An Interview Kunal Choudhary founder of DSIM

Today we have the huge pleasure of having Mr. Kunal Choudhary with us! who is a India renowned Digital Marketing trainer and entrepreneur to answer few questions which can enhance our knowledge relating to SEO and digital marketing. He is the founder and CEO of DSIM – a leading Digital marketing training institute in india.

1. Hi Kunal, Please Introduce Yourself to Rahul Digital Readers?

Dear reader, This is Kunal Choudhary, founder of India’s largest Digital Marketing training company – Delhi School of Internet Marketing. I have been part of Internet marketing industry since 2009. I also do affiliate marketing part time and have earned over $4 million.

2. Please Share the Journey of DSIM?

The journey has been that of a high speed roller coaster with more ups and few downs. DSIM was started with a vision of training traditional marketers and business owners in how marketing can be done online. As I said DSIM was first in India to launch a full-fledged digital marketing course & our of all the digital marketing institute sin India over 60% have been opened by our students. So we take pride in what we have achieved. If I talk numbers then in last 8+ years we have trained 23,000+ professionals, business owners and freshers. Over 7600 people have got job in digital marketing after completing course from DSIM.

3. How Did You First Get into the Affiliate Marketing Scene?

I was working with woodland shoes and apparels as an Area sales manager in 2009 when I thought of starting an e-commerce website. I had no knowledge of how to start it and started learning online. After 2-3 months of studying I left my job and launched an commerce website in US. In between I also visited China to find suppliers and started selling handbags, shoes and accessories in US. It took me more than 4 months to get my first sale and in this period I tried everything from Adwords to Facebook ads to SEO and email marketing. I started without any idea of how to do SEO or how to run ads and how to scrap email ID’s and do email marketing with black hat techniques. But by the end of 5-6 months I learned a lot and started getting few orders. It was during this time I found affiliate marketing and I used my past 5-6 months experience of online marketing in doing affiliate marketing for some advertisers in US. I earned Rs 30 lacs in about 2 months and since then fell in love with affiliate marketing.

4. Why do you think it’s important for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and students to learn Digital Marketing today?

It is not important but crucial. For any marketing/advertising professional or for any business owner if you don’t know how to increase awareness online then you are headed a wrong path. Same applies for management students. The spend on digital has taken over traditional spend. Modi won 2 elections riding on social media. From food to diet plans, from shopping to banking, from business communications to business expansion all is digital. It is quite simple, those who won’t be doing business digitally will have no business soon.

5. Please Share Some Tips That Newbie’s Can Use While Starting Online Business.

1- Do proper research and make strategies and have systems in place. 2- I know every penny counts but don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. 3- Always look to grow, scale up and expand. Expansion is better then profits. Example- Rs1000 turnover with zero profit is better than Rs100 turnover with 10 rupees profit . 4- Do not hire average performers. 5- Learn how to fire average/bad performers & negative talkers quickly.

6. What Are Some of the Major Challenges All Digital Marketers Face?

I can share what others normally talk about. 1- Not knowing how much to invest in branding vs lead generation. 2- Rising cost per lead/cost per acquisition. 3- Not optimising/nurturing leads to get optimum conversion out of leads. 4- Increasing ORGANIC reach on social platforms. 5- Dealing with BOT traffic.

7. How Do You See Digital Media Evolving in the Future ?

What are top 3 trends you foresee in 2020? Mark my words- Digital Media is like ink and paper. News papers + magazines + flyers + billboards + any black and white form of communication was only possible because we had INK and PAPER. Todays ink and paper is DIGITL MEDIA. It will keep innovating beyond our imagination. Top 3 trends for 2020 will be 1- Chat bots. 2- Instagram will evolve further an become biggest influencing medium. 3- Native spend will continue to increase but we may see some regulations in future and Push ads will die.

8. How Do You Stay Updated on the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing?

Which are the Digital Marketing resources you visit regularly? Studying marketing strategies of other online marketers. When ever you see any online marketer or a blog that is selling some service always subscribe to it and follow their emails to see what they are doing. Apart from this I also check some forums, from time to time, like STM Forum and AffiliateFix. I also like to visit online marketing events like affiliate world conference, Adtech, Affiliate world summit, Mobile World Conference, etc

9. What’s Your SEO Tip to Stay on Top?

1, Quality Content: “Content is King.” This is true. Search engine loves quality content. If your content is good, then the chances of your website to be rank well are high. The search engine wants to serve the best content to its user. So if your content is best then defiantly it will rank higher in the search engine.

2. Quality backlinks and very high quality backlinks. Have a tie up with as many SEO agencies and increase your backlinks with a link barter program.

10. What’s Your Favourite Social Network – Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter?

Personally no one, I am kind of a loner. As a marketer- Facebook and Insta. Facebook as you can sell anything product or service on it and scale your marketing campaigns to literally any level and Insta for brand awareness + engagement.

11. What Kind of Promotion Activities You Use for Dsim?

Social (FB), email (only opt-in email), search (Organic and ads) and content creation and distribution.

12. Which Entrepreneur/Person Has Inspired You the Most & Why?

Jeff bezos because of his vision and execution. Also Elon Musk. He has one life goal. To Innovate and reach mars. Trust me he will do it. The only one whom I rank above Elon Musk in level of Genius was Steve Jobs.

Rahul Yadav

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