Choosing the Right Colors for Your Web Site

Any time you plan to launch a website, whether for personal or business purposes, ensuring you implement the right colours into the actual site is essential. Choosing colours wisely for a website can ultimately mean the difference between gaining traction and visitors and turning those who view your site away. Understanding how to choose the right colours to represent your business and brand is a way for you to grow as a company and professionally in any industry.

Stimulating the Body’s Senses:

Colours are widely known for stimulating the body’s senses and triggering various thought patterns in the human mind. The colour green is known to encourage consumers to shop and also to “go green”, in part of the Eco-friendly movement. The colour red signifies desire and zest, whereas orange is known to spark interest and creativity. Understanding how you want your consumers to perceive your company is a great way to determine the best colours for your website and the presentation of your brand altogether.

How to Properly Mix Colours:

Knowing how to properly mix colours and choose matches is a way for you to find a colour scheme that is truly fitting for your brand and the target audience you are trying to reach. Compare different colour charts to find complementary and similar colours for any type of website or brand you want to grow and promote. Ensuring you are choosing colours that blend and mix well together also shows your professionalism and will keep others interested in what your logo or other printed materials mean.

Choose a Colour That Matches Your Brand and Its Message:

It is essential to choose a colour that matches your brand and any message you intend to send to potential customers or consumers. Consider the products, services or content you want to share with those who will be using your website before making a decision. Weighing your options and comparing different logo and colour schemes is highly recommended to ensure you are entirely satisfied with your choice.

Take time to compare other websites and brands that are similar to your own to gain inspiration from reviewing logos and their own brand appearance on and offline. Read books and magazines related to graphic design and logo development for more ideas on the colours you want to implement for your own website.

Keep it Simple:

Avoid using more than 3 colours to accurately represent your brand on your website. Although the site itself may have more information and colours throughout it, keep it simple when designing a logo of any kind to avoid deterring any visitors you receive online.

Understanding the right colours for your website highly depends on the market you are working in along with the brand you represent. Knowing how to choose a colour that is right for your business can help take it to the next level of success.

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