Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes and Training Course in Hisar

There has been a constant increase in the number of users found online across the globe. In this situation, there is a need for digital marketing. 

If you are passionate to learn who does this work and want to make your online game strong, so keep continue. 

  • The need for Digital Marketing
  • Trends of Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals 

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The need for Digital Marketing 

The 21st century is driven by technological advancements and it is prerequisite to have mastery in digital marketing. It is the term that is used to promote your product or services.

Why is there a need for digital marketing? Let me show you some pointers for it.

  • The marketing strategy is dependent on digital marketing.
  • Your company can do a brand advertisement.
  • When there is an improvement in sales, it will lead to improvements in the revenue also.
  • You can get familiar with the marketing channels.
  • Your company can appear on the search engine optimization pages.
  • Better ROI.
  • It will help to connect with the customers and build a better relationship. 

These are some of the notable points why there is a need for digital marketing in this era. Now, let’s move forward and now about the latest trends in this field.

Trends in Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is devoted to making a total of $118 billion by 2021. According to the statistics, the Indian traffic market has grown 291 times bigger as compared to 2005. Looking at the channels, 51% of Instagram users are surfing every day and 22% of the population of the world is on Facebook.

Digital Marketing Trends

  • Artificial Intelligence 

 It is a great opportunity for the industries and by 2030; it will increase the global GDP by 14%. It states that the newbies are going to face lots of competition within the next coming years. It has a position to support the advertisement, customer service, and also content marketing.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots will have the power of about 85%. This is based on AI technology where you can interact with real-time consumers by instant messaging with your website to the visitors. It will help to save around $8 billion per annum.

To provide 24*7 supports, people rely on chatbots. This is used mostly to answer the simple queries faced by visitors. 

  • Video Marketing 

Video marketing is hyped in marketing trends today. The notable fact is 70% of people know the brand because they have watched their promotional video on the social media platform. Also, 52% of people think that if they watch the product video than they are more confident while making purchase decisions.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Marketing 

Augmented reality marketing is always on the bucked list of marketers. By using this application, in this unreal environment, you can offer something real to the consumer.

This application was one of the hits in 2019. According to the statistics, virtual and augmented reality marketing has reached $209.2 billion in just four years.

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Now, let’s talk about the most integrated topic of the blog. Top 10 reasons why one should know everything about digital marketing? Let’s have a look!! 

10 Google Fundamentals og Digital Marketing 

  1. Digital Marketers Growth rates are Increasing 

Digital marketing involves rapidly changing technology and many job opportunities are created out of it. It is expected that job opportunities will be given to almost 1, 50,000 people. 

The growth rate of India:

In 2016- 12%

In 2017- 14%

Now It’s expected to grow by 24-37%. 

  1. Great Career Opportunities 

Digital marketing has a wide variety of career opportunities available. It comprises a huge scope and opens up good job options for the people. According to the statistics, a very famous job portal has almost 75,000 job postings. It is a great field where you can think about building your career. 

This field doesn’t only offer job opportunities but also there is a good scope for the freelancer digital markets and can make a handsome amount of money out of it. This field is evolving and offering job opportunities to both the professionals and freshers. 

  1. Easy to Start New Venture 

You can easily start a new venture by making use of the different platforms available like YouTube, affiliate marketing, or blog creation. All these are part of digital marketing.

When you start understanding the whole scenario, you will know where to put extra efforts or which platform to choose to interact with the target audience. Furthermore, you will have enough knowledge about how to optimize your website and which marketing channel to opt for.

  1. Generate the Leads with Digital Sales Funnel

There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram which are responsible to drive organic traffic towards your website.  All these applications have a great role to advertise your products.

When a visitor visits your website, they tend to browse more than offered by the website. This is why you lost your potential consumers and you can’t follow up on.

  1. Traffic can be Generated Easily with the Digital Marketers 

When you think about making a career in digital marketing then there is no turning back. The reason behind this is if you want to make your website popular and want that audience should know about your brand offerings, it is not a simple task but with the help of digital marketing, you can do this easily. It plays a vital role in building up your website.

  1. Digital Skills Gap

There is humungous demand for the people who have digital skills and most importantly, the soft skills that will come under their income bracket. Stick up with this field even if you are not a pro. Don’t stop as you are going to become successful one day.

What is the skill gap? The skill gap generally states the difference between the skills a person possesses and the skills required to perform a particular job. A person if not able to perform the given duty is due to the skill gap. With the help of digital marketing, you can up-skill your work according to the latest technology.

  1. Versatility

Once you become a pro in digital marketing, you will get lots of exposure to new things or new skill sets. It will provide clarity in your life and you can even switch to another specialization. The real position is if you are thinking of making a career in the digital marketing field and want to switch later to another field then you must have knowledge or training to make a switch. 

There are so many domains attached to digital marketing, you can work in any of them. Like, you can upgrade your skills set and side by side to learn new ones. This field has plenty of opportunities where you can get a lot of exposure.

  1. Evolving 

Digital marketing is one such place where you will learn new things on a regular basis, it keeps on evolving. It is an interesting thing that gives you the freedom to showcase all your creative skills while forming the marketing plan.  

It is going to let you know whether you are taking the leads in your specific initiative or not. Like you, there are lots of specialists working in the same organization. You have to coordinate with the professionals to form the new strategies.

  1. Motivates you to Stay Ahead of the Competition 

It is a must to adapt digital marketing for your business. This will let you know about your own business and other prospects. You must be producing very nice content and designing your website properly but there are still chances that you are not getting the actual leads out of it. The reason behind this can be that you don’t know the current market trends in the industry.

You will not face rough time planning your strategy if you catch up with all the recent trends going on in the market. So, digital marketing is a great way through which you can stay ahead of your competitors.

  1. Certifications 

If you are having a digital marketing certificate then it is going to be the icing on the cake, you will get better job opportunities in this domain. There are 60% of the people who think that by taking the course, they have gained knowledge about the amazing technology.

These courses will give you knowledge related to email marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and digital campaigns. And with the end of the session, you will get the assignment which will groom up your practical skills and will help you to get job opportunities.


This brings us to the end on “top 10 digital marketing fundamentals everyone must know’. I hope you guys have gained certain knowledge related to why there is a need for digital marketing and how it is beneficial for your company and brand. 

We have enlightened you, why there is a need for digital marketing, trends, and fundamentals of digital marketing. If you are a newbie, you should read the blog so that you can have an idea of how the digital marketing world flows.

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