tuition experience

5. Use physics.Com

Mr. Kwan is also among the top physics tutors in Singapore. Mr. Kwan understands every student’s problems. So, he gives the most efficient and effective guide for his students to perform better in Physics. With twenty years of tuition experience, he knows every effective and easy method which works very well. It helps students to improve their understanding ability in complicated subjects.

6. Learner’s Lodge

Learner’s Lodge is a type of tuition centre whose motto is to make the students’ foundation strong based on special tuition methods. It aims to clear the students’ confusions and misunderstandings by guiding them in every step.

  • Any student can improve the performance if he or she has an interest in the subject. They apply a different method to grow their students’ interest.
  • They help students to have a clear conception about the subject.
  • They give a unique set of notes to simplify the summary of ideas about the subject.

7. Inspire Education Centre

Inspire Education centre maintains its academic standards. They use systematic and unique teaching methods. Students are well-guided, inspired, and motivated for better academic performance at Inspire Education centre in Singapore by their responsible and professional tutors.
8. Top Tutors
Top tutors also a reputed tuition agency in Singapore. They provide best tuition service through their responsible, qualified, specialist tutors at affordable fees and prepare their students perfectly for their all exams.

9. One Tuition Place

One. Tuition Place was established in 2011. It has a team of dedicated and caring tutors. They provide quality education at affordable prices. Their experienced tutors apply useful tips that make the learning methods more productive and effective. They are committed to improve each student to his or her fullest potential.

10. Glenn Lee Home Tuition Agency

Glenn Lee Home Tuition Agency was founded by Glenn Lee in 2012.

  • It fulfils all the educational requirements of students. They are providing their tuition service for more than seven years now.
  • The aim of Glenn Lee Home Tuition Agency is to fulfil different requirements of students in Singapore. They motivate and inspire students to improve beyond their capability

These are the top 10 physics tutor in Singapore. Choose the best tutor to improve your child’s academic performance.

How Much Does a Private Tutor Cost in Singapore

Private tuitions are getting more reputation for last few years and getting successful among young students and adults. However, the big question is: how do you set the price of a particular class, of a kind of help for homework or school support? Is the professor setting his rate? Does the student have anything to say about it? Or should we leave all this to a third party as an educational support platform? How can we complete our income? All questions that we will answer in this article.

The average price of some private lessons

In Singapore, it is estimated that the average price of private tutor Singapore ranges from $ 15 / hour. However, there are those who do not hesitate to increase this already arbitrary figure and charge up to $ 50 / hour in advance.
Therefore, with the boom of this large market of private math tuitions, we would like to analyze the tariff conditions of the different types of offers.

Why is there so much difference?

In general, the rate of a particular class depends on several parameters that we will see below, such as the material used, the discipline in question or the number of classes that the student wishes to receive; but it also depends on the level of studies of the teacher and on whether he has to travel to the student’s home. Could we say then that the classes at home are necessarily more expensive?

Frequency of the classes

The price of private lessons depends on the number of classes and their frequency: the rate will not be the same if you need between one or two classes a week if you only want one every fifteen days.

The type of classes

To determine the average price of the classes, we must also take into account another criterion: the type of classes. In fact, school support classes and homework aids are not exactly the same as private classes and, therefore, do not require the same skills. With regard to support for homework, we usually speak of primary or secondary students who do not need private classes in the strict sense of the word, but rather need someone to accompany them and guide them in their duties.
On the other hand, private chemistry tuitions serve to expand and reinforce the knowledge of the students. If there is something that the student has not understood in class, or in what has not had time to deepen, or if you simply want to learn more about a topic or discover it from another perspective, private lessons are the perfect option.

The price of Tuition depends on class

The price of private physics tuitions depends, in the first place, on the required level: a class destined for a primary school child will always be cheaper than a class for a high school student. In other words, it counts both the level of studies of the students and that of the professors.

To know what price to set when it comes to private tuitions in Singapore, do not hesitate to refer this article.

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