7 Best Dance Classes in Noida – Learn from Dance professionals across Noida

There are multiple number of dance classes in Noida. Who ever said that Dance is the closest thing to magic, it is true. It is an art which will not only enchant your audiences but also your heart. Dance your way out and you will you have stepped a closer to a happy life. It is a spell that sets your heart free. It truly is a wonder.

And there are some who were naturally born to dance while other have to learn and in this post, I will take you to some of the best dance classes in Noida which will help you to learn to dance on the beat of your heart and the music.

Learn New Dance Moves At These Dance Classes in Noida for Adults and Kids

Here below, is the list of the best dance classes in Noida for adults and kids that are renowned for the perfect dance coaching in Noida.

TheDanceworx Dance Classes in Noida Sector 50

TheDanceworx is composed of The Danceworx Academy and The Danceworx Student Repertory Company. The Danceworx Academy was started by Ashley Lobo, an Indian-Australian choreographer and its Academy teaches dance moves to jazz, classical Ballet, contemporary dance and urban/Funk. Simultaneously, The Danceworx Student Repertory Company was built by students that were specially handpicked by Ashley Lobo. This dance academy is also renowned as Ashley Lobo dance classes in Noida. So, the whole history of TheDanceworx has to deal with the professional choreographers and the dance artists. And if its history didn’t tempt you to join them, then their principle will. ” It’s more fun to grow to a position rather than to be gifted one..” Yes, they will teach you to be more natural and an apt dancer but the learning will be much more fun than what you would expect. Wouldn’t it be exciting to learn some move to groove to the music under such experts?

Address:  Thedanceworx Noida, E-7, Ramagya School, Sector 50, NoidaWouldn’t

Flow Academy of Dance, Noida

Included among the best dance classes in Noida for adults and kids, Flow Academy of Dance in Noida offers dance lesson for various genres of music. Once you leave this academy, you will not only grow in skills but also as a person. Flow Academy of dance is known for the best dance classes in Noida, Yes! When you enroll in Flow Academy of Dance, they will not only teach you how to be proficient in dancing but you will also be taught on morals of life. Their routine is vigorous but wouldn’t it be exciting to learn some move to groove to the music under such experts?

Address:  D-24, Sector 20, Noida

Antanyas Academy, Dance classes for adults and kids 

Antanyas Academy is one of the finest dance academy in Noida that are known for their exclusive dance classes in Noida. Having been incepted in 1995, it still runs to be one of the oldest and the top notch academy in its locality. They can teach you Salsa, Cha Cha, Jive, Waltz, Zumba, Hip Hop, Bollywood, freestyle, Jazz & Contemporary.  Whether you are looking for an academy to learn dance for fun or as a routine for fitness Antanyas Academy needs to be your first option.

Address: Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Premier Music and Dance Academy

Premier Music and Dance Academy which is situated in Noida is a very promising academy as it has instructors which are the connoisseur of music and dance. If you are thinking of joining this academy, then you are making  a correct choice as they will assist you to become a pro in the field of dance and you will be euphoric to know that the learning under them will be tremendously fun and by the end of the day, you will see it for yourself how much you’ve grown. Other than dance, they also teach you how to play musical instruments which are a brownie point for both you and the academy.

Address: D-131, sector 108, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Kcalpana Kala Kendra

Kcalpana Kala Kendra is one dance studio that you really need to check out as they offer the best dance classes in Noida. From the get-go, it had always been a point of attraction for anybody who wished to inculcate dance into their lives, irrespective of gender, age, status or education. One special thing is that the dance studio strives to teach Indian dance moves, as a way to preserve the beautiful ‘bharat’s ‘ moves. You will feel Indian when you go into the studio. It also teaches you western dance and imparts virtues and disciplines. More over, Kcalpana Bushan, the founder of the Kcalpana Kala Kendra has not only choreographed for numerous events but also has won countless awards and made a name for herself and the studio.

Address: L-101 Sector 11, Noida 201301, Gautam Budha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Rock Star Dance Worx, Dance Classes in Noida 

Rock Star Dance Worx in Noida is one of the few dance studios which provides dance classes in Noida for all types of dances. They will teach you Indian Dance, Western Dance, Zumba, jazz, hip hop, freestyle, contemporary, b-boying, Kathak, folk, Bollywood, and aerobics. See, you have a lot of options to choose from. They have both the private and general classes and dance has no age specifics for them. They welcome all people who would love to learn dance and with the flick of a second, they will make you from a dance novice to dance pro. Yep, just like that, you will be groomed to be a better dancer!

Address: Sector 110 Commercial Complex, Kendriya Vihar II, Sector 110, Noida

Zenith Dance Academy in Noida 

The list wouldn’t be complete if I do not include Zenith Dance Academy. Versatility is the game of Zenith Dance Academy. Any complicated move will seem easier once you learn it from Zenith Dance Academy. It has not only dance lessons to offer you but also experiences and memories. The dance instructors are all professional in their field and with their help, you will learn the art of dancing and you will find yourself patting you for the good job done. You are so going to enjoy in this dance studio, so much as in you find yourself craving for more!

Address:  D-1, 3rd Floor, Acharya Niketan, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi

When you dance, you learn to express yourself better and there are academies which will polish the execution more. So, check some of the above dance classes in Noida and remember, never miss a chance to dance.

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