A healthy and fit body is the best thing that can happen to you. It’s not only necessary to avoid health-related medical complications but also to live a quality life. A majority of people avoid health and fitness related suggestions due to the complexity of the tips/suggestions that lead to an inability of incorporating these tips in their daily life. We have compiled ten simple, easy to incorporate tips that can help you stay healthy and fit without the need for a major change in your daily schedule.

10. Incorporate a daily schedule

It’s an unorthodox way of keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy, but it’s a necessity. A fixed schedule helps in conditioning your body and mind for optimum performance. The body will know when it needs things like food, sleep, exercise thereby allowing it to fix its own internal clock. Simple things like getting up and going to bed at the same times can help in improving your sleep quality also eating at the same times and exercising at the same times daily allows your body to remain receptive for these activities enhancing the overall gains.

9. Keep your body hydrated

A major part of your body is made from water. So, keeping your body hydrated becomes critical for remaining fit and healthy. You will need to drink before, during and after a strenuous activity to maintain the water levels. An amount equivalent to one gallon a day may suffice on an average day, but one may need to increase the water intake while they are pregnant, and depending on condition like the locale they live in, their level of activities and whether they healthy or not.

8. The optimum amount of sleep is necessary

Lack of sleep has a number of negative effects on your body like weight issues, mental and physical fatigue, the rate of aging getting faster. An optimal amount of sleep is required even for losing weight or aging those much-coveted muscles. The body burns fat while sleeping and repairs and regenerates dead or damaged muscles and tissues that also requires energy that your body gains from burning fat. You should sleep for a minimum of seven to eight hours a day for best results and avoid things like sweets or caffeine, using mobile or watching television when you are trying to sleep.

7. Watch what you eat

The food we eat is a critical part of a healthy body and mind. The body fulfills all its energy-related and nutritional needs through food. The food should be taken at timed intervals throughout the day. Your diet needs to be balanced and it should be able to supply the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, and nutrients required by your body. Avoid eating extra or going on a diet since both the practices are unhealthy for your body.

6. Workout daily

Daily exercises are critical for a healthy and fit body. One doesn’t need to spend hours in the gyms to remain healthy rather a carefully planned workout that satisfies your physical requirements would be better. Your daily workout should include basic flexibility, cardio and strength training. Incorporate a habit of walking a minimum of 10000 steps a day in your daily life and spend a maximum of 45 minutes working out every day for a healthy life.

5. Eat your breakfast

Your breakfast is a critical part of your daily schedule and skipping it is bad for your health and fitness. If you don’t take breakfast you increase the risk of getting fat up to four times. Our body is designed to hoard calories in the form of fat if it senses that it may have to remain without food. It’s an automatic survival response of our body. When you skip the breakfast your body initiates this automatic survival response and hoards the calories a lot more than are necessary by slowing down the rate of metabolism.

4. Moderate your sugar intake

You don’t need to avoid sweets, but you should indulge in your desserts in moderation and at proper times. Avoid sweets just after food intake since it hampers the nutrient absorption. You should also avoid sweets before your sleeping times since a rush of sugar can delay your sleep and affect its quality. Indulge in sweets like the dark chocolate that is great for your health and eat them at least 2 hours after your meals.

3. Go green and avoid whites

Most of the white foods are bad for your health so avoid them, at all costs. These include food items like rice, sugar, bread, flour, and pasta. There are only a limited number of white food items that promote a healthy body and they include the Fishes, cauliflower, and egg whites. Incorporating a vegetable diet is a great way to staying healthy. Include cruciferous vegetables in your diet since they help in liver cleansing and promote immunity. Eat them fresh and try to cook them by microwaving or steaming them to retain their properties.

2. Maintain hygiene

Cleanliness is an important part of staying healthy. It helps in preventing the infection from entering your body. The hygiene becomes an important aspect when you prepare or eat your food.

1. Stick to healthy habits

All the healthy habits become useless if they are not practiced regularly. Incorporation of a healthy habit in your life is important but you will only reap its rewards if you continue with them so perseverance becomes a critical aspect of staying healthy.

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