Interlinking Your Blog Posts to Improve Blog Search Engine Rankings

Search engines rank webpages on their search engine results page based on their credibility. Interlinking within a website is important to rank well on search engines as linking blogposts will help each other to rank well on search engines. Some of your pages have more page authority so if you link your posts to that particular page then link juice will pass from the authority page to the linked page also. You should interlink your blogpost effectively so that you can make sure your blog stands out well on search engine rankings. You can do this in no time with the help of best interlinking plugins exclusively available for wordpress.

Best Practise to Interlink your Blogpost to rank well on search engines

Actually there are numerous benefits of internal linking your blog post. You can also link your post with external authorative blogs which provide equal benefits anyhow I will cover that in my upcoming blogposts.

Now let us look on to some of the best practices to be followed to interlink your blogpost to rank well on search engines.

  • Always make a habit of linking your target keywords which you like to rank for. You can make use of long tail keywords as links.
  • If you are unable to find a proper way to link your posts with the right keywords then you can also include them as “related links” at the bottom of the page.
  • Always link only relevant content. Do not ever try interlinking with irrelevant posts.
  • Know your limit in terms of linking. Keep the proverb in mind “Too much of anything is good for nothing” Do not spam by doing more linking. Do not exceed over 20 -30 posts while you interlink.
  • Try linking from page which have high credibility.
  • Make use of Google webmaster tools to check your website statistics to see which pages are linked most from other sites.
  • Check Google Analytics statistics to see top queries which was searched frequently and your webpage ranking for that particular query. After searching this data try interlinking for that keywords which was searched frequently
  • Try interlinking blogposts for a targeted keyword at the beginning of the post as this has more power to attract search engines.
  • Make sure that you update your blog consistently.
  • Avoid duplicate linking

Over To You

Hope you got some insights on interlinking your blogpost to rank well on search engines. If you found that I miss any tip here feel free to share the same through comments.

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