The Importance of SEO in Internet Marketing

Both Marketing and SEO terms are very popular these days with the increase in internet usage. The Internet is widely used source these days for various different purposes.

“Marketing” and “SEO” both these terms are highly related to the Internet. What is marketing and SEO?

Marketing is a process to communicate the products and services to the customers. You can also say that it is a strategy to promote your product and service. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a process to improve the rank of a web-page in Search Engine Result’s Page (SERP).

People often get confused between various terms related to marketing like internet marketing, social media marketing, etc. These are confusing terms and people sometimes think they all are the same and sometimes use them synonymously. You will learn here about these terms one by one and how they are related:


Internet/ Web/ Online Marketing

It is a type of marketing. As the name suggests, in this type marketing of products, services, companies and brands are done via World Wide Web or internet.

People are widely using the Internet, hence this becomes the easy way to reach your customers. It is an appropriate way to get customers for all kinds of businesses. It realizes the importance of the Internet and its potential in marketing and promotion of services of various businesses.

It includes techniques like E-mail Marketing, ORM (Online Reputation Management), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).


Social Media Marketing

It is a special kind of internet marketing because it uses social media websites to promote services and products and it is done via internet. Social media marketing is a process of gaining traffic through social media sites.

It is also called as SMM. SMM techniques involve programs and content that enhances the users to share it with their social network. Through this sharing, many people come to know you and your services and they will use them if they found it useful.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

It is a type of internet marketing in which web pages are promoted through optimization and advertising. The optimization and advertising increases its visibility in SERPs. It involves SEO and PPC.


Online Reputation Management

Your Company’s reputation is an essential asset. You will lose sales, partners, customers and employees, if this reputation goes down. In this technique of internet marketing, various methods are used to increase the reputation of your company and other social links. You can increase visibility of your Facebook, twitter and other social media profiles.


Search engine Optimization (SEO)

As discussed above, it is a process to improve the visibility of your website in SERP and to convert traffic. It involves techniques like content writing, blog posting, blog commenting, directory submission, etc.

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