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As once Bertrand Russell opined, “Mathematics, Rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.” This supreme beauty is what one needs to make a child behold in order to get the child interested in Chinese. Also, no one can deny the fact the influence of the teacher is pivotal as well. So, you have to make sure that your child is taking Chinese tuition from an influential personality. Here are the top 10 Chinese tutor in Singapore who can really make your child do well in this beautiful subject.

1. BrightTutor

BrightTutor is one of the best places where your child can learn Chinese. They provide the best home tutors for Chinese. The tutors they provide are all highly qualified and also, reflect the overall values of BrightTutor which are:

  • Commitment
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Academic Excellence

BrightTutor aims at providing the best home tutors for the students of Singapore. They have a simple Tutor Request Form which makes the entire process of availing the tutor hassle-free. Also, they have got a very good track record as far as helping the students in performing better in academics is concerned. Therefore, you can rely on BrightTutor for your child’s academic growth.

2. True Learning Centre

True Learning Centre was set up in 2010 and till then they are teaching a wide array of Chinese to their students. They have a team of trained tutors who give teach Chinese on the basis of the curriculum. They have 3 branches in Singapore.

3. Nanyang Educational Consultancy

Nanyang Educational Consultancy provides tuitions on Chinese and science. They have a 10-year long experience in giving tuitions to their students. They also help their students to learn through their e-learning media which is a great learning platform for their students.

4. Math Hub

The Chinese tuition provided by Chinese Lab is not limited only to academics. Apart from academic Chinese, they provide different types of programmes which ranges from IQ Chinese to Fusion Chinese. They help students to grow their passion for Chinese. By growing interest in Chinese, they also prepare their students for Olympic Chinese.

5. Smart Lab

Smart Lab focuses on the academic curriculum very much. But, they also have a personalized approach as they only allow 10 students in every class. This allows their tutors to focus on every student. Also, because they focus on the exam, they also provide their students with well-structured notes which help the students to perform well in the exam.

6. Timothy Gan

Timothy Gan specializes in Chinese tuition. He runs two branches and he also teaches in his class personally. He allows 16 students in every class. The best thing about his teaching is, he breaks each and every topic for a better understanding of the students.

7. The Math Lab

The Chinese Lab has a different approach to Chinese tuition as they focus on the syllabus designed by MOE teachers. They have various types of math classes consisting of 5 to 8 students. This allows the tutors to focus on every student and identify their weaknesses and work on them.

8. Mavis Tutorial

Mavis Tutorial has a special in-house teaching program which helps them to infuse the interest in Chinese for every student. They organize quizzes regularly to measure the proficiency level of their students. They also prepare their students for the exams through their revision program.

9. Aspire Hub

Established in 2001, Aspire Hub uses a tutorial style teaching. They allow only 6 students in their class. This helps them to have a one on one approach which helps them to give proper guidance to each every one of their students.

10. EduFirst

EduFirst has a personalized approach to teaching Chinese. They first discover the root cause of the problem their student is facing through the diagnostic program and then work on it to make sure that their student becomes proficient with Chinese. They design the learning pattern to ensure optimum learning for the student.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the top 10 Chinese tutor in Singapore who can really help your child to perform well in Chinese not only in academics but also in other platforms as well. Chinese is an important subject and the child needs to have an interest in it. These Chinese tutors will help the child to have an interest in Chinese.

7 Signs you Need to Hire a Tutor for your Child

In this competition-driven era, every parent wants to give the best education to their children so that he/she can lead a scintillating career in future. At the same time, it is also very important for you, as a parent, to understand when your child needs some extra attention and help for his or her studies. If things have come to a point when your little one is struggling with a subject or some subjects, then this is the right time you need to hire a tutor for your child.

It won’t be a possible job for a teacher to give his or her attention to every student of the class irrespective of how good school your child studies in. If your child is not a quick learner or unable to grasp the concepts of the subjects, then you should take assistance from a sagacious and experienced teacher who will help your child to overcome his difficulties and will help him to pass all the exams with flying colours.

Here are top 7 signs that will help you to understand when your child needs a private tutor.

  1. Find difficulties in completing homework: Does your child is taking too much time to finish his or her homework or making an array of excuses from doing homework? If yes, then this is the high time that he or she needs an additional support from a home tutor who will help them how to finish their homework and assignments with self-confidence and on time.
  2. Slipping grades: Have you noticed a slipping grade in your child’s report card? Or do you think that your child can perform in a much better way in his or her last exam? As a parent, getting bad grades in an exam is very exasperating. Private tuition is a great way to solve this issue. A private tutor will give that extra support and care which your child needs and in this way, a private tutor can enhance your child’s ranking and grades.
  3. Unable to manage time: Sometimes, a child may unable to handle the increasing workloads of the school. Did you find that your child is spending too much time on a particular subject and is ignoring the other subjects as well? If this is the case, then your child will definitely get benefitted from private tutoring. Because an experienced and deft private will help your child how to manage time in a better way and he will also help your child regarding how to cope up with the pace of the exams and assignments.
  4. Lack of parental supervision: These days, most of the parents are working and thus, they find a very difficult time to answer all the queries of their children. Moreover, new learning processes, methods, and syllabus are inventing day by day. Thus, it would become very difficult for the parents to know all the hidden intricacies of the courses. If your child is facing these situations, then you should hire an experienced private tutor Singapore or in your area who will guide your child in every step.
  5. If your child is stressed: Nowadays, most of the schools are giving tremendous pressure to the children to make them competitive. That’s why children are trying to get involved in many things at a time and are often feel suffocated and stressed because they can’t manage everything smoothly. Stress can lead to a lack of motivation and it can tarnish your child’s grade as well as academic life. If you have noticed that your child is stressed too much, then this is the time that you need to hire a private tutor who will help them in finishing their tasks or assignments in much faster by lessening the unnecessary stress and pressure.
  6. Skipping the school or showing a negative attitude: Is your child showing any negative attitude about school or trying to give lame excuses to avoid school? Then, at first, you need to identify the problem. Maybe your child is not performing well in the class or getting bad grades in the exams and that’s why he or she is feeling dejected and gloomy. In this situation, a home tutor will help your child in improving his grades or performance in the school and will make him confident and jovial.
  7. Learning difficulties: Does your child is struggling with his homework or a particular subject? It has been found that many children are suffering from learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD and parents are hardly aware of it. If your child is suffering from learning disabilities, then certainly he or she needs extra care and support of a private tutor.

If you have identified any of these signs in your child, then you should find a private tutor on an urgent basis.

BrightTutor is an eminent home tuition agency which embraces the students and parents with an experienced and dexterous Chinese tutor Singapore. Apart from providing subject tutors, they also provide language tutors like Chinese tutor Singapore who wants to learn Chinese effortlessly. If you are looking for a good tutor in Singapore, then get in touch with BrightTutor or you can find their details by log in to their website.

How to Be a Chinese Tutor in Singapore

“Do you think you’re on vacation?” The scene occurred during a flight to Singapore. A mother had caught her son’s guardian sleeping instead of teaching. The woman had insisted that they both sit together on the plane for the boy to review the lessons. They did this for an hour, until the teacher decided to take a nap.
The mother was furious. Considering the salary and travel expenses that she was paying, it is not surprising that tempers will heat up.
The 25-year-old boy had been hired to prepare a 12-year-old boy during the summer who was going to take the Chinese Language exam competition planned by private high school in Singapore. The competition to get win is fierce, so this tutor can afford to charge between US $ 50 and US $ 115 per hour. The mother wanted to take advantage of every moment.

Chinese Tutor A lucrative job

“In a world that is already privileged, private tutors are an extra level of drive,” explains the young man, who prefers to remain anonymous so as not to lose job opportunities. “One can also earn money as a virtual Chinese tutor Singapore and helping people learn a language online, be it Chinese, English or any language” he adds further. Here are Characteristics that a competent tutor must have:

  • Among the attributes of the tutor is the ability to be always ahead of possible needs that students may have.
  • This includes being able to analyze the results that the students are generating and potentiate their development, healing their difficulties.
  • He must still be aware of the best ways to take content, motivate, and even engage students individually and collectively.
  • He must know different teaching methods and know how and when to apply them
  • Must have teaching skills, such as providing adequate feedback to the resident, observation and analysis, as well as maintaining a fluid relationship with the resident and the ability to make the resident reflect on the training process and care practice.
  • He must have certain personality traits, such as the capacity for introspection and reflection, flexibility, integrity and, above all, enthusiasm for its work and the ability to transmit it.

Advantages of a Chinese tutor business

While many private tutors Singapore are successful with part-time tutoring, which complements their regular income, tutoring can also make ones small business big. These are some of the reasons why tutoring may be the full time business:

  • There will always be students who can benefit from individual help.
  • Initial expenses are minimal.
  • You can grow your expertise in Chinese language by focusing only one subject.
  • You can build better relationships of your person with the community.
  • Word of mouth can help grow your business at a rapid pace.

In summary, the Chinese tutor is the responsible for making language learning even better for the student. Of course, each teacher has its own form of tutoring; however, the above characteristics are the most common to be found. Is it clear to you how to be a Chinese tutor? We have much more information yet, keep up!

How Much Do Math Tutors Charge in Singapore

In Singapore, if a student wants to enter to either a Junior college, or Polytechnic, he or she has to pass Math as a compulsory subject in order to make it. Math is an important subject, almost every syllabus include Math’s, Science, Geography, POA, Design and Technology and even more. In addition, those mentions above are just subjects during secondary schools. When one reach JCs or polytechnic, they need to go through harder types of Math, involving complicated calculation and literally unsolvable questions.

Importance of learning math’s in Singapore 

Well, ever wondered what makes Math such an important subject in Singapore? Where all the parents and students that you came across, whenever you mention about Private Tutor Singapore or what subject are you revising today, eighty-five percent of them would be saying, Math! That is all you will be hearing from a student or parents.

Well, it’s not surprising actually, think about it. Singapore is a fast growing economic country, and even be counted as a developed country, but a human hunger would never stop, though it’s a developed country, it is still developing. In this type of country, where status and knowledge empower mostly everything, everyone will be learning how to set-up their own business, thinking of ways to promote and making their product brands or whatever they are good at into the global economic.

 And Math! It is the fundamental of this stepping-stone. One would have to slowly plan and calculate their steps in order to proceed safely, putting the risk at the lowest. Everything is thinking of getting rich nowadays, and that is only one-way to be reaching, planning your route properly. 

 Take an example, if one would to play forex, not only does he or she needs to predict, he also needs to calculate his next steps properly, in order to prevent maximum loss in profit. Hence, Singaporean, if you are really intend to head out into the real world, time to focus on Math! 

Rates of math’s private tutor in Singapore 

To get expertise in math’s one have to take some extra efforts and Math tutor Singapore can help you in that. There are number of online math’s tuitions available in Singapore and the charge on the basis of level of education and hours. Below are rate tables of private tutors in Singapore for primary and secondary school. 

First/ Primary Level                                     

Education of Tutor  LowerPrimary UpperPrimary
Basic Level $20 – $25 $20 – $25
Undergraduate $20 – $25 $20 – $25
Diploma holder $20 – $25 $20 – $25
Degree holder $30 – $35 $30 – $40
Experienced Teacher $50 – $60 $50 – $70

Secondary Level

Education of Tutor LowerSecondary UpperSecondary
Basic level $20 – $25 $25
undergraduate $25 $25 – $30
Diploma Holder $30 –  $35 $30 – $35
Degree Holder $35 – $40 $35 – $45
Experienced Teacher $50 – $60 $60 – $70


To conclude, private tutor endeavor’s to help his students see the relevance of Chinese in their daily lives – in Art, Science, Economics, Finance and even Philosophy – with the intention of helping them fall in love with the subject.

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