3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Suspense in Your Book

When writing your book, one of the factors that determine your success and make you happy is hearing that your reader got glued to it. Suspense is one technique that will keep your readers flipping the pages even late at night with an urge to know what happens next. Additionally, it makes the readers feel glued to the book, always eager to know what happens next. However, when done in the wrong way, it ends up causing more harm than good by making your story boring. Making predictable suspense will also make the readers lose interest in the book as soon as they get to that point. Here are three tips from a book editor on how to create perfect suspense in your book.

Create a Chain of Several Revelations

When trying to include suspense in your book, consider dripping small revelations bit by bit. These giveaways will help you milk them for later mystery and suspense. For instance, give behavioral patterns or a rumor about a suspect among your characters. Additionally, introducing something that is known to the readers by unknown to the characters will also work in the creation of the suspense. This way, your reader will keep turning the pages to trying to confirm their suspicion.

Raise Questions and Postpone Their Answers

Raising questions without an answer is one of the greatest ways to create suspense in your story. Insight the readers’ curiosity and make them wait for a resolution later in the book. You may also introduce another question without answering the first one to increase the curiosity. This will make the readers continue reading the book for long as they search for the answer they expected, or await you to surprise them with a completely different answer. By successfully layering your questions, you will be assured of a page-turner.

Make Readers Care

For your suspense to be successful, you need to ensure that you have good characters that your readers care about. Otherwise, without caring about the characters, they will not care about what happens to them. The more your readers care about their characters, the higher the chances of them wanting to know what happens to them at the end of it all. For this reason, any freelance book editor where you will learn more about business writing training will advise that you start by writing a good story with a good storyline and great characters, and this will make your readers what to walk through with them to the end. At least ensure that your readers can vividly relate to the characters in your book.

Suspense is one technique that can make your book the favorite for your readers. It arises out of your readers fear, worries and anticipation of what is going to happen next. Additionally, suspense makes the reader keep on turning the pages to know what happens next. However, the suspense has to be introduced and flow in the right way. Consider the tips above from a freelance book editor who will also offer you a chance to learn more about business writing training and get to keep your readers reading your book page by page.

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