30 Best Google Gravity Tricks (Zero, Underwater, Space, Guitar, Sphere, Snowfall)

Top Google Gravity list is here for you. The gravity of Google is best for you if you are a gravity lover. Google Underwater and Google Mirror are other famous Google searches related to Google Gravity. If you want to see Google in a more playful and gamified way than these search tricks can be a lot of fun to you.
So Let’s Start
You have to do a setting before doing Google Gravity Tricks.
Go to Google.com > Settings > Search Settings > Google Instant predictions > Never show Instant Results
Save it, and you are ready for Google Gravity Tricks.
To Search, Everything Just replace What Will be my main Headings
Google.com > Type in ” ” > Press I am Feeling Lucky
Google Gravity is Mr. Doobs experiment on Chrome Experiments

1) Google Zero Gravity or Google Gravity or Anti-Gravity Google:

Google Zero Gravity or Anti-Gravity Google are same things. This is a Google Trick with which all the google search terms will fall down under the browser as shown in the image above.
This is one of the most popular Google Tricks. You can easily prank your friends with this. To do this, you have to go to Google.com > Type in “Google Zero Gravity” > Press I am Feeling Lucky, and you will be directly redirected to https://rahuldigital.org/google-gravity1.html

2) Google Gravity Mirror:

This Google Mirror is another great Gravity Trick in which all your search results will be seen as you are typing and searching in the mirror.
You can do this very easily by just replacing the previously described step word “Google Gravity” with “Google Mirror.” 
Rest of the things will remain same, and You will be redirected to http://elgoog.im/
Google.com > Type in “Google Mirror” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

3) Google Underwater Search:

This Google Gravity Underwater is a great trick in which you can search in you can explore under the sea or ocean. You can do this by
Google.com > Type in “Google Underwater” > Press I am Feeling Lucky
Go directly from here:http://elgoog.im/underwater/

4) Google Guitar:

This is my favorite Google Gravity Trick because I love guitar and hope you will also. You can easily do this trick that has been described in the starting of the article i.e
Google.com > Type in “Google Guitar” > Press I am Feeling Lucky.
You can directly Go from here: http://elgoog.im/guitar/
Here is an article that has many music keys by which you can play songs:

5) Gravity Google Sphere:

This is an another Gravity Google Trick by which you can easily sphere the Google Search Results: http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-sphere/
You can do it
Google.com > Type in “Google Sphere” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

6) Google space:

This is a great Google Gravity Trick. If you want to feel the Google Search Engine like in space, you can do it very easily. This Google Gravity feature can be seen here: http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-space/
You can do this also:
Google.com > Type in “Google Space” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

7) Google Tilt or Askew:

Do you want Google to be tilted at some angle?
If Yes. Than Just do the following steps
You can directly do it by going here: http://elgoog.im/tilt/
Google.com > Type in “Askew or Google Tilt” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

8) Google Flat Fall:

It is same as like Google Gravity or Google Zero Gravity, but the name is different. So, I am also counting this one also.
Google.com > Type in “Google Flat Fall” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

9) Google Gravity Ball Pool or Google Gravity Poop:

This is very Good Game for small children. If you are the parent, then this is very Good game for your kids. I love playing this game too. It really kills boredom.
You can check this directly here:mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/ball-pool/
Google.com > Type in “Google Gravity Poop” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

10) Google Terminal:

The people who really love technology then this is excellent for them. You can enjoy many tricks there.
Go to: http://elgoog.im/terminal/
Google.com > Type in “Google Terminal” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

11) Funny Google:

You ever want to change the name Google to Your name or your domain name. This can do it for you.
You can easily check this Google Gravity Trick from here: http://www.funny-google.com/
Google.com > Type in “Funny Google” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

12) Google Zipper:

Wow! This Google Gravity Trick is really amazing, and I love this tricks. You can zip up or down Google as you do to your zip. :p
Go directly from here: http://elgoog.im/zipper/
Google.com > Type in “Google Zipper” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

13) Google Snake Game:

I played this game a lot of time, and This Google Gravity Snake Game is so good that you will stop playing it anywhere else. You can directly check this here: http://elgoog.im/snake/
Google.com > Type in “Google Snake Game” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

14) Find Chuck Norris Google Trick:

Google would not search this for you. I have tried many times this trick, but nowadays it has totally changed. But still, it works away different.
Google.com > Type in “Find Chuck Norris” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

15) Weenie Google

This is an amazing Google Gravity Trick in which the search engines will shrink with the time passes away.
You can check out this here directly: http://www.toosmalltouse.com/
Google.com > Type in “Weenie Google” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

16) EPIC Google:

This is just opposite to the weenie Google. The Search engine will be zoomed as the time passes.
You can check it here: http://www.toobigtouse.com/
Google.com > Type in “Epic Google” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

17) Black (Black Google – Google Energy Saving):

If you are searching Google for nights and your eyes are affected by the bright white light of the Google. You can change the color of Google. You can go directly from here: http://www.blackl.com/black-google.php
Google.com > Type in “Black Google” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

18) Google Gravity Rainbow:

This is really amazing if you are a color lover. All the search will have the different color in the search engine, and it will be so soothing to the eyes like a Rainbow.
You can check this here: http://www.seetherainbow.com/
Google.com > Type in “Google Rainbow” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

19) Blink Html:

This is another Google Gravity Trick that is very Good. Just type in “Blink Html,” search it and see the magic yourself.

20) Flip a Coin:

This is one of my favorites. When you do not have a coin, and you have a toss, then this Google Gravity flip a coin comes into play. You can flip a coin and decide who will win the toss
You can go here directly:http://justflipacoin.com/
Google.com > Type in “Flip a coin” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

 21) Search for “Recursion”:

All Google Gravity is not just for fun, but it is also for some meaningfulness. Google can describe the words if you type in. Just search recursion on Google, and you can see this Trick.

22) Search “the number of horns on a unicorn.”

Search for the “the number of horns on a unicorn” and see the magic yourself as Google will tell you the numbers.

23) Search “the loneliest number”:

The Loneliest Number everyone knows about that but still want to know then type in The Loneliest Number” and see that Google will tell you the same.

24) Google Maps jet-ski advice

This is a Google gravity map tricks in which you will be shown Google Maps jet-ski advice.

25) Google MentalPlex:

This is an amazing Gravity Google Trick, and you can quickly check the old Google from here:https://archive.google.com/mentalplex/
Google.com > Type in “Google Mentalplex” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

26) Google Gives “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the universe, and everything”:

All have been described in the image shown above, and you just have to type in “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the universe, and everything” and see the magic.

27) Google Maps Penman in Legoland:

This trick is awesome, and I will make a video on this, and you will be amazed to see this. This is the most fantastic trick you have ever seen on the internet.


If you are facing problem while searching something on the internet, then try this Google Gravity Trick.
You can see it from here: https://lmgtfy.com/

29) Google Pacman:

This is one of my favorite games. You can play it from here on the internet.
You can play it from here: http://macek.github.io/google_pacman/
Google.com > Type in “Google Pacman” > Press I am Feeling Lucky

30) Atari Breakout:

This is a great game that you can play from here:http://ataribreakout.net/atari-breakout-play
Google.com > Type in “Atari Breakout” > Press I am Feeling Lucky
Some Cool Google Searches Phrases
Type the phrase in Google.com and follow it with a hit on “I’m Feeling Lucky“ button.
“google loco” Essentially the same as Google Gravity.
“epic google” (You can then look for “Check out my little brother, Weenie Google” at the bottom of the screen)“find Chuck Norris.”
“let me google that for you.”
“Google rainbow.”
“Google Blue” (try other colors also)
“dog logo.”
“Google is God.”
“Google is gold.”
“eww fudd.”
“google bork.”
“xx-hacker” or “Google 133t.”
“googles by kids”
“psychic google.”
“LOL Limewire”
“Google Gulp” a search on this will get to google auto drink of gulp drinks.
Thanks for reading my article and keep commenting. There is the various post about Google Gravity Tricks, but this is the best article I have written. I have researched first for you guys and then written for you.

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