We know how difficult it is to earn backlinks from authoritative sites.

Still backlinks are a major ranking factor in Google algorithms, we can earn backlinks through content marketing, blog commenting, forum signatures, social media and infographics but most of these links are not high-quality backlinks and everybody is doing this work to gain links.

Google even knows how simple it is to earn backlinks from above sites, so we don’t get much value from those links.

When it comes to link building quality of the backlink dominates the quantity of the backlinks so concentrating on building quality contextual backlinks to our site will improve our rankings in Google search engine.

Guest posts are another way to build contextual backlinks but getting an opportunity to write a guest post for an authoritative blog with do-follow backlink is very difficult these days.

If you are struggling to build backlinks then here is the way to build contextual backlinks from Links Management, personally, I don’t recommend this service on your main blog, try it on your niche sites or secondary sites which are not important for you.

Linksmanagement Review: Organic and High PR Backlinks service

Before moving ahead with LinksManagement review first I will share some basic services of this service.

What is LinksManagement?

LinksManagement is contextual backlink service provider from PR8-PR1 websites which are Google friendly and price starts from $1 per month.

Links are placed in the content as per your required anchor text to get link juice from that website.

LinksManagement actually works as a mediator between link buyer and link seller, I know some of the well-known bloggers in India are using this service to improve rankings for their money sites.

How LinksManagement works

This service has more than I million websites inventory ranging from PR1 to PR8, as you seen in the above video all the backlinks are contextual backlinks from related niches and looks natural in the eyes of Google because here links are placed manually by publishers.

Payment option is also very convenient we can pay an amount per month or one time as per our affordability once we stop paying for the service they automatically remove those contextual links, so there is no need to request for stopping the service.

LinksManagement is providing this services from more than five years and so many bloggers using their services effectively to rank their keywords without getting the penalty.

Still I recommend you to choose this service for your secondary sites not for your main site.

Reasons To Use LinksManagement

As you can see in the above screenshot, this service has given some reasons why we are safe to use this service for our blog

  • All the inventory websites real active websites
  • Websites are indexed in Google and getting traffic
  • Unique C-Class IPs and location
  • We can see backlink page where we get contextual backlink
  • Looks natural because link placements managed manually
  • All links are Dofollow links so we get link juice from those websites
  • Have the option to choose niche as per our interest
  • links are not from blog comments and forums posts
  • 100% links from content
  • Less outbound links per pages for more link juice pass
  • Pricing starts from $1 per month

How to start with LinksManagement?

Signing up for this service is free and we do get some free product and service from LinksManagemet, here is the screenshot information about their free service to registered users

SEO calculator evaluates our website and finds out how many links we are going to need to rank better in Google search results, this report helps us to know how much will occur to build those links and how much time it takes to get good organic traffic.

After signing up their service they will assign an SEO expert for us to guide us how to choose the best links for SEO campaign and even manages our complete SEO activity for us if we don’t have knowledge in building links selecting the anchor texts for those contextual links.

The third free product is PDF report about SEO mistakes which we are doing without knowing what we are doing for link building.

Once we signed up just log into your account select your project URL and website category to see the inventory and prices for the websites ranging from PR8 to PR1.

Here is the screenshot how inventory looks in this service

Benefits of using LinksManangement

  • Building contextual links is very easy
  • Google friendly backlinks
  • Option to choose website category and PR
  • Moneyback Guarantee
  • Experts advice
  • Control over pricing
  • All links do follow contextual backlinks

How To Refine the inventory?

As you can see in the above screenshot this service has more than 1 million websites, refining the best websites from the ad placements as per our requirement and affordability to suffice our link building campaign is very easy, LinksManagement has several filters to refine our search for desired websites like page authority, domain authority, price slider, category or niche, keyword phrase and lot more.

Managing Backlinks In LinksManagement

We can see all our SEO campaigns in the user dashboard to manage our backlinks like current projects,  purchased links, recent purchases, we even track their performance how those links are giving us the best results.

We can stop and remove those links at any time if you face any problems with those links, that means you have full control over your anchor texts and backlinks.

We have to add funds to our LinksManagement through PayPal or credit card to buy and manage links.

Visit LinksManagement Website

Conclusion: Don’t use this service heavily to build backlinks because anytime Google can red flag your website if they found you are buying links to rank better in search engines.

As I told you before don’t use this service for your main authority blog, implement this services on your secondary blog to gain ranking and money, if you have any doubts about this service, leave your message in the comment box, I am also requesting you to share your opinions, experiences about these type of services to enable other readers to know much information about this topic.

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Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. You can Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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