An Interview with Khalid Farhan of Passive Journal

Today’s interview features Khalid Farhan, a blogger and professional SEO consultant.

SEO (search engine optimization, for those new to the game), is something that literally affects all internet businesses and blogs, so whenever I get the chance to chat with a professional, I take it.

This interview isn’t too heavy on any technical SEO tactics or strategies, but there are some good tips from someone who has dealt with SEO and internet marketing first hand, seeing a lot of different things from the clients he has worked with.

1. Please tell us about yourself and how you got into Digital marketing

I am Khalid, from KhalidFarhan and Passive Journal. I am originally from Bangladesh, now living in Ireland and managing my portfolio of websites as well as running a SEO agency with clients all around the world (primarily in Europe & North America). 

I actually got into digital marketing as a writer, back in 2012. I made my first USD online as a freelance writer for Odesk (now Upwork) and never looked back since then.

I then moved myself into SEO, building websites, affiliate sites and finally, running an agency over the last 7 years. 

2. Where did the idea for Passive Journal come from & How Did It All start

It actually came from my own need of seeking quality writers. I understood from very early days in my affiliate career that finding quality writers is a big task and there were no dedicated solution that can meet my need (cheap enough price and high enough quality). That’s why I started Passive Journal. 

Later we evolved into SEO, creating websites and other services – however, it all started from my need of seeking quality content writers back in 2016. 

3. Can You Explain About the Services of Passive Journal

Sure. Currently, our primary focus is the content creation service where we write content for affiliate marketers and bloggers. Approximately, 50% of our revenue comes via content orders. 

Other than that, we also offer website building services as well as some SaaS tools and monthly SEO deals.

We are still fairly small, however, the company is growing every year and it is great to see your own thing growing substantially.  

4. How to Build yourself a top mastermind group (Passive Income Bangladesh)

It actually happened organically for the most part (other than running a few strategic FB ads to grow the group once in a while). As I also have a YouTube channel and the group is mentioned everywhere, the group grew organically to 35,000+ members within 2 years. 

I don’t actually monetize the group. I don’t think I have promoted any of my services in that group in last 16-18 months – which helps in organic growth. The members like the fact that I am not trying to sell them anything. It is more of a community service approach that I take to promote that group. 

5. How Did You Promote Your Youtube Channel

Here’s the surprise! Nothing. 

I am not good at YouTube SEO, I am not good at creating videos and I am not even good at making thumbnails. Most of the videos are shitty and even I cringe on some of those when I come across these once in a while. 

The only suggestion I have for YouTube SEO is being consistent and offering value. As long as you are doing these two right, you will see growth. 

6. What kind of promotion activities you use for Passive Journal

For a marketing agency, we actually don’t run many promotional campaigns – other than the usual Black Friday sale once in a year. We are one of the highest rated content and SEO agencies out there and we already offer a low enough price – which allows us to retain customers without offering any exclusive promotions. 

I spent less than $1000 on marketing Passive Journal in last 12 months and the company did 6 figure + numbers. That tells you that as long as you have the right mix of pricing and quality, you will always get clients. 

7. Three Tips on finding the right audience and niche for your product

Build a solution for yourself. That’s the biggest lesson that I can offer. Do not ever build a solution (be it a product or a service) for somebody else. You are not alone and the problem that you are trying to solve for yourself will definitely be a problem for others too. 

Once you nail that, it all comes down to finding other people with the same problem as yours. 

The 2nd tip would be being honest and offering a refund/revision deal with everything. A lot of my peers told me not to offer a refund deal with a SEO service- as SEO is risky. However, we chose to offer a 50% refund deal if we can’t improve rankings – which helped us a lot in getting clients. 

The last tip would be being patient (a Gary vee tip). Everything will happen in it’s due time and as long as you are working honestly towards your goal, you will make it happen. 

8. Which Marketing expert influenced you the most? Who do you follow

I follow Gary Veynerchuk from Vaynermedia and Patt Flynn from Smart Passive Income. They both influence me. I also follow Tim Ferris, though he is not a straight up marketer. 

9. What’s your favorite social network – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

I am almost always on Facebook (which is bad). I recently started to be more active on LinkedIn and I think I like it more than Facebook. 

I don’t really use Twitter or Instagram that much. 

10. Tell us a little bit about your income reports. What’s the point of them and what all do you share

I don’t actually publish monthly income reports. The only reports I do are year overviews (to tell my audience how the year went, what was right, what has been the big mistakes and the plans for next year). However, I am very open about my earnings and I share as much detail as I can on every question asked (and there’s a lot of questions, trust me). 

Thanks for your time today, Khalid!

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