How to Speed up Your Website — The Guide to a Faster Load Time

A website is one of the best tools for reaching your audience. An online business that has its own website can be more successful than its competitors.

A non-profit organization can inform people and get more members or even donations easily. One who wants to showcase his talent or profession can do it with the help of a website. However, your website must be well-performing. You may be losing audience and wasting money if you have a slow website. Here are some ways to speed up your website.


Minimal Content
Many people, particularly the ones who are developing their website on their own, tend to clutter up their website. They want to provide as much information as possible to the point that they put everything in the home page.

There are two main reasons why you should strive to keep your site’s content to a minimum. First is that most people would not scroll down if your home page is three feet long.

Second, putting lots of content in a single web page slows it down. Many people would not wait for a web page to load if it is taking forever.

To speed up your website, keep the home page having general information about what you offer or showcase. Put the other information, images and videos in the inner pages.


Work on Images
Most website owners would love to put images on their website. However, quality images usually take large sizes and might take several seconds to load.

You don’t have to get rid of images if you want a faster website. You just have to learn how to work with them. One of the solutions is to put your images on a different domain.

You can use Amazon S3. You can even use sites like Flickr for photos. You can give your visitors a fast-loading web page and you can reduce the bandwidth use, which helps if your hosting service offers a limited bandwidth.

It also helps if your images are in the right format. Experts suggest JPEG when an image has too many colors while PNG when line details are very important.

You can also make your website faster without affecting the quality of images if you would resize the images before you upload them.


Clean Your Codes
Another key to a faster website is putting CSS in various files. It will be better if you have a stylesheet for the style to be used on all pages. If a page requires a different style, put it on a different style-sheet.

You should also work on the HTML codes generated when using shopping carts. Certainly, shopping carts give a better experience to your customers but they generate HTML codes that slow down your site. Clean the codes with some tweaking.

Use High Performance Web Host & Fast-Loading Theme/ Template
Choosing the right type of web host and theme can improve your website speed significantly. Some of the best web hosting services like Bluehost, InMotion Hosting, and HostGator are the reliable services that you can trust and improve your site performance & loading speed.

The proper design framework and SEO optimized theme are mainly use by professional blogs and sites as it can minimize our site loading time a lot if you do the test after changing a theme by reputable designer.

Does your slow-loading website affect your operations? Use these ways to speed up your website. Not putting all the contents in a single page, using professional web hosting & theme, working on images and cleaning codes should help you improve your website’s speed and give visitors a better experience.

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