15 Digital Marketing Tips for Lawyers & Law Firms

Law firm marketing doesn’t need to be troublesome, actually, lawyer marketing results ought to be unsurprising with the correct procedure. As a lawyer, it’s sufficiently troublesome to stay aware of the greater part of your cases, new customers, association enrollments, and Local events while likewise endeavoring to invest enough energy in appropriate law firm marketing.

As you Know nowadays people use Internet a lot to Purchase Products and Acquire services. Also with Use of More Mobile phone today , Internet consumption have further Increased. So In this Article We will Provide you 15 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms in India.

15 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms in India

1. Educate Yourself about Website Design and development and Digital Marketing

You need to have full Knowledge about Web design and Development and Digital marketing . In web design and development you need to have advanced knowledge or atleast basic Knowledge of Html,css and Javascript or How to use WordPress or any other Content Management system. In Digital marketing you need to know about Keyword optimisation, Content creation, content writing , copywriting, Search engine Optimisation, Search engine Marketing , Social Media Marketing , email Marketing, conversion rate optimization etc. To gain Knowledge you can take Online Courses , read books, Watch Videos on youtube and read blogs on Digital Marketing.

2. Optimize Your Law Firm Website

It is very essential for you to conduct website audit to Know Whether your website design is according to Latest Web design trend, Is it  responsive that means can your Website adjust automatically to the screen size in accordance with device used, Loading speed of website as in how much time does your website takes to load in browser or device, does it Have Better User Interface and user experience like as for User Interface you need to measure whether your web Design is good or worst and As for user experience , you have to check whether your website is easy to use and Understand , does you website have properly optimized Robot.txt file and is According to standards Set by google,bing,yahoo and other search engine.

 3. Set up a Blog on Your Law Firm Website

Content is King that is Content Is what bring Traffic and New customer to your Website. Also I would like to tell You that Search engine also rank and Index your website if it has good content. So you need to make sure that You setup a Blog for Your Law Firm Website where you need to publish content or articles or blogpost or essays etc that are relevant to expertise and also have high quality.

4. Create Landing Pages

In the traditional marketing we use Market segmentation a lot, Where you Identify customer who may require your product and you create Strategies that will attract that particular customers  who will purchase that Product immediately from you.  For example You sell toys so your potential customers are kids as kids like to play with toys, so what you will do is you create advertising And marketing strategy to target kids to make them buy Toys. so in same way In Digital marketing We create Landing pages , where We Make A web page where a content that is Specifically created to target a identified Customer will be published which will convert the reader into customer. For example If you are selling services related to Udyog Aadhar in India and you want people to Secure Udyog Aadhar registration In India from your Law firm, then you need to make Landing page on Udyog Aadhar and optimize it with keywords to target A customer who needs Udyog Aadhar.

5. Create FAQ for Potential customers

You Need to research on google As to what queries people are Searching for by either Searching on google and look in suggestion given in google search Or In bottom page of google Search result page, You can use keyword research tool such as google keyword Planner, ubersuggest, ahrefs, Semrush , Keywords everywhere etc or if you allow commenting on blog post then See what questions are mostly asked by your customers to Create Faq which bring more customers . for example If you recieve More queries on Company registration, Dispute Settlement, Gst registration, udyog Aadhar, income tax etc, then Create faq on such Topics.

6. Carry Out Link building for Law Firm Website

To rank higher in google you Need Backlinks from high Authority websites . If you manage to secure good backlinks from higher Authority websites, you will be able to rank in top ten in google Search results. To get backlinks for your website you can use below listed techniques such as :

  • Interlinking- whenever you write A content for your blog and if you find that it contains a Specific keyword that you might have used to create Article on previously then on that keyword you can insert a hyperlink that will give a link to that article.
  • Guest Blogging – you can approach a Blogger or Blog Network who have good reputation and Higher ranking and Ask Them to give you a backlink on their blog. For this purpose you can contact Blog Owner , ask him on what topic He needs a article and provide him with the relevant content. The blog Owner may take a fees for it Or provide it for free.
  • Web Directories – web directories are Classic ways to get backlinks for your law firm Website. All you have to do is Search for web directories in google,bing or yahoo. And After when you get Search result, choose a web Directory , check cache and site index in google, If A Directory has good Traffic of more than 1000 visitors then you should register on that Directory to get backlinks for your website.
  • Forum and blogpost comment – you can post a link of your website in blogpost comment on other website or You can Post Link of your website in forum websites in a active Discussion that is relevant or Identical to your website Content. Popular forum website that you can use are quora and reddit.

7. Create a youtube channel

You can create A youtube channel with the relevant content for your law firm as marketing on youtube is Very popular now a days. With youtube Channel you can ensure that you will achieve Higher Customer engagement which will inturn be helpful in getting More clients. In Video description you can give link to your Website and Landing page. Youtube also Provide ads services That you can use to promote your law firm.

8. Use Facebook for marketing

Using Facebook for marketing is very great option as facebook provides a Lot of Paid and free ways to market your website . when we talk about facebook Paid option you can use Facebook ads to create Campaign, Ads and posts  that will target keywords and Customer group  that is  chosen by you. When We talk About free option you can create free facebook  page for your law firm and Create ads Post and banner yourself and Share it with friends and Customers. You can also create stories , Interactive game and quizzes etc. you can also share your youtube videos or Go Live to educate people About your Business via video live feed. You can also join relevant Facebook groups and pages or can create Facebook group which focuses on products and services that you are offering.

9. Use Pinterest for marketing

Pinterest is a photo sharing website, to market on Pinterest all you need to do is create a pinterest for business account which is free and Create boards with relevant keywords,upload good and well designed Images and give link to your website.

10. Use Instagram for marketing

Instagram is also A Photo and video sharing Social media Platform just Like pinterest and youtube. You can create A Account on instagram for business , to market your Law firm on instagram.

11.  Set up Affiliate program and refer and earn program

You can Create a Affiliate program for you law firm , where a blogger can register himself with you as affiliate and create links for your Products and services or create content That will convince customers to buy your products and Services. You can also setup refer and earn where any person who is existing or new customer can fill up simple application form and Then you can contact that person Via Phone or email to generate Lead for your product and Services.

12. Email marketing

On your website , facebook page  and youtube channel you must have Created form for Lead generation and when people register themselves on your website they provide you with email which create email Database. You can use that email Database to send Advertisement emails and ask them for more leads or Buy your Products and Services. For Email marketing The best tool to use is Mailchimp.

13. Create Webinar and Podcasts

One way to Market your law firm is to Create a Podcast and Hold a Webinar. An online webinar is an instructive, useful or instructional introduction that is made accessible on the web, as a rule as either video or sound with slides. An online webinar may appear as a scholastic address or some other sort of introduction, for example, a business meeting. Since online webinar participants associate on the web, they can utilize Internet-based innovations to upgrade the experience, for instance, imparting through texting, record sharing, utilizing a whiteboard cooperatively and connecting through web-based social networking paltform.you can use squarespace and Youtube live to Create webinar.

A Podcast is a sound show, normally spread over a progression of scenes, which can be downloaded from the Internet and tuned in to either on a PC or a Mp3 player.You can create a podcast on products and services that you sell and Can share It with the registered customers or on Social media platforms.

14. PPC Advertising

pay-per-click is a way of web promoting in which sponsors pay an expense or fees  each time one of their advertisements is clicked by the Target Customer. Basically, it’s a paid method where you are  purchasing visits to your site, as opposed to endeavoring to “acquire” those visits naturally or organically .You can use Google Adwords to create ppc Campaign with target keywords and customer  and these ads will be displayed on Other website and people will click on your displayed ads to acquire your Services.

15. Mobile Marketing

Nowadays More and More People are using internet on their Mobile phones , they access websites through mobile browser or they use apps to get services.Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital  marketing technique  for marketing and Promoting products and services on targeted Customer’s cell phones, tablets, and additionally other mobile gadgets, through sites, email, SMS and MMS, online networking, and  mobile applications.

Mobile is disrupting  the manner in which individuals engage  in with brands. Everything that should be possible on a personal computer is presently accessible on a mobile gadget. From opening an email to browsing  your site to buying products and services, it’s all available through a little mobile phone screen. Consider:

  • 80% of web clients possess a Smartphones.
  • Mobile platform, for example, cell phones and tablets, have up to 60% of advanced media time for clients in the U.S.
  • Google envisions search queries on mobile gadgets to outperform work area seeks before the finish of 2015.

Powerful mobile promoting implies understanding your mobile gathering of people, planning content in light of mobile stages, and making key utilization of SMS/MMS marketing and mobile applications.


To conclude this Article I would like to Tell you about other ways you can Promote your law firm Using digital marketing. You can create Infographics, Newsletter , Powerpoint Presentations which you can upload on Slideshare, you can also Create Ebooks on the Relevant content which will guide and educate people ,  you can also use blogging platform such as medium and tumblr, you can publish a article on LinkedIn and you can also tweet about your product and services on twitter.

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