The Importance of Backlinks as Part of a SEO Strategy

Backlinks has been a metric to measure the quality of a webpage since a long time. But most of the newbie bloggers out there, misunderstand the link-building process and ends up building links from spammy sites.

Link building is a complex process, and if you follow the wrong way of link building, then your blog may end up being penalized by Google, for unethical link building.

Why Are Backlinks Important ?

Backlinks has been an important metric to measure to rank a webpage, since a long time. When you build backlinks from sites with higher rankings than you, Search Engines consider that as a sign of quality, and hence increases the ranks of your blog too.

This increase in ranking increases the SERP of your blog posts and also gives you higher Google Pagerank.

Therefore, the quality of backlinks matters more than the quantity. Hence, while building backlinks you should be concerned about the quality, rather than its quantity.

Legitimate Ways To Building Backlinks

Many newbie bloggers make a lot of mistakes in link building, and hence finally end up getting penalized by Google. And they believe that link building cannot bring any difference in their blog’s performance.

However, link building can indeed bring a major ranking and traffic increase for your blog if you follow these basic rules of link building.

1. Don’t Always Go For Pagerank

The most common SEO myth about link building is that, you should always build links from sites with high PR only. However, you should always give priority to other ranking metrics like Domain Authority while building links.

2. Make It Normal

Google always measures the pace and density of the number of backlinks to  the webpage. Hence, if you start building 100’s of backlinks to your blog all of a sudden, Google may take it as a warning call and may end up penalizing your blog.

3. Choose blogs with maximum reader interaction

When you choose blogs with maximum reader interaction, you will get more CTR to your blog and will hence help in increasing the SERP, Pagerank and Traffic of your blog.

4. Avoid Spammy Sites

Regardless of the Google Pagerank, Google gives different authority to different kinds of sites. Hence, a PR 3 blog may or may not have a higher authority than a PR 5 blog, in Google’s eye. Therefore, as I said earlier, the authority of a site must be your preference before you choose any blog for link building. And at any cost, it is always safe to avoid building links from spammy blogs and sites, in order to prevent your blog from being penalized by Google.

5. Measure Social Media Interactions

Currently, Search Engines like Google also take social media statistics into account while ranking a webpage. Pretty soon, social media stats is expected to be a major key factor in ranking a webpage. Therefore, before choosing any site or blog for building links, it’s always recommended to choose from sites with good social media interactions and followers.

Final Words:

Google has always tried to improve their Search Quality, in order to provide the best Search results to its readers. And therefore, Google is strengthening up its Search Quality algorithms, to fight against spam sites and raise the rankings of sites that render quality to its readers.

And therefore, when it comes to link building, it is always necessary that you build links the natural way, and avoid w

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