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English is not only a subject but it is a language that everyone needs to grasp in order to have a successful career. When it comes to children, it is more important because they are the future of a nation. So, emphasis must be given on the learning of English. But, there has to be proper guidance to learn any new thing. Learning a foreign language is very tough and if your child does not get good guidance then he or she might lose the interest in learning English which will be very bad for the future. That is why here are the top 10 English tutors in Singapore who can help your child wonderfully in learning English.

1. BrightTutor

BrightTutor is among the best places from where you can get home tutors for your child. All their tutors are well-trained and have the right qualification to give your child the best education. Their tutors also follow an academic curriculum which will help your child to get good marks in the subject. Apart from that, they also help your child in creating an interest in English which will eventually help him or her to learn the subject in a proper way. That is why BrightTutor is a reliable place where you can get the best English tutor for your child.

2. Ace English Academy

Ace English Academy has a personalized approach to teaching English. They have an impressive track record which might encourage you to take your child to them. They take 6 children in each class and use engaging materials to teach the children. Their tutors are very much experienced and have expertise in their filed.

3. SmileTutor

SmileTutor is another excellent place to learn English. They have a team of highly experienced tutors of English which teaches not only school children but also adults. Their tutors have a good grip on the subject and also follow a practical approach in helping their students to learn English.

4. Victoria Tutorial Centre

Victoria Tutorial Centre was established in 1998 and they are providing English tutors who are highly experienced knowledgeable. Their teachers are well-qualified and also know the technique of teaching English. That is why Victoria Tutorial Centre has an impressive track record.

5. Ann Tutor

Ann Tutor is also one of the best places where your child can learn English. They also have an online platform from where your child can get proper English learning. Apart from English, they also provide home tutors for various other subjects as well.

6. EduEdge

EduEgde is a place which will help your children to do well in academic English. They guide your child thoroughly in attaining good marks in English. They follow the academic curriculums precisely which gives them an impressive track record.

7. True Learning Centre

True Learning Centre emphasises on personalised learning and that is why they have classes with a small number of children which helps them to identify the flaws of the children and work on them properly. They also possess experienced English tutors as well as a great track record.

8. Ignite Tuition Centre

Ignite Tuition Centre was established in 2009. They provide tuitions for various subjects including English. They provide a great teaching assistant for their students along with a customised personal report for all the parents of their students. Ignite Tuition Centre also has a no-deposit policy.

9. The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is helping students in building their foundation for English for over 17 years now. They nurture the true potential of their children by building interest in English through effective teaching from their teachers.

10. English Explorer

English Explorer helps your child to learn English strategically and unleash the hidden potential inside him or her. They have native English tutors who can help your child in learning English the best possible way. Apart from that, they teach the English language to adults as well and they have separate English courses for the children.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the top 10 English tutors in Singapore who can help your children wonderfully in learning English. As English is a highly important language that one should know in order to shine in life, you should give your child a proper tutor and help him or her to learn English in the best way.

7 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Tuition Centre

Gone are the days when the sole motto of education was to spread knowledge and to make individuals wise, sophisticated and civilized. We live in a competitive sphere, and undoubtedly education is no exception to it. Students these days are compelled to push their limits and learn beyond their expectations.
The competition is so cut-throat than a mere difference of 0.01% in the grades can make a significant difference. The syllabus has become more extended, and students have to put their 101% to cope up with their curriculum. Tutors can be an excellent rescue for students in such a situation as they can be of great help to understand the syllabus thoroughly.
How to Get the Best
Hunting for the best tuition agency in your town is probably one of those challenging tasks that no one wants t do. However, if you have no other options left then here are some tips that may be an aid in the tricky affair. Have a look!

  1.  Testimonials and Recommendations

Not just for choosing the best tuition centre but before selecting any professional service, testimonials and recommendations can be of great help. It would not only open the door of prospects for you but can also significantly help to know the services that the tuition centers in your locality strive to provide.

  1.  Expertise

The concerned subject teacher should be skilled enough to deal with the doubts and questions of your child. Try to find out the teacher’s background and estimate the level of qualification that he has to make your child an academic prodigy.

  1.  Experience

You can’t deny the fact that almost everyone knows what to teach, but only a few people know how to teach. The way that a teacher is interacting with the student is the sole consequence of how much student-interaction he has witnessed. Besides, he must also provide a level of comfort with your child.

  1.  Class Size

The less packed the class will be the more the tutor can focus on your kid, This is a major determining factor that you need t to consider before making up your kind to choose one coaching class or tuition centre.

  1.  Notes

The scenario of multi-tasking is so extreme that while preparing for the exams, students also have to deal with their homework and assignments whose deadline would be knocking at their door. It is the reason why notes are essential to revise and memorize the facts written. It also includes revision for what is there in the textbooks and taught in classrooms respectively.

  1.  Location

The location of the tuition centre should be preferable so that you don’t need to pay extra for the tuition fee, and the entire process becomes less hectic for your child.

  1.  Budget

Last but not the least you should also consider the price that you are willing to lay for all the experience, knowledge and service. Make sure that along with being reliable; the tuition agency should be affordable enough not to burn a hole in your pocket.
Have You Made Up Your Mind Yet?
Yes, classroom teaching and schools are doing their job, but what are you doing to help your child? Opting for the best tutor in your town can be a great alternative. If you are searching for one, then Bright Tutor can be the one-stop solution for you.

How much does an English tutor cost in Singapore

Have you asked this question, before started looking for a good tutor in Singapore? Well before knowing the cost of English tutor in Singapore, one must understand his role first.Private tutor or Home tutor can make a huge impact on your child’s academic performance. Unlike before, that we simply go to school and listen to our teacher to learn, children nowadays need a special session to learn the subject more easily. It is way of encouraging your child to achieve more and excel in the school. Need of private tutor:Before, School teachers and parents are responsible for the children’s education. However, in school, some kids seems not absorbing the best out of each teacher’s distraction. It could be due to many factors including the environment. At home, we cannot expect parents to have in depth knowledge about the subject and lesson that their child wants to learn. Moreover, both parents nowadays are working, leaving them no choice but to ask for a private tutor’s assistance to fill up this gap. A private tutor Singapore is someone who will nourish your child’s academic knowledge in the English subject after school. They will give the much-needed boost that your child needs to excel in the class. Motivation is their goal as well as providing your children the best knowledge and expertise on the English subject.When this process takes place, your children’s in depth knowledge will be higher than other children’s on his class. Your kid will well found with knowledge that he will learn from the school teacher and advance knowledge from the private tutor.

Top 5 advantages of English tuition Singapore

1. Private tutor can focus in specific areas of subjects for your child’s need. It may be a grammar you want your kids to learn or vocabulary your kids want to excel. Either way, reinforcing knowledge gains from the tutor with the knowledge learn inside the school, your child will have a huge lead in school competition.2.  As a parents, you can choose your private tutor according to your preference and qualifications. Unlike in school, everything is set and you cannot change it.

3. Tutor with professional expertise in English can give your child expert ideas about the subject too. On this way, your child can focus more on the subject.
4. Private tuition is mostly provided inside the house of the student or client. Therefore, there will be only fewer distractions. So, great concentrations on the lessons are achieved.
5. Beside from school lessons, a private tutor gives some extra knowledge related to the lesson. It gave your child a great advantage of knowing something that the teacher never teaches them.
Many people thought private tutor in Singapore is a bit costly; the benefit is still worth it.
Cost of Singapore English tuitions
Cost of Singapore home tuition depends on the experience on that tutor it ranges from S$15 to S$50 per hour. Diploma holders or undergraduate tutors charge around S$15 to S$25 per hour. If you go with experienced graduate tutors then you have to pay S$25 to S$30 per hour to them. NIE-trained tutors are most expensive ones and they charge S$30 to S$50 per our for their premium service.

5 Major Mistakes While Choosing Language Tutor

Language learning needs a lot of patience and also, expertise on the teacher’s side. The private tutoring can cost your ward a bomb, to begin with. How are you going to decide that these tutors are worth the money you are investing in? Just because the reviews say so online, are you going to trust right away? We suggest against that idea. The basic ideology of tutoring a child language is to amplify the abilities of the kid to grasp more than schools already teach. The second thing is to make the child learn new languages that are not taught in the schools.
Here are 5 major mistakes that you are probably making while choosing the tutor for your child:

  1.  Tutors aren’t just there for practicing:

If your tutor comes down to just practicing the language that your child already knows, you are doing it wrong. English tuition Singapore inclines more toward the learning first and then diving in to practicing. What we miss out on while looking for teaching the kids is the learning part.

  1.  The weekend tuitions:

The attention that is usually given to core subjects is not given to the languages. But dedicating only the weekends is a myth. If the tuition is keen on just teaching your ward on the weekends or once a month or so, they are wrong in it. Language needs to be consistent and continuous for a period until the basics are all done. Every language has levels that one ward must reach consistently.

  1.  No consistent schedule:

Many teachers prefer having tuition classes at their ease and convenience. That is very wrong on their part as the child loses the link. Nobody would want the interest of the child to be taken off the language. The inconsistent schedules and the timing might make the ward go wary of the interest.

  1.  The assignments matter:

Students should be given home work in reasonable amount. Keeping in mind that the children already have a lot to do from the school, tuitions should give assignments rather. Get tuition assignments Singapore to keep everything afresh in the kid’s mind. The assignments should be rigid but fun filled. These fun filled classes will keep the interest intact the mind of the child.

  1.  The self teaching and study is important:

Self study sessions or self teaching is important too. The tuition you select, private or not; should put emphasis on self teaching too. There should be enough time for the student to cope on the past lessons, with his own thinking abilities.
The fact that the language tuitions are taken as extracurricular is wrong in itself. The language classes need to be taken more seriously from the child’s perspective; only then the interest comes forth. There are curriculums set for the language courses too. Every language, as mentioned above, has levels that the ward should qualify and the learning should be in that manner only. Singapore is rich with many tutors of many different languages, so language learning has been a problem.

5 Tips to become English Expert in Singapore

Are you looking for an easy way to improve your English skills? Do you want to take English Tuition Singapore?
If this is your goal then there is no reason to spend hours in front of grammar books. There are many easier, effective, and entertaining ways to improve your language skills, which do not even require much initiative.
Enjoy reading this article and do not forget to take notes!
Tip 1: Focus on the minimum requirements
If you are planning a business trip to English-speaking countries such as UK then your goal should not be bilingualism! Of course, you can go for it, but a minimum of vocabulary and Basic English verb conjugation skills will be enough to talk to people on the ground without any problem. So, the idea is to focus on the most useful phrases for on the go learning a couple of weeks or days before you travel, so you can do it effectively.
Tip 2: Expand your options for (fun) learning activities
When talking about “learning,” the association “boring” does not have to go along with it. Because there are so many more ways than memorizing long, vocabulary lists to learn a language and improve your English language skills. Which are these?
For example, listen to music and try to sing along in English. There are even websites where songs with lyrics are played. This is a fun and useful way to get your ears used to the English language, improve your pronunciation, and learn new words.
Alternatively, you can watch TV series or films in English. First, watch the series / movie with subtitles in your native language, then English subtitles, and finally (as soon as you’re able to do so) without subtitles. You will see that you are progressing so fast without realizing it.
Tip 3: Break the ice and find a conversation partner
In learning a foreign language, we go through various stages: understanding of the written language, listening comprehension, written expression, and finally verbal expression. The final stage is undoubtedly the hardest: to practice English.
There are many websites to help you practice. The idea of ​​the sites is not to write like a pen pal. No, the goal of these sites is to help you practice at least one hour a week (ideally three hours a week) with a private tutor Singapore Who teach you his or her Native English language.
Tip 4: Use your free time
When learning a new language, freeing up time for learning is often difficult. However, even 5 minutes a day is enough to make progress. Just download an app to learn English and use your free time to learn by using the app!
Tip 5: Get started and do not be afraid of mistakes!
Shyness is the greatest enemy of the language learner. To learn English or to improve your language skills is the motto practice, practice and practice again. When you speak to native English speakers, you will be aware of and learn to correct your mistakes so that you do not repeat the mistakes.

How to Find a Good Private English Tutor

Finding a good and decent private English tutor in Singapore is a standout amongst the best approaches to learn English. Be that as it may, learning with a private tutor in Singapore is expensive and not everyone can afford a private tutor, and you need to verify that you are getting the best tutor for the money you are paying. Zillions of English tuitions in Singapore are available. English is the only mode of communication in all schools everywhere in Singapore which makes it fundamental for every student to learn this language from the start.
Finding English tuition in Singapore is troublesome. There are some parameters on which one can select a private tutor in Singapore like experience, availability or time, Distance, price etc. The most ideal approach to locate a private Tutor in Singapore is to take help from online websites, there are many companies that can help you in finding the best English tuition in Singapore. Pick the one that you accept to be the best fit for you. You are relied upon to locate some great ones close you that should meet every one of your necessities. It tends to be similarly simple, fast, and helpful for you to discover guides in Singapore.

How can you do this?

– The most ideal approach is to ask individuals you may know. – You can search over the web. Simply ensure the site has a tutor from your own location. – Look for the English tutor in newspapers, magazines and pamphlets, you may find an advertisement regarding them. – And the more appropriate place is a college or school where sometimes a tutor put a notice to offer some help as a private tutor. Things to Consider – Take your time to know all the educational necessities that your child wants. – If you or your child do not like the tutor, replace him/her immediately without wasting further time. – A certified English tutor in Singapore ought to have a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or CELTA experience. – At times, however, the experience is necessary than the qualifications. – The cost of a tutor is not fixed, so it is a smart thought to ask from your relatives, friends, classmates or colleagues about the rate in your area.

Benefits of having a private tutor in Singapore

There are many students who are weak in English and many of them need English tuition in Singapore. Many teacher complaints about the students using Singlish (Singaporean English) in the written examinations and assessments. Also, guardians are regularly urged to force their child to talk in appropriate English at home. All these things led to the outcome that English tuition in Singapore has become a necessity, and the demands for a private tutor in Singapore for English is increasing rapidly. Shockingly, to find a great English tutor in Singapore has become extremely difficult. He has to fulfil a great set of responsibilities; they ought to educate the student with correct grammar and vocabulary, how to find answers from a comprehension, every reading and writing part. Final Words You need to like your tutor in order to study from him/her. Try not to be hesitant to ask any question and ensure you know the standard rates of your area. And the most important thing, even if you are having a private tutor in Singapore, don’t hope to learn without trying. Learning a language is never simple, and despite the fact that a tutor will encourage, but you have to put your efforts to learn, he/she is not going to create a miracle for you.

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