7 Best Institutes for Chinese Language Courses in Delhi

The need for good Chinese speaking classes in Delhi have been on the rise because of the fact that Chinese is slowly becoming one of the preferred languages which the students show a lot of interest to learn in, these days. In order to add a bit of innovation and differentiation to not only your resume but also to your personality, learn a new language always helps. The Chinese language is slowly emerging as a language which many students are keen on learning and for the same, we have some of the best Chinese Institutes in Delhi to help you out.

Indian Institute of Chinese & Korean Language, New Delhi

The Indian Institute of Chinese and Korean Language is one of the best 5 Chinese language training Institute in Delhi which offers learning courses for languages like Chinese as well as Korean. Other languages like Spanish, French, German etc. are also taught here. No matter if you are a beginner in this field or have crossed certain levels, you’ll get trained at three different stages here namely the basic, the intermediate as well as the advanced level.

Address: D-1/9 B, First Floor, Street Number 7, Mahavir Enclave Part 1, Near ICICI Bank, New Delhi

Langma School of Languages

Langma School of Languages is another Institute to learn the Chinese language which is run under the guidance of the eminent linguists as well as the language experts of the Chinese language. This Chinese language Institute in Delhi is now the HSK Test Center which has been authorized by the HANBAN-Confucius Institute, Beijing, China. If you are up to crack the HSK (Chinese language proficiency test) with a good score, the Langma School of Languages is the place for you.

Address: E-78, Part 1, South Extension I, Landmark – Bengali Sweets, New Delhi

HanYou Chinese Language Institute

HanYou is also a Delhi-based Chinese language learning center to serve your interests growing in the field of Chinese language. HanYou is a Chinese speaking Institute in Delhi which offers highly rewarding as well as intensive programs for you to make it through the Chinese language with flying colors. Also, students get exposed to various educational opportunities to continue with their studies abroad, opt for business training, internship offers from their home country as well as China and Taiwan.

Address: First Floor, Adchini, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi

The Language Institute

At the Language Institute, you’ll spot the trainers helping students learn the Chinese language with utmost ease and professionalism which will be useful for them in various walks of life. Chinese language learning is being termed as the current trend setter and the Language Institute in Delhi is playing its role immensely well to train the students in the Chinese Language properly. From basic conversation to exams conducted in the Chinese language, you’ll get to witness worthy training at this Chinese language Institute in Delhi.

Address: H-1/20, Bengali Colony, Mahavir Enclave, Behind Sulabh International, New Delhi

World Languages Centre

An organization that is solely dedicated in teaching the foreign language courses, corporate trainings as well as translation services, World Languages Centre is one of the top 10 Chinese speaking Courses in Delhi. From resource persons to interactive teaching and learning sessions, World Languages Centre owns a specialization in providing all kinds of language related services which are beneficial for students willing to learn the Chinese Language. Flexible teaching hours for the preference and convenience of the students are offered along with the best quality of the teaching aids. Also. metro connectivity is another added benefit at World Languages Centre.

Address: ED 35 B (Madhuban Chowk), In front of Metro Station, Pitampura, Delhi

MeiYu Chinese Language Centre

MeiYu Chinese Language Centre is one of the best Chinese speaking Institute in Delhi which offers different courses to learn the Chinese language to the interested students. Chinese language learning courses like MeiYu 20 : Beginner’s course in Mandarin Chinese, Business chinese course, HSK Certification course as well as the Kids Chinese Courses. Experienced native teachers help you learn the Chinese language and present a high quality curriculum which cater all the learning needs are an inclusion at this Chinese language Institute in Delhi. The location is also easy accessible for all the students keen on learning the Chinese Language from established Institutes in Delhi.

Address: 18/23, Arya Samaj Road, Block 18, WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

JawaharLal Nehru Academy of Language

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s JawaharLal Nehru Academy of Languages is one of the oldest Institutes which offers different kinds of courses to attain training in the Foreign Languages. Well-qualified as well as experienced faculty is present here to help the students out in order to attain full fluency and proficiency in the Chinese Language. From certificate to the higher diploma levels, you can learn the Chinese language to the level which you feel like. The Chinese Language course was commenced at JawaharLal Nehru Academy of Language in 2003. After completing an year, you can also opt for mastery in speaking and literature in the Chinese Language at this Chinese speaking Institute in Delhi.

Address: Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Vakil Lane, Mandi House, New Delhi

A tailored and fluent language is something which works wonder for you. Not only does it positively transforms your personality by boosting confidence but it also opens various opportunities and doors for you. Chinese being in a lot of demand these days has increased the need of well-versed teachers and learning modules and the Chinese Institutes in Delhi include all what it takes to have proper hands on the Chinese language. The Chinese Language Institutes in Delhi are what you require to learn the Chinese language and gradually end up becoming a pro at it.

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