InMotion Hosting Affiliate: Learn To Make Your First $1000

InMotion Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers in the world. They are famous for providing shared hosting of business class at an affordable price.

You already know that InMotion is offering an affiliate program. Their affiliates are getting a great benefit from them. This affiliate program is one of the best because they are providing the benefits which hostings don’t.

If you would NOT use Adsense and go with affiliate marketing, then you would earn 100x better. If an ad click on Adsense will give you $1 and a sale on InMotion will give your $50 then which one is better? Obviously, Affiliate Marketing

Similarly, today I am going to start your earning with the help of InMotion Hosting affiliate program. Now, you can easily make a handsome amount by just writing articles on your blog.

InMotion Hosting Affiliate: How To Join Program?

Let’s take the steps to join this affiliate program.

  1. Just go to this link (click to open):
  2. Now, click on “Sign Up Now” button.
  3. First agree their Terms And Conditions.
  4. Enter all the details and create your account.
  5. Congratulations! you have created your account on InMotion Affiliate

It was so much simple. Right?

InMotion Hosting Affiliate: How Much You Can Earn?

Thinking that How much I can earn? Oh, that’s unlimited!

You can earn a lot, there is no limit. Let me describe you some of their commission rates. In starting, they are giving $50 per sale but they can increase your CPA if you would generate a lot of sales (like 10 sales in the calendar month).

Let’s do some math

If you have derived 20 customers then you will earn 50 x 20 = $1000 per month from just one blog.

It is cool. Right?

InMotion Hosting Affiliate: Payout Schedule

Well, they pay right after 60 days when the commission is generated. Here is a table which shows their commission payout period:


Suppose you have made 20 sales in the period 21st FEB to 20th MAR then you will get the payout on 20th May.

Well, this schedule if better than other web hostings because other web hostings (like HostGator, Bluehost) pays after 90 days. So, it is beneficial to stay with InMotion.

You can read more about this thing in the InMotion Affiliate TOS.

InMotion Hosting Affiliate: Some Tips To Increase $$$

Let me tell you some tips to increase your earning or increase your sales.

Place an ad in sidebar:

First of all, place an ad on your side and link that with your affiliate link. So, you will earn a commission if any of your website visitor purchase hosting from them.

InMotion has designed some premade ads for their affiliates. Login to your affiliate account and click on “Link Code”, there you can see many awesome looking banners for your site.

Write “How To” articles

How To articles gain popularity easily because thy solves people’s problems. You can write How To articles and earn commission by recommending InMotion Hosting. Examples of How To articles which you can write:

  • How to Create a WordPress Site
  • How to Sign up for a Web Hosting
  • How to Choose a Web Hosting
  • And more.

Such articles can even make you more than 3 sales in a single day. So:

“The more you write, more your earn.”


Now, you have started to make money with InMotion affiliate program. This is the best affiliate program in the web hosting era. Whenever you are having any problem you can talk to their affiliate agents, they are really friendly guys.

If you got some tips to increase the earning, then you can share below in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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