This term is so broad that it has different meaning for every person.

Some consider glamour as luxurious while others opt for comfort rather than glory.

Since all that glitters is not actually gold, I believe that luxury refers to the degree of calmness and serenity offered by a place or thing.

Take hotels for instance, according to my perception, a luxurious hotel is such that it offers the best possible services to its visitors. In such hotel, the rooms offered to clients contain all the features which were required by that particular customer.

Bathrooms offered are clean and smell heavenly. The dining services as well as other facilities are top notch and could not have been any better. My God it sounds so tempting! In such atmosphere, visitors feel calm and do not object to paying extra since they enjoy each and every moment of their stay.

When an individual feels so peaceful in a hotel, each instant spent actually speaks of luxury on its own. Although I have visited many hotels at different places, there are only few which I remember and it is only due to the comfort offered by their staff. After detailed research, I have come up with a list of top 10 luxury hotels of the world which are surely a treat for visitors.

Let us delve into this list and see what it has in store for us

10.  One and only Cape Town

This hotel, situated in South Africa, has changed the meaning of luxury hotel in this region completely. Never before could the guests have imagined such huge rooms with attached bathrooms in South Africa. Although this region is more advanced as compared to is surrounding areas, still the concept of luxury hotel was a complete misfit until now. Each room comprises of comfortable furniture as well a spectacular view of mountains, thereby offering serenity and calmness to its visitors like never before. Boy oh boy, I have definitely added this to my list!

9. North Island

This hotel offers luxurious villas instead of rooms to its guests. Well, this does sound so royal as well as majestic to me *whistles!*. Since the hotel is situated near Indian Ocean, each villa has splendid view of beach and water splashing around. Apart from that, every villa has its own private garden, thereby allowing its dwellers to enjoy as much as they want. Sounds too good to be true? Well hold your horses ladies and gentlemen, since I am not finished yet! There is the facility of swimming pool as well as internet library with all amenities one could not even imagine. A must visit place, everyone!

8. Clayoquot resort

This resort is another amazing luxury hotel owing to its wilderness and opportunity of adventures. The surrounding place is nothing but jungle, giving the visitors a chance to return to their roots and feel at peace. Apart from that, the dining experience is also excellent and who can say no to good food, right? The serenity and calmness associated with this land is basically the reason of popularity of this resort.

7. Alila Villas hotel

This is another luxury hotel surrounded by lush green beauty as well as beautiful beaches. Located at one of the islands of Indonesia, this hotel offers a complete combination of luxury as well as comfort which one could hardly imagine at other resorts. The architecture of this resort is truly amazing, thereby giving a dynamic combination of rural and urban life.

6. Jade mountain

Love is in air as one sets foot down in this amazing hotel situated on top of hills. The scenic view, spacious rooms and excellent room services make it all worthwhile. Owing to its mesmerizing views, this hotel is especially famous among honeymooners who want to start their journey together at an amazing point. If you are married or about to tie the knot, I would strongly recommend this place with your loved ones.

5. Park Hyatt

This luxury hotel is situated in Australia and is unique owing to its representation of home country in arts, cuisines and cultures depicted. The rooms offered are more than comfortable, room services are beyond amazing and spa facilities, along with swimming pool, offer numerous opportunities of relaxation. If you want to soak up in local culture of Australia, this is must visit place!

4. Ivory lodge

Another luxury hotel situated in suburbs of South Africa, this hotel offers luxury villas with separate swimming pools and gardens. The unique feature of this resort is piece of land kept for wild reserve where guests could see wild animals while moving freely among them.

3. Soneva Fushi

This resort, situated in Maldives, offers serenity due to large and untamed lush green lands present in this region. The tree houses built in this area offer refreshing treat to eyes as well.

2. Amangiri

Established in USA, this resort is a spectacular combination of urban and rural life. Hotel is situated in a valley, thereby giving chance to visitors to explore through the beauty of this area.

1. Soneva Kiri

Here comes the number 1 luxury hotel of world, Soneva Kiri of Thailand *applause!*. The perfect combination of water with lush green beauty offer a unique and mesmerizing scene to is visitors.

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