The level of threat a country poses for a person traveling to it is usually determined on the basis of internal and external armed conflicts, political stability, crime rate and terrorism. There are various indices released by different organizations as well as travel advisories issued by governments like the US and UK. The below-mentioned ranking of 10 most dangerous countries of the world is based on the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report issued by the world economic forum, the Global peace index, and the Global terrorism index.

10. Ukraine

The ongoing armed conflict between the forces of Ukraine and Separatists backed by Russia has made Ukraine a dangerous place. The innocent civilians and the foreign-nationals are routinely caught in this fight. Ukraine has been declared the 10th most dangerous country by The global peace index and Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, whereas its placed 17th by the Global Terrorism Index.


9. Sudan or North Sudan

Sudan used to be the largest country in Africa. Now, after the separation of South Sudan, North Sudan or Sudan is the third largest African country. It has been suffering from civil war since last few decades. Certain places like Darfur have become extremely dangerous, due to the ongoing civil war. It’s ranked 18 in the Global terrorism index and 8th in the Global peace index.


8. Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is ranked 9th in the Global Peace Index and 19th in the Global Terrorism Index while it’s considered 4th most dangerous by the UK foreign office. An inefficient and corrupt government is one of its problems along with a number of armed rebel groups that control different regions/areas of the country. The number of kidnappings of government officials, foreigners, and aid workers from the UN is increasing rapidly making it a dangerous place for visitors.

7. Libya

Libya is ranked 10th in the Global Terrorism index, 8th by the UK foreign office and 7th by the Global peace index. The armed in fighting between rebels and government forces along with a high threat terrorism has made it a dangerous place. The foreign nationals are especially unsafe due to being a target for kidnappings and killings.


6. Somalia

With an abundance of beautiful beaches, it could have been a popular tourist attraction, but the threat of terrorism and maritime piracy has made it unsafe for foreign nationals. In addition, Somalia is facing a shortage of basic necessities like food and water and suffering a serious drought. Somalia is ranked at a high position in all the indices.


5. Yemen

The unstable government has made Yemen a place where nobody is aware, which region is being controlled by whom. A number of armed factions vying for control and terrorism along with almost daily bomb attacks have made it a dangerous country. The civilians and foreigners are at a high risk of kidnapping and of becoming a casualty air strikes and landmines spread across the country.


4. Pakistan

A number of terrorists outfit orchestrating acts of terrorism and sectarian violence have made Pakistan a dangerous country.  There are a number of terrorist attacks that frequently take place throughout the country. The UK government has advised its residents about the targeted kidnappings and violence targeting the westerners in the country making it unsafe for them.


3. Iraq

The armed conflict between the government forces and Daesh, the rebel faction has made the situation in Iraq unstable. Daesh controls a number of regions where constant air strikes and attacks are carried out by the government and the allied forces. The division is basically on the basis of Shiite and Sunni factions of Islam. The Shiite is supported by and support the government while the Sunni factions along with terrorists have clubbed together as Daesh to make Iraq a dangerous country.

2. Afghanistan

Afghanistan has suffered war for a long time and still suffering an internal war between the government and the terrorist outfits Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The terrorist outfits indiscriminately target the government, civilian and foreign-nationals. The places used by the government and foreign-nationals are specifically targeted by the terrorist groups. Kidnapping and armed attacks anywhere outside the capital, Kabul is a common occurrence.


1. Syria

Syria is considered the most dangerous country by the Global Peace Index and is ranked highly by the Global Terrorism Index and various other indices. The armed conflict between the government and the other faction considered rebels by the government has been fought on a large scale across the country. Syrian government’s control some part of the country while a majority of regions are controlled by different factions making the Syrian civil war multi-faceted. The human rights of Syria have been termed as worst in the world by various human rights watchdogs.

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