How To Make Effective Product Videos For Your Business

Video marketing has became viral nowadays and many ecommerce industroes are seeking the benefits of video marketing. Online retailers can drive more sales to their product pages with the help of product videos. Video marketing is gaining its traction over past years. If you own a ecommerce site video marketing is necessary to do a promininent online business. You need to utilize the power of videos to gain its benefit completely. You can add product videos in product details page and this will bring you more traffic.

Product videos are the great method to convey the information to your consumers. You can also strart promoting your videos to get more exposure for your videos and this will also give you more customers.

A research says that Zappos , a well established shoe retailer had seen major sucess in its growth through product demonstration videos. Zappos completely used the product videos effectively in many of its product pages. It is found that product pages which has product demonstration videos has seen 10-­20% more sales than the ordinary page without video.

Optimize Your Videos To Get More Sales Conversion

Implementing a product video in the product detail page will bring you more sales without fail. Product videos definetely have a positive impact on ecommerce sale.

Zappos, Shoe retail company saw drastic difference in conversions after implementing product videos. After creating a good video you need to host it and optimize the videos for SEO .

You can either host your videos on sites like youtube, vimeo etc Or on your own website. There are many video hosting sites where you can host videos for free. While uploading the videos to sites like youtube you need to completely take care on optimizing your videos to rank well in search results page. You need to take care on captions, keywords, title and many more key things which helps you to rank your video well in search engines.

Have A Video Gallery

Also, by incorporating a video gallery in your website you can experience a good rise in your conversion rate. Apart from showing product videos in corresponding pages you can also have all your product videos consolidated at one place. So that you will get exposure to all your product videos and this definetely brings you more conversions as users do not need to search different videos.

Include Call­ To­ Action

You can also make use of Calls­To­Action before and after the product videos prompting the users to buy a product . You can implement the Calls­To­Action in many ways.

You can either ask the customers directly to purchase the product or you can also use Calls­To­Action as an overlay and this will make the pitch prompting the customers to buy the product.


The above discussed are some of the tips or startegies to make more effective product videos for your ecomerce business. Just give it a share across your social networks if you like it

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