5 Best Nurseries in Delhi to Buy Plants & Seeds for a Greener Home

Delhi is the most polluted city on the Indian map can now only be rescued by growing greenery in and around the region. With very fewer spaces left for the green patch to develop in and around our houses, many Delhites are now transforming their small balconies and terraces into a garden or a patio to relax and unwind their weariness of the entire workday. And for that what else than a plant nursery in Delhi can come in handy to buy a variety of seeds, saplings, planters, potting soil, manure, gardening tools and other accessories. The plant nursery in Delhi is one-stop-destination that sells products as well as services to make your balconies and garden areas all the more breathable and rejuvenating.

Plant Nursery in Delhi

Here, we have listed down 7 best plant nurseries in Delhi that caters to the gardening needs of an individual for a domestic use or by a professional who is into gardening on large scale. These plant nurseries in Delhi are jotted down on the basis of their popularity, variety of gardening goods and services.

Masjid Nursery

Masjid Nursery is one of the biggest plant nurseries in Delhi and deals in a wide variety of plants, seeds, bulbs, garden tools, pots and containers. This nursery also offers landscape projects to add to the beauty of your garden or balconies. Masjid Nursery in Delhi offers a lot of plants as well as guarantees that their products are not only packed with care but will prove to be the best investment for your garden.

Address: Subramaniam Bharti Marg, Pandara Road, New Delhi

Variety: Indoor plants, outdoor plants, grass, summer and winter flower seeds, winter and summer flower bulbs etc.

Joginder Nursery

Joginder Nursery is a plant nursery in Delhi which functions on the firm foundations of providing the different types of natural and organic options to the people. Landscape systems are also offered by Joginder Nursery which tends to have positive effects in your surroundings as well as the environment. Plants, as well as landscaping ideas for all your tastes and needs, will be found at Joginder Nursery in Delhi which will be offered by a team of experienced as well as well-trained staff.

Address: Palla, Akberpur Majra, Near Village Bakhtawarpur, New Delhi

Variety: exotic specimen plants, bulbs, shrubs, topiary, groundcovers, turfs, earth and pebbles.

Rajdhani Nursery, New Delhi

Rajdhani Nursery is a specific plant nursery in Delhi which makes use of the traditional ways of working and can be found for sale in the well-maintained areas. Rajdhani Nursery is well known on the International platform for its speciality crops which are grown in the nursery only. Hellebores produced here are known as one of the finest strains which are produced which attracts a lot of people indulged in the gardening profession. Friendly service is what you’ll get to witness at Rajdhani Nursery.

Address: Karbala, Near Metro Station, Jor Bagh Road, New Delhi

Variety: Landscapes, shrubs, specimen plants, ground covers, flowering trees, creepers, roses, foliage plants etc.

Greenways Nursery, Delhi

Greenways Nursery aims to offer a high-quality of the garden solutions to its valuable customers at affordable rates so as to provide them with the much needed green cover. The best class of landscaping services is being provided by this plant nursery in Delhi at a reasonable rate and within a scheduled time frame for customer convenience. Skilled professionals will guide you out here in terms of all your needs and requirements.

Address: Dera Village, Dera Mandi, New Delhi

Variety: flowering pot plants, roses, fruit plants, bamboos, grasses, seedlings, medicinal plants, orchids etc.

Haryali, New Delhi

Haryali, New Delhi is a leading green maintenance as well as plantation which was established back in 1990. The advanced infra, as well as the dedicated team of professionals, is also here to help you out with expertise as well as imagination. With its flawless excellence, Haryali is a plant nursery in Delhi which lays proper emphasis on the designing as well as the execution of the landscape projects. The belief behind all this is to create environmental awareness by making people fall in love with different types of plants.

Address: Number 4, Mayfair Gardens Market, New Delhi

Variety: landscaping services, landscape consultancy, contractor services, plants as well as nursery services

If you love being around nature and gardening is your thing, plant nurseries in Delhi are sure to amaze and surprise you with the different kinds of varieties they have. Also, if are not a nature lover particularly, the landscaping options, types of flowers, grasses etc. available at the plant nurseries in Delhi will definitely fascinate you and arouse your interest to enjoy the magics of nature and take up gardening as a hobby.

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