How To Make High CPC Adsense Based Sites — and Rank! (For Newbie Bloggers)

From several weeks I’ve been asked “How do I figure out high CPC based keywords and rank them“, so did found it as an ideal opportunity to share the strategy to help you find some potential high CPC keywords. Some of us find it very difficult to find High CPC potential keywords, which you and even me can easily rank to make good amount of money easily. If you don’t want to work hard, then this post is not for you. Protect Google AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks

Note: For creating niche sites, I prefer using Hostgator hosting,

Some of you might be thinking, it is very easy for me, or some bloggers like Stuart Walker to rank for any keyword. Let’s be real, believe me, all of us work hard, and you should too. After reading this post, you will get to know how you can exactly find out high CPC keywords and can get ranked on them easily. By the end of this post, you will get to know the following things:-

  • Finding high CPC Adsense keywords.
  • How to start working on your own Adsense project.
  • Ranking your site and start Earning cash!!!
  • +Much More

These are the things, which you will learn through this post, let’s start.

Best Niche ideas for Adsense

Firstly, I would like to share the list of the most profitable niches for Adsense publishers. After checking that Infographic, you will get to know some good and profitable Adsense niche on which you can get high CPC. Usually I work on the following niches and getting damn too high CPC with those sites:-

  • Education
  • Forex
  • Insurance

For finding niche ideas, I usually use wikipedia as told by Brian Dean in his keyword research guide. I go to wikipedia and then search for the broad niche, I am going to work on. Let’s say the broad niche is ‘Football’, then you’ve to search for Football in wikipedia and check it’s sub topics.

You will get many good niche markets in the sub topics section in wikipedia if you will take a look there, on which you can dig a little deeper and can make your blogs around them. Now you’ve to check whether the keyword is having high CPC or not, just put your keyword into ‘Semrush’ tool, and check that keywords CPC. If it is good, and it is low competitive keyword, you can go for it.

Let’s think, you aren’t getting any sub topics on which you will blog about or not getting any good high CPC keywords, then you’ve to find some good blogs with DA 30 below(as they are less competitive and will rank for less competitive terms) and put them one by one in ‘Semrush’ tool. Check how I am doing this step to get high CPC keyword ideas.

Finding high CPC keywords with Semrush

I personally use Semrush to find best high CPC keywords which I can rank and work on my blog to make more and more money.

You’ve to just put your competitor’s URL in semrush and then click on search. After that, go to CPC tab and filter it by in decreasing order. That’s all, you will get the list of high cpc keywords they’re ranking for.

Make a list of those keywords in a excel file, and then start posting about those keywords on your blog. Rest method is given below to rank those articles.

Ranking your keywords in some weeks

You’ve made a micro blog or have written some posts around those potential keywords which you want to rank for. Now what is next? You’ve to do link building. Forget about what you’ve heard from matt cutts till now about link building. You also might have heard from experts like ‘you’ve to build 3-5 links a day’ or some thing like that. Forget every thing, and focus on what I am going to explain below and if you find it good, you can work using that strategy.

When you start your niche blog, start link building from big authority sites in your niche. After you think, you’ve created good amount of links like ‘100-200 in around 3-4 weeks period, start working on other link building methods. Other link building methods include web 2.0 link building, blog commenting, etc. Take a look at the best link building techniques here.

Find out some more anchor texts which you can target on that same niche, build links on those keywords also along with your main and 2nd main keyword.

Note : Don’t just build links with a single keyword, you might get unlisted at any time and can lose all dedication to attract traffic to your blog.

Build links with your main keyword, sub keywords, with naked URL. Naked URL like,,, and all like these. After constant link building, you will see that you’ve attained good position in SERP’s. Don’t complain if you are unable to rank. Figure out, at which link building method you are lacking in, and improve that.

You can also ask me your doubts in the comment section comment on any article of my site about your doubts.

That’s all about making adsense based niche sites guys. If you think you’ve learned something on how to make niche sites, then do comment below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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