Find Relevant Forum And Create Safe Backlinks [New & Updated Strategies]

Google always works for relevance and getting backlink from relevant site is considered as a high quality backlink will surely push your search position to front page And getting backlink from related Forum is considered as the extremely high backlink too..

Well What is Forum?

  • Online Forum is a online discussion site where particular issues can be posted and right solution will be given by the other users.
  • As I said its a discussion site, but its not a Chatting site. (Because both have different rules)
  • Online forum uses “Netiquette” rules.
  • Netiquette means “Correct/acceptable way of using internet”
  • Forum Rules / Netiquette Rule To be Followed on Forum Site.
  • Behave yourself.
  • Respect Other user.
  • Be Polite while commenting.
  • Post Relevent Thread.
  • Represent yourself Well (try to give all details in Profile)
  • Share expert Knowledge
  • Give Credit to the source of the message.
  • Don’t Steal the Content from another site.
  • Don’t Troll the user.
  • Don’t use Abuse Words.
  • Don’t Spam.
  • Don’t Sell Any Product with Afflicate link.
  • Don’t Joke around on the message. Use Emotional Smiley..
  • NOW For the Main Topics 

Guys! Have you ever wondered why forums site look different when compared with answering and discussion related sites ?
Well !!!

Forum script was created by Jelsoft Enterprises and Vbulletin Solution and its code are written in PHP and uses MYSQL database server and this script are been used for forums site completely…

Here is the trick to found forum for your niche

How To Find Related Forum For Your Site

It’s just a Simple keyword to find the forums you are looking for. Just go to Google and Search Powered by Vbulletin by searching this every forum which is powered by vbulletin will be listed..

Now just add Your keyword of your Niche Site like this.. Keyword powered by vbulletin For Example Android Powered by Vbulletin.

Ways to get Backlinks From Forums

1. Backlink On Profile Page

Search And find an active forum with good Page Rank then complete the registration process and verify the mail from the forum to get access to the forum to create backlinks..

After Verification you will get his page and quickly jump into profile page.
And complete all your details and enter your domain name in homepage and save it. This method is 100% acceptable by the forum…

2. Create backlink on reply

Be careful in this method and do this if you have a solution for the forum thread then you can use this method. This method gives you a backlink as well as royal readers. Search the forum threads and find the post which is unanswered by other members and if you have solution article in your blog, then quick reply to the thread post by inserting your link in a word by using that small globe with a link chain….

Are You can also use this tag. [url=Your link]keyword[/url]. If you have a post regarding the thread link it in the reply which is 100% acceptable. But don’t link your site homepage with is not accepted and the link will be removed by some chance. And get banned from Forum For Spamming..

But don’t try this method unless you have attended more than 20 thread post are you will be banned from the forum are the link will be removed.

3. Create Backlinks On Signature / Visitors Message

In some forums this is known as Signature and other options is known as Visitor Message and some forum sites has both this option.
Enter your name or message for your visitor with the link. If its a Signature enter

Your Name (use [url=http://name]domain name[/url].

The signature will appear in the reply you have made automatically in the thread post. By using this signature method give a proper solution to the thread, but reply a thread with stupid answers with will spoil your domain reputation in that forum.. Do it if you have a solution if not don’t everything of this using method.

Final Words

Forums have Strict Rules so be careful with your reply and behavior. Be active or at least login and post a thread or reply to a thread. In some forums you will be banned if you’re inactive too, and your backlinks may be deleted by the forum Admins. Use the backlink Creating method 2 and 3 if you have a Proper solution for the Problem…

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