12 Indian Food Bloggers To Check Out On Instagram

This is a question that comes in almost every kind that hears the combination of these two words. We start wondering about its meaning and then we start making presumptions that it might be just a blog to share the food information and nothing more than that. This is the point where we fail to understand its true meaning and thus, we underrate its significance. Food blogging has a very broad scope and with the invention of Instagram, it has become more popular.

Instagram-Serving as a Platform for Food Bloggers

Yes, Instagram may be imagined as a stall wherein various food bloggers exhibit their knowledge about different recipes. They try to tell everything they know about a food recipe. With Instagram, they get an opportunity to showcase their talent and their love for food.

Instagram A Tool for Food Blogging!

Instagram is an application that provides you an option to make others aware of your whereabouts. It helps you to post pictures of what are you doing, or where are you chilling in your summers, or you can also send text messages to your friends, family and relatives on Instagram.

Indian Food bloggers used this app in a very creative way. They make a fan-base by creating an account on Instagram and requesting others to follow their account for updates of various famous food items in a particular area.

These top Indian food bloggers on Instagram got this tag because they make lot of efforts to make their followers aware of the delicious meals and mouth-watering food items from time to time. They travel different places to taste varieties and then they post its reviews on their account with the picture of the food item and its location, pricing, quality and every other important detail.

Our Indian food bloggers don’t miss out any details regarding a certain food item. They closely inspect the food item. Unlike an ordinary person who just eats the food and tells the taste, these top Indian food bloggers on Instagram taste the food, inspect its quality, gather information about the hygienic environment in which the item is made, take a keen interest in the ingredients and spices used in the food and in what quantity. They not only eat the item, instead, they feel the item from within.

The task of food blogging

The task of food blogging is not as easy as it may seem to. It requires lot of efforts, travel, and many other things. It sounds easy to taste a food and tell its quality, but in reality it is a difficult task. The food blogger undertakes many procedures before posting his/her review about an item on the Instagram.

Importance of food bloggers

Importance of food bloggers has increased manifold in recent times. With increased purchasing power, comes an increase in desire of having a higher quality food. And these days, teenagers mostly check the restaurant’s reviews and its food quality before checking in. How do they check it? Well, this is the effort of top Indian food bloggers of Instagram only that these teenagers get to know whether to spend their time and money on a particular restaurant or not.

1. Saloni Kukreja (@foodofmumbai)

This page is for all the foodies in the house! It will give you an insight on what to eat when you visit Mumbai.

2. Ronak Rajani (@mumbaifoodie)

Follow this page for your daily bytes on food. It will make your stomach cringe everytime you scroll through.

3. Pooja Dhingra (@poojadhingra)

A name famous among all the foodies. She will lure you into eating more calories. Watch out for all the appealing things she posts.

4. Shivesh (@shivesh17)

A guy known for unmatcable love for food. His images are to die for! See for yourself!

5. Vegan Richa (@veganricha)

It doesn’t matter if you are a vegan or not this page is to kill for. It will give you all the vegan recipies of all the delicious foods you can imagine. It could be your little contribution! Make it count.

6. Asha Shiv (@foodfashionparty)

A blog with all the tasty things in life. Follow it and learn to eat things with style.

7. Kankana Saxena (@playfulcooking)

A blog that would make you remember all your guilty pleasures in life! It will spike up your mornings and moods!

8. Maunika Gowardhan (@cookinacurry)

Hello Sunshine! This wil give you all the fresh and tasty foods to crave for everyday. You might want to have a bite!

9. Justagirlfrommumbai (@justagirlfrommumbai)

Get ready for a feast every day! This blog is for all the food lovers and will burst your tastebuds with a dose of mumbai ka khana!

10. Uma Raghuraman (@masterchefmom)

11. Amisha (@thejamlab)

Filled with drool-worthy recipies it will make you long for food in no time! A tip of caution, don’t scroll in an empty stomach!

12. Natasha Diddee (@thegutlessfoodie)

As the name suggests, it is for the food worshippers of the world. Don’t stress your guts with overeating. You are not gutless like her!

So, in a nutshell, we can conclude that food blogging is not an easy task, it requires lot of time, efforts and hard work to be a top food blogger. They deserve respect for their talent in this field. They help us save our precious money and time by avoiding those low quality restaurants and lounges.

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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