Women are, obviously, the born homemakers. But it is also obvious that they are exceptionally versatile in performing various duties. The success story of Nidhi Agarwal is the perfect example of versatility.

Who is Nidhi Agarwal?

Nidhi Agarwal is the successful CEO and founder of apparel portal Kaaryah. The brand caters to all the women’s needs for their lifestyle and appearanceKaaryah is offering non-casual attire available in 18 different sizes. Here, you will find solutions for every woman.

She is a passionate traveler. She loves to paint and she enjoys cooking. She also watches movies frequently. She knows how to balance her work, interest, family, and her personal life. Before launching Kaaryah, She worked at Honeywell India as a Director and dealt in making the Missiles and Space business. She also worked at Bain&Co as a Strategy Consultant. Her service delivery skills and world-class thought process led her to win rewards and great reputation.

Her creativity, designs, and innovative approach are responsible to make her a great professional. She is known for paying attention to detail in everything and she manages the market challenges well. There are many things to share about her. But we will discuss her professional background as she is known for her work.

Nidhi Agarwal Kaarya – Rewards & Achievements

• She is a certified Chartered Accountant as her academic achievement

• She is an MBA from Kellogg School of Management

• She was crowned with Dean’s Service Award when she was pursuing MBA

• Mr. Ratan Tata, a business tycoon invests on her business by considering her great entrepreneurial skills.

• Her company Kaaryah has been awarded as CNBC’s Sheroes & Heads UP

• She has also been featured on WE Connect International & Tech Circle

It is definitely the beginning for her company. The list of achievement will go on and on with the consistent success of the business.

What Keeps Her Going?

It is the feeling of pride when I have to read and write success stories of women who know what they can do. Not all of us have courage to deal with all odds and work to build our nation. We often take life as is and compromise our dreams with our destinies. But there are some people like Nidhi Agarwal who live life on their own conditions. After completing her MBA, she didn’t have any idea on opening her own business. But she kept moving on with her marketing and research.

For Nidhi, things were quite challenging. But it is how a business thrives on competition and challenges. She cares for and respects women as she is herself. But she is not a feminist. She knows how much a woman gets praised for her beauty and she wants to look beautiful. She is interested to introduce different sizes to offer the best fit to the women.

Nidhi is a self-made entrepreneur. She is known for her ‘never say die’ attitude. Total of 113 investors rejected her company’s proposal but those rejections couldn’t fail her. Well, it was worth her wait as she got the proposal for investment from none other than Mr. Ratan Tata. Finally she took a sigh of relief as she will no longer need to make endless emails, calls, and meetings to different investors.

How Kaaryah 18 different sizes for the best fit

The best thing about her is that she is totally focused on her work. For a woman, it is very simple to weep, but is equally difficult to wipe her tears and move on. Instead of carrying her load of emotions to her work, she stays focused as she is professional and she expects the same in her environment. Her emotions are seen in her efforts and hard work she put to run her business. She is totally a different person at home.

She has always been conscious on brand and she just wanted to find the perfect fit for women. She used to find limited sizes of clothes annoying for her as it wouldn’t let her to live freely after buying clothes. It is the same idea that was running into the mind of her. This is why she decided to bridge the gap between western and Indian outfits by launching Kaaryah to offer 18 different sizes for the best fit.

Starting Online Business without Past Experience

She started up and learnt the practical skills on all the aspects of business in an export house based in Greater Noida. Since she worked in service sector, she is used to learn quickly, and work long hours and double shifts. She was experienced to solve the issues and she does everything to make it possible.

What Makes Kaaryah Stand Out of the Crowd?

Kaaryah stands out of competition due to three different reasons” –

• They offer clothes in 18 different sizes to fit with different body shapes of Indian women when compared to usual six.

• Comfort is another major feature of their products and they provide solutions for problem areas, such as gaping shirt buttons etc.

• They also offer 150 new designs each and every month. Their excellent production system which turns into working capital.

She is busy chasing the dream to be the leading brand of western wear. It will need huge investments. She chose the strategy to consult with Flipkart SBG. She also focused to source and supply with her scale up.

She is honored with Dean’s Service Award and received MBA degree from the Kellogg School of Management. She is also a certified Chartered Accountant. Persistence and patience are the important things Nidhi has learnt which make things work.

She started Kaaryah for the feeling of achievement and challenge. She is in the final port of call for her company and she took the risk decisions and got the toughest calls to handle. She faced immense challenges on regular basis. Raising funds was one of the most difficult things for her. It took 113 presentations over phone, email, and in person and 365 days to finally close the deal on 365th day.

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