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Are you looking for a co-working spaces in Noida? Are you struggling to find a shared offices in Noida? Here, in this blog we are presenting you some of the finest co-working spaces that are pondering on the land of beautiful city Noida.

Coworking in Noida is the ongoing trend these days and Coworking spaces are coworking office space in Noida proves to be a perfect place, where different start-ups, SMEs or even freelancers work independently sharing the space. They are the best available choices, even if you are looking to renovate your main office or construct a new one. With the concept of these Co-working office space in Noida, for a small amount of money, everyone finds the place that is full of energy and enthusiasm which makes them work effectively. If you’re looking for some of the best co-working spaces in Noida with the details, this might just be it.

Top 10 co-working spaces in Noida

Scroll down below to find yourself the best co-working space that suits your requirements. Also, these business centres in Noida equipped with providing the high end shared offices for the startups in Noida are the best places to put up.

1. 91SpringBoard, Shared Offices in Noida

With a number of places to choose from, this 91 Spring Board co-working space is one of the best places in the city Noida. The place offers fully furnished and ready to use shared working space. The company also gives access to hi-speed WiFi and is open 24×7. With professional security and options to work in Private cabins and, to hold meetings in the conference room, the place has become very famous coworking place in Noida. The cafeteria, lounges, and game room add extra features to this giant place.

This co-working space in Noida will help your business grow in the work-friendly environment giving you the chance to interact with various fellow entrepreneurs from all stages of startups. While exploring their great offers which might help you pay per seat, you also get the access to their outstanding mentor network.

Charges: ₹2999 to ₹7499 per month(Depending on their different plans)

You can get a daily pass for 500, if you’re not sure which one to choose.


  1. Plot A-14, Eco Towers, Sector 125, Noida, UP
    Phone: +91-9015-419-191
  2. C2, Sector 1 Noida
    Phone: +91-9015-419-191
  3. A-130, A Block, Sector 63, Noida
    Phone: +91-9015-419-191

2. UnBoxed Coworking Office Space, Noida 

This perfect co-working office space of Noida, unboxes itself as one of the best places to work. With the facilities like high-speed Internet and complete power backup, the place is a combination of a recreational and collaborative way which further provides the most friendly environment to work in.

This co-working space in Noida has a dynamic environment, which not only supports the co-workers, but also revitalizes them from their life patterns completely. The place has managed to knit a community consisting every age groups that bring forth the platform for sharing dynamic ideas and views. Besides soothing architecture, the vibe of the place is full of energy. With an engaging experience, the place has helped various companies to hire employees with a great retention rate.

Charges: Team pass for 5 members or less at ₹5250/month. You can also avail a daily pass at ₹500, if you’re not sure about which co-working space is best for you.

Address: C-15, Sector- 65, Noida, UP

Contact: +91-7835-000-935

3. BCogent | Shared Office Space in Noida

This Coworking spaces in Noida is known for providing space to the startups. With the various experienced people engaged with the company, the people running this magnificent place left no stone unturned to help the early stage startups grow and excel in their field. This place is equipped with basic amenities and has round the clock hassle free power backup. With the best professional security that one can offer, this secured place provide comfortable workstations within a professional environment. The place assists you to experience the actual joy of working and is happy to cater to your specific needs.

Charges: The place issues estimate manually according to the individual/company’s needs.

Address: The I-Thum Building, Office No. 607, Plot No. A – 40, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida (U.P) India

Contact: +91 9650-325-789

4. Coworkrs | Noida

Coworkrs comprises of a very inspiring and ideal opportunity to learn and explore from fellow startups. This place focuses on the fun that the normal offices miss out on. Founded with the objective avoiding the normal office environment that restricts the employees to four walls which do not help them know and diversify themselves amongst people of other fields.

This place has got a full-time power backup, a cafeteria, and various recreational activities. The place also provides a platform for their community to regularly interact, network and share ideas at their various events, seminars and mixers.  The place also provides you with options to pay per hour when you need the working space for just few hours.

Charges: Monthly plan from  ₹3990 to ₹5999 per month with options to avail a conference room at ₹1500.

Address: 311, 3rd Floor, Tower A, ITHUM IT PARK, Sector-62, Noida, India UP

Contact: +91-9810-170-667

5. WorkWings, Top Coworking Office Spaces in Noida

This coworking Offices in Noida is believed for delivering comfort as its priority, which is why they have affordable and well-maintained fully furnished offices in the city to provide and serve various startups. It acts as a melting pot for all start-ups which helps them grow their business and groom their talents. With the keen understanding of the type of environment needed for the creative and independent contractors to grow, the place is deigned in the best way possible. For people who travel frequently and end up working in relative isolation, this place might turn out to be their exile. With no hidden charges, the place has an aesthetic and distinct vibe with a high-speed WiFi which helps every startup working there to excel.

Chargers: ₹3000 per month with access to great food at the cafeteria and games in the entertainment area.

Hourly Desk at ₹85 per hour and a daily pass at ₹300 

Address: H-187 sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Contact:  +91-9711-122-666

There you go! You now know the best coworking office spaces in Noida. We hope that the list has helped you surf through most of the best places offering co-working offices in Noida!

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