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Chemistry is a beautiful subject. However, some kids do not find it that much interesting. But in reality, it is a very interesting subject. The problem is someone has to guide the children in a way that it infuses the interest in chemistry. You can rest assured if your child gets interested in Chemistry then he or she will do a lot better in the subject academically. This is where the role of a good tutor comes in. A good and well-educated tutor will make your child interested in the subject and help him or her to get good marks in the academics. So, if you are looking for a good chemistry tutor in Singapore then here are the top 10 chemistry tutors in Singapore.

1. BrightTutor

BrightTutor is one of the most reputed places in Singapore from where you can get the best home tutors for chemistry. They have some of the most qualified teachers in Singapore whom they will send to your after you fill their Tutor Request Form. The tutors of BrightTutor follow the academic curriculum minutely and give concise notes which help your child to do well in the exam. Because of their systematic approach, they can help you get good marks. That is why BrightTutor has a great track record in helping students achieving good marks.

2. Ace Scorers

Ace Scorers in a popular place in Singapore from where you can get the best tuition for your child in chemistry. Their batches have 8 to 10 students which allow them to focus each and every child in a proper way. Their comprehensive chemistry notes and a good track record make them a reliable place for your child’s tuition.

3. Making Sense

Making Sense is another reputed tuition centre in Singapore. They have innovative teaching methodologies which help them to teach each and every child in the best way. They also have a dedicated team of qualified tutors for each subject. Making Sense also provides personal consultations.

4. Chemistry.Com

Chemistry.Com is not a tuition centre. Moreover, it is a listing of chemistry tutors from where you can avail the best chemistry tutors. It has a vast listing of well-qualified chemistry tutors from all over Singapore. So, you can go to this website to find a good tutor for your child.

5. ChampionTutor

ChampionTutor just as their name can give you some of the best chemistry tutors in Singapore. Their tutors are qualified in chemistry. Also, the tutors have years of experience in providing tuitions in chemistry. They focus on giving 1-on-1 education which helps the student to understand the subject in a better way.

6. Chemistry Academy

Chemistry Academy has a personalised approach when it comes to learning chemistry. The best part about them is, since 2009, they produced a huge number of students bagging distinction. They also track the performance of each of their students and their exam predictions are mostly bang on!

7. Chemistry Guru

Chemistry Guru can also give your kid the best chemistry tuition which will help him or her to do well in the academics. They keep their classes short and concise to help the children understand the concepts clearly. Chemistry Guru can give online tuition on-demand.

8. TeacherOn

TeacherOn has a large pool of chemistry tutors who can help your child the best possible way. They provide information regarding tutors to the students and help them to find the most suitable teacher for them.

9. My Chem Café

My Chem Café is established by Mr Wong who has more than 10 years of providing tuition in chemistry. He provides high-quality private tuition in chemistry at affordable pricing. His revision courses and workshops really help a student in having a good understanding of the subject.

10. Julian Chemistry

Julian Chemistry helps your child with unlimited consultations along with continuous feedback sessions. This streamlines your child’s learning of chemistry. Julian Tan the founder of Julian Chemistry is a qualified teacher who has experience in giving tuitions in Chemistry.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the top 10 chemistry tutors in Singapore. If you want your child to get the best education in chemistry and improve his or her overall academic score then you have to make sure he or she gets the best tuition from the best chemistry tutors in Singapore.

How Not to Be Afraid of Physics, Chemistry, and Math’s

Every third undergraduate student breaks off his studies. The culprits in this stats mess are called especially math, physics, and chemistry. However, if you had fun with the subjects at school, you can also master them at the university level – with perseverance and a bit of preparation. The question that arises is how to successfully counter the learning devils and demonstrably improve their grades?
Nobody has a problem paying the cashier in the supermarket enough money to buy, and when it comes to the right amount of baking soda for two servings of a cake, pretty much anyone can do it easily. In fact, these examples are simple arithmetical tasks that we succeed in because we have a connection to the case and the degree of abstraction is low. We can just as well follow the functions of a simple circuit in the basic physics course. However, if it goes on to the complex electrical engineering, often form large question marks over the heads in the classroom.
There are two essential words to help with this, the meaning of which is crucial: understanding relationships. Chemistry is quite interesting, but you cannot do anything with math? Then here is already the first sticking point. It certainly does not make a physics engineer bother with mathematical formulas. The chemistry forms a complex field. Therefore, the basics should be adopted early on, so that later can build successfully on it.

3 Tips for efficient learning

1 Before the study

Many colleges offer pre-courses in the critical subjects, mostly as block seminars in the summer after the exams. Lessons are then for example one week a month from 10 to 16 o’clock. Sometimes there are also evening classes during school hours. Participation is usually free and without admission possible, so one can easily get physics tuition there.

2 Do not overdo the learning momentum

The head needs breaks to suppress learned content. It does not make much sense to cram five hours at a time – especially if you try to remember everything on the fly. Here the quality of learning should clearly come before the quantity! Those who repeat small quantities can better internalize them. Therefore, the tasks should always be tackled partially.

3. With online portals to success

For many learners and students the reading material from books and notebooks is – understandably – too dry, but the Internet is there today to remedy. Thanks to set learning videos and appealing chemistry tuition and math tuition, the World Wide Web is a great addition to the learning material from school and university.

To wrap up

Anyone who uses high-quality learning materials, online courses, and help in addition to learning the teacher will also be able to handle the subject matter quite differently and get better every now and then. Distractions by video games and Co. are the biggest time wasters and always like to keep off learning – but a clear mind is an important thing, because only what ends up with input in the long-term memory, even after weeks as correct output in the exam again is delivered.

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