Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Malta

Malta is an idyllic Mediterranean country in the south of Europe. Their industry is not just in fishing but they also boast a good amount of good digital marketing agencies that you can hire from remotely. In this list, there is a mix of agencies which have done projects for small business to multinational companies. Want to know which agencies they are? Here are the top 10 digital marketing companies in Malta.

1. Anchovy Inc.

Anchovy is one of Malta’s most esteemed digital marketing agencies. Whether you are looking help for reaching a younger audience, increase of employee retention, launch of a new service, optimising your business’ conversion rates, reducing operational costs, or planning to build cutting edge digital experience for your customers, Anchovy Inc can help you in every step of the way.

Anchovy Inc’s step by step well thought out strategy is mainly their strength. First they start with discovery, that is doing market research, group workshops, and think tank sessions. Next, with the gathered data, they plan and create a strategy for your pain point. That includes business strategy, product innovation, and tech strategy.

After those two initial steps, they will move on to do the execution and evaluation for your business. With their creativity, they will do a creative execution and to improve the campaign, they look at a results driven digital marketing execution. Lastly, they will evaluate the performance of their work by doing an analysis of how well the campaign performs. They call this the performance review and strategic iteration.

Their portfolio is impressive. They have done work for the number one fast food chain in the world- McDonalds, the best-selling diaper brand Pampers, and global skincare brand Nivea.

2. Keen

Keen is a full service digital marketing company that offers services in almost all kinds of digital marketing. However, they specialize mainly in social media marketing, and social media growth. If you want to have lots of followers and engagement on your social media pages, viral content, and social media exposure, this digital marketing company is the one to go to.

Their social media marketing focuses on the following: social media management, social media strategy, social media planning and content, and artifical intelligence (optimizing chatbots on Facebook).

3. Springbox Media

Springbox is another leading digital marketing company based in Malta. Their employees are highly skilled individuals who specialize in digital marketing. As for the company itself, they prioritize internet marketing on web design and web development. Their purpose is to make sure websites of various companies are easily searchable and seen online.

They have bonus offers every month on their website and right now as of this writing, they currently offer FREE CONSULTING on web design and digital marketing. Go to their site to contact them and learn more about this offer. Springbox Media has also worked on major brands in Malta and abroad such as Springfield, Gateway School of English, Malta Hotel, Bottega Verde, Fino, Pentasia, and many more.

4. Switch

Switch is an online marketing agency based in Malta that excels in creating and telling brand stories. Their target market is mainly small business online and offline who wants to strengthen their own brand through brand creation and storytelling.

You can view their full portfolio on their website where they have created many projects for different events, brands, companies, small businesses, and individuals. Contact them today and convey the message you want for your audience. Switch will immediately craft a story and make a strategic communications plan so users will know it.

5. Growthgurus

Growthgurus is another award winning digital marketing company in Malta. Their services include the following: Paid Advertising, Branding, Website Design and Development, and Social Media Marketing. The most notable out of all of these is their growth hacking strategies.

Working with different brands in Malta, they have managed to grow their clients’ impressions on social media and website to millions. In one project which was the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018, the task was to cover the event and position the Malta Blockchain Summit at the forefront of its global audience of blockchain investors, professionals, and enthusiasts.

The results of the event were a success. Growthgurus, true to its name, managed to acquire more than 200,000 organic impressions in just over 4 days across all platforms of social media. Needless to say, that project was a success!

That’s not all. You may also check out various case studies on projects by Growthgurus on their website.

6. Blonde and Giant

If you need a marketing partner to grow your business, contact Blonde and Giant. Focusing on brand strategy and creative campaigns, Blonde and Giant is a notable digital marketing agency. Their branding is fun and quirky which they hope to translate as well in their creative outputs and projects with their clients.

This company offers a wide range of services such as projects in creative direction, digital strategy, digital consulting, user experience, media strategy and exposure, branding and design, website design and development, and of course, digital marketing. With all their services offered, you might get a bit overwhelmed. You might ask, so what is really their specialty? They have so many services that they might not be able to do their best in one at all. You can call them a Jack of All Trades master of none but I think that it’s definitely better than being just a master of one specialty.

Based on their previous works, having many services does not compromise the quality they deliver to their clients. Many past clients are happy with the results they have been given with and that can be testified on their website where past customers have given a very positive feedback.

You can also see the array of portfolio for different brands and companies on their site. Previous notable clients in Malta include Atlas Insurance, Medirect, Carob Tree Food Court, Hili Ventures, Stretta, and Haagen Daaz among others.

7. Icon

Icon is a digital marketing company that focuses mainly on integrated technology services. They have two strands of specialization: Software services and digital marketing services. Two of which goes hand in hand together.

Software services include the following: web application development, custom software development, professional IT services, system integration, local system modernisation, and support and maintenance. One the software is completed, you can avail their digital marketing services to advertise the software or web product on the Internet.

Meanwhile, their digital marketing services are expansive such as the following: Pay-per-click campaigns, digital audits, content writing, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, consultation and training, and lead generation.

Icon has provided solutions for various kinds of industries like airports and aviation, finance, retail, hospitality, NGO, and government.

8. hPage

hPage is based in Malta and their digital marketing specializes in building a website for individual proprietors, small businesses, and private persons all over the globe. With the help of making websites, they focus especially on search engine optimization in websites created with them. Users who sign up with them immediately get organic traffic from their websites.

Aside from SEO, hPage also helps optimize websites for mobile use to make them mobile friendly. They have been operating since 2008 and have made over 2 million websites, Search Engine Optimized complete with data analytics of visitor traffic. Create a website with them and see organic visitors come to your website!

9. Digital Guru

Digital Guru helps out individuals, small companies, and businesses to move forward in their marketing through increasing online presence and establishing an online identity. The agency’s strength relies on their branding but they also have other services such as execution in website and SEO, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, and email marketing.

To help with these aspects, they will do a review and analysis of your business, do consultancy where they talk with you about leveraging your competitors and help with potential strategy, setting up and launching your online tools for marketing, ongoing management of your business campaigns, help with outsourcing manpower if needed, and education and training so you will learn how to do better decisions for success.

10. Evonbiz

Last but not least in this list is Evonbiz. It is a digital agency that specializes in organic marketing. Since 2002, they have evolved from making websites to a full scale consulting agency where they help companies in organic reach and traffic.

Their services are search engine optimization, social media marketing and social media optimization, search engine marketing with Google Ads as their main advertising tool.

At the end of 2018, their figures are as follows: over 60+ primary clients, more than 270+ projects completed, and +10% growth of clients served.

The list of 10 Best SEO Companies in Malta. If you would like to add a company that you consider most appropriate in the ranking of Top SEO Companies in Malta, Please suggest it click here

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