Top 10 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Pune

Here we are with a list of the top Digital Marketing training institutes in Pune, to make your job of finding one easier! 

While some of these offer a Digital Marketing course with placement, others offer only training. Although, it is up to every individual to decide on whether he wishes to undergo just training, or needs placement support as well. The Digital Marketing courses fees might vary based on that.

The purpose of the rundown below is only to list out the top institutes in the city, and it is not to be considered in the same order for ranking.   

  1. Digital Trainee

A leading and popular name in the world of Digital Marketing training, Digital Trainee is considered to be India’s 1st practical Digital Marketing training institute that believes in the fact that ‘it is about doing rather than just knowing!’ This is one of the factors that makes it stand out from its competitors. As per their claim, Digital Trainee has been rated 4.9/5 by their trainees. This can be considered to be a parameter for the quality training offered by them. The institute has successfully trained over 3500+ candidates, with an experience of conducting 175+ batches! 

It has on offer, an intensive practical oriented training program in Digital Marketing that covers the advanced globally recognized 50 modules. Thus, one gets hands on training on the A to Z of Digital Marketing. This course is designed and structured in a manner so as to suit the job seekers, business owners/entrepreneurs and the working professionals alike. Thus having their needs covered.   

The training ideology at the institute comprises of in class practical implementation training, learning that is assignments and case study based and portfolio creation and evaluation. To add to this, they boast of a faculty that has got 7+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry.

Some of the salient offerings from Digital Trainee includes,

  • Individual focus on each student that is achieved through a micro-batch size
  • Access to an award winning and all-inclusive Learning Management Portal (LMS)
  • Live money spent on campaign for real-time learning
  • 100% job placement assistance is provided
  • Guaranteed internship with 17+ international certificates on offer
  • Job, freelancing and business oriented training is provided
  • Exposure to 50+ online Digital Marketing tools
  • Lowest fees for the best Digital Marketing training 
  • Flexible weekday and weekend batches

and more…

An online live interactive Practical Digital Marketing Training Program is its latest offering 

Digital Trainee has got training centres spread across the major cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Udaipur etc. So, if you are a career aspirant residing in Mumbai, you can join their Digital Marketing Courses in Pune.

With such exclusive offerings, if you ask me, it is worth giving a serious thought as far as undergoing a Digital Marketing course in Digital Trainee is concerned. 

  1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is basically known to provide conceptual knowledge to its students, with the help of instructor-led sessions. These sessions are focused towards providing a deep understanding of the topic. The course from Digital Vidya comprises of 44 modules that cover all the things that you need to know about Digital Marketing across a number of weeks. Currently there are two types of courses on offer from Digital Vidya namely Regular Track Training and Fast Track Training. So as to help you keep up with the latest developments that are taking place in this particular field, the institute offers optimum enhanced learning along with the current trends and events that facilitates in understanding of how the market would grow and evolve. They also arrange demo classes in order to give the aspirants a feel of how things function over here. Lastly, they have in place offices not just in Pune, but all over the country. 

  1. SimpliLearn

Initially after its foundation, SimpliLearn was simply a blog having useful tips that later on transformed into a training company. Mr. Krishna Kumar happens to be the founder of SimpliLearn. At present, they are having more than 100 certification courses. The institute provides both offline and online training depending on the requirements of the students.  

Their Digital Marketing training program is named as ‘Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Training Course’. It comprises of 7 courses. The course duration is of 180 days and consists of 175+ hours of e-learning content as per their claim. SimpliLearn is known to assist for the OMCP certification. will be providing both the study material and the certification. OMCP is awarded to all those professionals who have undergone in-depth training and also have several years of experience in online marketing.

So, based on your location and after carrying out a detailed research, one can go for the best suited Digital Marketing course in Pune, or the one in your city. 

  1. EduPristine

EduPristine happens to be amongst the leading training providers for international certifications in Accounting, Finance and Analytics. However, they also conduct Digital Marketing courses across various cities including Pune. The course constitutes of 60 hours of Digital Marketing classroom training which is spread across 12 Sundays. Likewise, they have on offer a 48 hour online course that is distributed over 6 weekends. Upon the successful completion of the course, the trainees are awarded with a Certificate of Excellence in collaboration with the “Microsoft IT Academy Program”. 

  1. Learning Catalyst

Based out of Mumbai, Learning Catalyst is an institute that specializes in niche training programs in mobile/web/digital etc., which are designed keeping in mind a whole segment of individuals having design, technology and marketing backgrounds. Learning Catalyst has got centres in 7 different cities of India. This is where they happen to conduct an integrated 6-week Digital Marketing program along with SEO, SEM and SMM courses of various duration. In addition, they also offer an online course on Google Hangouts as well. 

  1. TIP – Digital Marketing

Training Institutes Pune (TIP) is amongst those leading institutes in Pune that offers software programs and certification for both the individuals and organizations. It happens to be an Optimized Infotech subsidiary. Optimized Infotech is known to offer IT training and services. TIP has so far nurtured 5000+ careers in Digital Marketing by conducting 500+ batches as a part of its course. The institute has got 5 centres that offer quality Digital Marketing courses in the city. They have got an in house team of talented Google certified Digital Marketing experts to train you. You can visit any of their centres for more information about the course. 

  1. LIPS INDIA Digital Marketing

Founded 7 years back, LIPS INDIA Digital Marketing has so far trained as many as 7000 students. The focus happens to be on the needs of the trainees. Some of the salient offerings from the institute include paid campaigns based training, mentors who are IIT alumni, access to various platforms and tools, routine project work in order to assess the progress of the trainees. Going ahead, they provide a hands-on experience by allowing their students to handle live social media campaigns. Likewise, LIPS INDIA Digital Marketing also encourages its trainees to create and maintain their own social media representation!   

LIPS INDIA has on offer a Digital Marketing course in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. So, based on where you stay, you can choose the nearest destination for pursuing the course. 

  1. SEED Infotech

SEED Infotech happens to be a popular name in the world of training and placement. It caters to the students and professionals with Digital Marketing and technology-specific courses. They have in place a comprehensive advanced course in Digital Marketing in Pune city. The duration of this course is of 3 months and comprises of 300 hours of training. While all the key concepts and aspects of Digital Marketing are covered as a part of the curriculum, trainees are also prepared for Google certification. Not only experts from the industry are there to train you, but quality standards are also maintained with respect to the course content and the trainee performance assessment. Post the completion of each module, Seed is known to conduct practical oriented hands-on practice sessions for the students. It helps to clear the concepts and facilitates in better understanding of the respective topic. 100% placement assistance is also provided.     

  1. NSDM

“Learn by doing” is the training approach for which NSDM is known. Students of this institute receive training on developing complete Digital Marketing campaign strategies involving creating, promoting, deploying and carrying out the analysis of the success of the online business. As far as the training options are concerned, those available include classroom, self-paced and online interactive training. NSDM has also got one of a kind “five moments of learning” technique that is made up of 5 distinct steps to train its students in Digital Marketing. During the course duration, students are provided access to various paid tools. Also, they get lifetime learning access via their LMS software.   

The institute has got two branches in Pune i.e. in Koregaon Park and Deccan where flexible weekday and weekend batches are made available for the trainees. 

  1. Digital Skills

This one is the digital brand of Yashus Digital Marketing Agency in Pune. Digital Skills has got a number of courses as a part of Digital Training. The institute ensures that their trainees become proficient Digital Marketers with practical skills for successful deployment of Digital Marketing campaigns. The training is live project based, and gives a chance to master the Digital Marketing tools. Digital Skills provides 100% job assistance, post the completion of the course.   

With the list of the top 10 Digital Marketing training institutes in Pune now in front of you, we hope that your task of choosing a particular Digital Marketing course in Pune will become easier. 

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